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A short story about killing.

Submitted:Aug 2, 2011    Reads: 62    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

I ran down the alleyway. I could see him up ahead. I was gaining on him. I grabbed him. He turned towards me and flicked out a knife. The blade sparkled in the orange streetlight. Then I felt the cold metal dig into my ribs. It slipped through them.

As I punched him in the jaw, I could feel my senses waning and I knew I would probably pass out before long.

I held him as he laid semi-conscious upon the cool tarmac. "Where is she? " I said. I shook him hard and repeated my question but with venom this time. I could feel the hot blood trickling out and down my side. He muttered something and I backhanded him in the face to wake him up. Then I picked up his flick knife and held it to his throat.

He begged for a few moments and then I got a response out of him. "The boss has her at the road house" he said. I hit him one last time, laying him out cold. I stumbled towards the main street and my car. I could hear Mexican guitars playing happily.

I got in my car and pulled out into the road, swerving dangerously. I put my foot down. I did not have the money to pay the ransom and I didn't believe they would just hand her back to me if I did. The slummy streets streaked past me and the cool air hitting me in the face kept me from passing out. Then I hit the highway and within minutes I reached my destination. I pulled into the closed garage next to the roadhouse and knocked back some whisky. Then I flipped open the glove compartment and touched the cold metal of my gun. I picked it up and got out of the car.

Half my white shirt was soaked in rich redness. I slowly crept towards the roadhouse and around the side of it. I could seetwo of the kidnappers round the front of the building. They were keeping watch. I stepped out from the shadows. They both turned. Then they reached for their guns. I plugged them both. I shot one thorough the cheekbone and the other in the chest. They hit the floor hard.

I staggered up to the roadhouse door. I could hear shouting from inside. They were alarmed. Then I heard a gun go off behind me and at the same time I felt a searing pain in my back. The one I had hit in the chest had shot me. I swung round quickly and nailed him in the head. Glass shattered as bullets sprayed out of the roadhouse windows. I crouched down and made my way into the building. I could feel death brushing against me.

A big man with some kind of machine gun came around the other end of the corridor. I killed him before he had a chance to aim and his gun went off, ripping into the cool blue wall as he fell. The last fall he would ever make. The door where they were holding her was open.There was another one of the gang leader's men on the other side of it waiting for me to expose myself. I could hear him muttering franticly. I swayed into the doorway and shot at him. I missed. He was a small beady-eyed man with greying hair. He shot me twice. As I went down I shot him in the knee and as he fell I shot him again in the neck.

I could see my darling from where I lay. She was tied to a chair next to the window and standing by her was the gang leader. As I tried to raise my gun heshot her heartlessly. I died moments later. Dieing had never felt so good. Better than sleep. I hope it was as nice for her.


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