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This is the only way I can forgive you.

Short story By: MissCosti
Mystery and crime

You know how relationships go through troubled times?
Where the little things play on your mind until you start believing things that really aren't true?
This story is a major version of them feelings.
How far can Will go just to be able to take revenge and forgive Samanie?

(This is what I helped my friend out for his media project. I wrote out the script and storyline)

Submitted:Feb 28, 2010    Reads: 282    Comments: 5    Likes: 7   

Sunlight streamed in through Will living room window, illuminating the joy that was etched into their faces as they stared at each other, relishing in each other's company. As Samanie's head leaned into rest on Will's chest she let out a pleasant sigh, the sides of her lips twitching slightly at the thought of their blissful weekend together. This had to be love. He wouldn't have taken her for a romantic weekend away if he didn't have true feelings for her.

Just as she was beginning to get comfortable and slightly sleepy Will abruptly stood up, causing her head to fall back onto the sofa. 'Will?' she asked, her eyes questioning him.

'I have to go Sam. I forgot to tell you, well, I just didn't want to spoil our weekend. It's my Nan; she's been taken into hospital again. Apparently she's been asking for me, I have to go. I have to leave tonight. I want you to stay here, wait for me; I'll be back as soon as I can. But I'll make sure that when I get back I'll spoil you rotten; you'll get just what you deserve. Believe me.' He kissed her forehead gently and she heard the front door click shut.

Well, there was no much point in staying up anymore, Samanie though ruefully. She knew she shouldn't be annoyed at him, his dying Nan was more of a priority then she was at the moment, didn't stop her feeling bitter though. She traipsed up the stairs to his bedroom, not even stopping to have a shower or brush of the teeth. Slipping out of her clothes she pulled on one of shirts, and finally rested her against the pillow and pulled the covers tight around her.

As dreamless sleep enveloped Samanie, someone was causing a bit of a scuffle downstairs. There was a muffled conversation, but all of a sudden a shattering of glass reverberated around the house, causing Samanie eyes to jolt open and sit bolt upright, a vision of panic. Just as her body starts to relax when she thinks it was all in her dream something ruefully grabs her legs, pulling her roughly from the bed, ignoring her pleading screams and dragging her to the room a couple of doors down. Picking her up, this unknown man threw her mercilessly into the room, shutting the door and all Samanie heard for the second time that night was a door shutting and the click of a lock.

She scrambles as quickly as she can to her feet, praying with all her might that the door will open, but to no avail. Panic consumes her as she begins to pound on the door, shouting for someone to help her when unexpectedly the lights went out, leaving Samanie in complete darkness. Sobbing she stumbles around the room blindly, feeling the walls for a means of escape. A line of light is seen underneath the door so she drops to her knees, crouching as far down as she can to get a glimpse of what's on the other side. Almost as though ice pierced her heart, it froze. She saw two pairs of feet, looking as though they were about to enter the room.

Hurriedly she scrambled to the other side of the room, huddled in a corner, bringing her knees up to her chest and draping her arms around them in a defensive action. She was too afraid to look up into these men's faces, so she kept her head bowed, but two masculine and intimidating bodies loomed into her eye line. Without really contemplating what was having she found herself being picked up easily and slung over one of their shoulders and carried to the centre of the room. Although her vision was impaired due to the darkness, she felt the straight backed chair she was placed upon. Hearing the smack of their shoes against the wooden floor, circling her like vultures made her heart pump unbelievably fast, until a few soft words masked their footsteps and her heartbeats slowed down a little bit. As quick as a flash she got halfway off of the chair in a desperate bid to escape, but only to find a hand around her waist and pushing her forcefully back down.

This man's words coiled around her frame like a snake, twisting its way around her until it was almost suffocating her. 'Now now little one, that wasn't a wise move. I'd stay put if I were you. I can tell you this; this will be a night you are never going to forget, a night to remember, my dear.'

'There's no point in you trying to run. The front door is bolted from the outside, and the phone lines are cut. This way, we have you all to ourselves'.

Samanie rushed back to Will's bedroom, frantically looking for the belt they had commanded her to find. Not that she really wanted to find it, for she knew it meant it to be used on her. Oh, she felt so utterly humiliated, petrified for her life, and all around confused! Deep in the mess that Will called the wardrobe she found it, and ran back to the room next door, with her heart thumping wildly, praying that they might have reconsidered.

But they weren't there. Slowly walking around the dark room, letting her fingers slide along the wall like a blind man trying to find any trace of them, but it was completely empty. Nervously Samanie wandered round the other three rooms up there, making sure they weren't trying to trick her...

No! Tugging on the door handle incessantly didn't make it open. That's when his words came back to her. "The doors are bolted from the outside."

In utter desperation she started to bang on it, screaming at the top of her lungs for someone to help her but to no avail. Sobbing, she sank to her knees on the ground with her head in her hands, her shoulders shaking from raw emotion.

A shadow slowly crept up upon Samanie's pitiful figure on the ground, but she was so wrapped up in relentless fear that she didn't realise he was about to attack his prey. A hand snaking it's way across her shoulder made Samanie jump out of her skin, and those cold words made their way straight to her heart again... 'Trying to escape?' he hissed slyly.

She fell back roughly into the door as she was trying to pull away from this masked figure, trying to scream again until he clapped a hand over her mouth, telling to be quite for her own good. Obeying, she fell silent. Satisfied, the man releases his hand from her mouth, only to encase both of her wrists in his one hand leading her into the living room that her and Will had lovingly laid with each other only hours ago. How could this be happening?!

Her gaze dropped to the one thing she didn't want to see at the moment, the chair. But this time this man's 'accomplice' was standing menacingly behind it, with ropes in his coarse hands. After countless times of trying to struggle away from him she realised that all it did was infuriate him, and making him grip on her more painfully tight. When they reached the chair the other man had already secured the rope to the chair, so that she was pushed down onto it, it didn't take him long to tie her to it. Tight. So tight that he only relented when she was sure she wouldn't be able to move a muscle. And once he did, that horrible, sickening smile upon his face again.

In a deliberate whisper so Samanie would have to strain to listen, he quietly tells her all the things she had ever done that had caused him pain. Some as small as going out for lunch, and having a polite conversation with the male waiter, others, being late for him. But still Samanie's fear had frozen her, she couldn't pay attention to their words, faces or actions, her head was spinning with the thought of death looming over her.

Darkness invaded her as he places a hood on top of her head, blacking out all the sight she had before, and he knew this would increase her fear, which he realised in. Bending down slightly he brushed her thigh saying, 'Get some sleep, you'll need it in the morning.' before both of them walked out of the room, with their cruel, mocking laughter ringing in her ears.

Realising that struggling against her bonds wasn't doing her much good, indeed, only making her wrists bleed from the rope, the only way out of this unbelievable nightmare is to drift off into unconsciousness.

Light seeped into Samanie's eyesight through the bag; it was evidently morning. Her head was lolled on her shoulder, causing all of her muscles to ache from behind bound in such a uncomfortable position and not being able to move a muscle for hours on end. Muffled voices had entered the room and she had no doubt that these must be the two men from before. Shuffling slightly in the chair she tried to sit as straight as she could, trying to show she was not afraid of these men, but her heavy breathing and panicky heart must have slightly shown that her confidence was as fake as can be. The voices get closer and closer until the hood is completely removed from her face. Having to adjust her eyes, the moment she opened them her heart stopped there and then. This can't be.

'Will...' she breathes helplessly.



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