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Lover's Grim (Joy Evans Contest)

Short story By: mommy3
Mystery and crime

In the town of Ashland Kentucky there is love all around in the air. Many couples have been lately getting engaged.There were only a couple of days left till Valentine’s Day came around. This was a very special day for all the couples in Kentucky. There was one particular woman though in the town that despised Valentine’s Day and she would make sure all the couples would suffer. Who is she and what will she do? Yeah! I won Joy Evan's Lover's Grim Contest. Thank you Joy Evan this was challenging to do and I am glad you enjoyed this piece it was also fun too. :)

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Lover's Grim

In the town of Ashland Kentucky there is love all around in the air. Many couples have been lately getting engaged. There were only a couple of days left till Valentine's Day came around. This was a very special day for all the couples in Kentucky.

There was one particular woman though in the town that despised Valentine's Day and she would make sure all the couples would suffer. She was heartbroken way too many times and would not take any more crap from men. I will make them all pay. She thought.

She particularly wanted revenge on Daniel she hated him so much. He humiliated her couple of years ago in this town. She was in high school and they were dating and were really involved almost engaged. Then this new girl shows up and he loses interest in her and decides to break up with her in the cafeteria room for everyone to see. She lost it and smacked him across the face and called him an asshole. She wasn't watching where she was going and ran into the new girl making them both fall over. That is when all hell broke loose. She punched the new girl in the face causing Daniel to grab her arm before doing any more damage and push her out of the way. Daniel then tells her to get the hell away and that they are through. She notices him caressing the girl's cheek and kisses her on her lips. She goes ballistic wanting to kill the new girl when another set of boys escort her out of the school building tossing her on her ass.

So after all that drama and humiliation she moved out of town to make a new life. Little did anyone know that she was back and make sure everyone's lives would be horrible. She had many plots of revenge for all those lovey-dovey couples.

Where she moved she was a well known writer and very popular in her other town where she lived. She couldn't wait to show up and destroy everyone's lives like they did to her. She would make sure they went through the same torment and humiliation she went through. Oh I can't wait to get them all back. She thought evilly.

Later on Daniel and Chloe were in there house putting up decorations for the Valentine day party that would be coming up in about two days. They couldn't wait to tell everyone they were getting engaged. No one knew yet except them and couldn't wait to see the surprise faces. They loved each other so much.

They remember the first day they met. Chloe was new to school and was wandering around aimlessly trying to find her class when all of sudden she smacked into this gorgeous guy. She fell on her ass and was a little dazed at first. He immediately went to help her up and ask if she was okay. As soon as he grabbed her hands there were sparks.

Chloe immediately fell in love with him that day it was love at first sight for her. Daniel however was almost practically engaged to Veronica and was in love with her. He did notice though that there were sparks also and was confused why this was happening. He couldn't understand that if he loved someone else why he was feeling like this.

He picked her up to take her to the school nurse and make sure she was okay. She fell pretty hard and he wanted to make sure she didn't have a concussion. He looked at her again with concern and decided to stay with her. . He felt bad for knocking her over and asked the nurse if she could write him a slip so he wouldn't get into trouble.

The nurse was also noticing his strange behavior and wondered what was going on. She was Veronica's mother and was getting concerned about the way Daniel was looking at this new girl. Why does he act like he cares for her when he is supposed to love my daughter? She thought.

She decided to let her daughter know so she wouldn't be surprised by Daniel's behavior towards the new girl. She hoped it was just that Daniel was curious who the girl was and wanted to find out.

Anyways after that incident they became good friends and eventually it turned out they wanted it to be something more. They realized they had feelings for each other as a couple instead of best friends.

About a week ago after the incident they hugged each other goodbye when they left school to go back home. When they were hugging they looked at each other in the eye and both looked at each other's mouth. Before they knew what was happening they were kissing each other.

Daniel felt guilty and knew he would have to tell Veronica about what happened. He also knew that he did not want to be with Veronica and wanted to be with Chloe. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Chloe and eventually get married. He loved her and couldn't wait to be with her, but he felt bad for having to break up with Veronica and breaking her heart. I hope she takes it well and doesn't do anything drastic. He thought.

He knew Veronica had a temper and was really not a nice person. She would do vengeful things towards people if they got on her bad side. He also knew that he only liked her and not loved her. I mean come on how could you love someone when they blackmailed you all the time? He thought.

He decided to tell her in the cafeteria and things just went from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. He tried apologizing to her a couple of times but found out that she left town. He even tried to look up her name to apologize he never wanted to hurt her.

He shook his head with the awful memory of breaking her heart and seeing her devastated face. He couldn't be too upset since he met the love of his life and they were going to get married in a couple of months. He had a grin on his face though just thinking of how everyone was going to react.

Chloe saw Daniel grinning and came up to him to hug him. She was wondering what made him grin. She was so happy and in love.

"Hey sweetie I can't wait to tell our friends about our engagement."

"I know I can't wait either. I want to see their facial expressions when we announce it to them."

"I love you and can't wait to marry you."

"I love you too sweetheart."

They gave each other a kiss and then went back towards fixing the decorations of the party. They were unaware of someone watching in on them. Little did they know their plans were about to be ruined.

She looked on the whole scene and was furious. She was supposed to be the one with him and they were supposed to get married. Oh I have some special surprises for both of them. Just you wait. She thought.

She hid in the bushes so she wouldn't be seen and was going to wait till they left their cozy little home to show them her surprises.

The next day Chloe and Daniel had to get ready to leave to go to their jobs. They both helped each other pack their lunches and give each other a kiss before they left. They drove off into their cars leaving the house unattended.

That is when Veronica came out of hiding and decided to leave her gifts to them. She picked the lock on the door to get in their home. Thankfully there was no alarm considering they were in the country and not the city. She knew most people in this town were trustworthy and never thought to get alarms for anything. Some things never change. She thought.

Hmm… what shall I destroy first? She thought. She goes in the kitchen to look for a knife going on a rampage she rushes up stairs towards the bedroom. She opens the closet looking at the nice clothes they have. She shreds them to pieces all of the clothing along with the sheets too. Next she goes into the living room to see what else to destroy.

While she is looking in the living room some pictures catch her eye and she grabs them flinging them across the wall shattered into pieces. She realizes she needs to make it look like the place was robbed though it looked as someone was out on a vengeful streak. She didn't want the police coming to her doorstop. I can't have them suspect me. She thought.

So she looks at the big inch television screen and kicks the screen damaging it. Next she looks for expensive jewelry and other expensive things. She grabs all the jewelry and stuffs it into her backpack.

Veronica has an idea on how to top of the burglary scene she goes into the garage looking for spray paint. There she sees five cans of black and red spray paint she decides to grab them. She knows all about gang signs since she has lived in a pretty crappy neighbor till she became a know writer. She sprays the paint on the wall making the signs.

Veronica looks over the mess making sure none of her DNA or anything is there so they can't have her as a suspect. She knows these things since she is a mystery and crime professional book writer. I can't wait to see their face when they see this mess. She thought.

After a couple of hours their work is over so they can go home and take a nice relaxing bath together. They both work in the same company just on different levels. She was a secretary of the law firm while he was a lawyer of the same law firm.

So they both drove together in the car which saved them on gas and not having to buy a second vehicle even though they could easily afford it. They walked out together holding hands and giving each other quick kisses. They really could not wait till they went home since they wanted to become intimate in bed together.

They arrived at their home and noticed the door was wide open wondering what was going on. They knew they locked the door and it was shut when they left for work. What the hell? They thought.

"I am going to go check it out you stay in the car. If I am not here in about five to ten minutes call the police on your phone." Daniel said.

"No don't go in there someone could be there. Please let's just call the police right now and let them look."

"Honey I think they are already gone. I will be back in like ten minutes if not call the police."

"Okay, but please be careful." She said giving him a quick kiss before he left.

Daniel walked towards the house to see what was going on. He took out his pocketknife in his suit just in case someone was there. He didn't want to take any chances of someone catching him off guard.

As soon as he walked in the door he was shocked by what he saw. Almost everything was in disarray and there was shattered glass all over the floor. Who could do this? Why would they do this? He thought.

He was afraid to look in the bedroom to see what he would find. He walked up the stairs cautiously to make sure no one was hiding to jump him. He arrived at the bedroom and opened the door looking over the travesty. He saw the sheets were ripped into shreds along with all of their clothing. He walked towards the dresser to check for the jewelry. He opened the jewelry box nothing was left even the wedding bands he just purchased. Damn it who could do this? He thought angrily.

Chloe was waiting patiently in the car looking at her watch waiting for him to return. It was about nine minutes and he still wasn't there. She decided to get out of the car to go look for him, but while doing this she called the police. She was getting worried why he wasn't showing up.

She walked into the doorway looking at the mess in shock. She couldn't believe their home was in ruins. She walked quickly towards the stairs to check out the bedroom and see if she could find Daniel. As soon as she was getting to the stairs she noticed Daniel sitting on the top of the stairs with his head in his hands shaking his head.

She knew that the bedroom was obviously in shambles too. She walked up to him and poked at his arm which of course scared the crap out of him. He jumped and grabbed the intruder by the arm painfully which made her yelp. He looked up and noticed it was Chloe he felt horrible that he hurt her even though not doing it intentionally.

"Oh Chloe I am so sorry baby. I thought you were the intruder. Can you forgive me?" he cried.

"Shh… I know you didn't mean to. I should have told you it was me. I would have done the same thing. There is nothing to forgive. I thought something happened to you." She said.

She gave him a kiss to say it was okay. She was really worried about him since he was giving her a hard time with feeling guilty. She was also worried about someone wanting a vengeance streak. Something is not right here. She thought.

The police came about twenty minutes since they received a phone call about the incident. They were sad this happened because these two young people were good people. They looked over the mess and decided it was a gang burglary.

Chloe didn't agree with them and told them she felt it was someone who meant to harm them. No one listened to her even Daniel doubted her word. This has never happened and made her hurt and mad at the same time.

Veronica was in the background hiding looking on and was smiling with all the havoc she caused. She looked on and was smirking on how the police automatically assumed it was a gang burglary. She couldn't figure out how Chloe knew it wasn't one though. She is too smart. I need to do something about her. She thought.

The police told the young couple they should get a burglary system and maybe a pet dog to protect themselves and their home. They also told them they would get some people from the town to help them clean the mess.

Chloe and Daniel thanked them and appreciated all their help. They also said they were going to listen to their advice too. They told them they were going to try to clean up some of the mess tonight.

The police told them wait until the forensic unit comes in to check to see if any of the burglars left anything behind. They told them it would probably best if they went to a hotel since it took awhile for the process.

Chloe and Daniel agreed deciding to leave right now since they were upset and depressed about the incident, but were glad they themselves were okay and were grateful they didn't get hurt.

They were going to pack their clothes, but realized they were all destroyed so they grabbed a couple of essentials with them. They looked at their house one last time and walked out.

They arrived at the hotel and the police already called in for them taking care of the bill. Chloe and Daniel were not aware of this which surprised them. They accepted what the police force did, but were going to pay them back.

They were given the honey suite bedroom which was beautiful. They had the second floor with a balcony with a view of the gorgeous landscape of a hill with wild flowers. The bedroom had a bar, refrigerator, microwave, and a basket full of fruit.

Daniel looked at her lovingly caressing her cheek with his hand. She looked up at him leaning towards his mouth giving him a kiss. He picked her up and carried her on the bed once she was lying down he started taking off her clothes leisurely. He was rubbing her all over getting her excited and she was moaning once he had her undressed. She took his clothes and threw them on the ground smiling appreciatively at his chiseled chest and abs. God this man is gorgeous. She thought.

"I love you," he said leaning over to kiss her. As his tongue gently slipped between her lips, his fingers started to caress her, and she cried out, her hips jerking upward. He looked into her eyes watching her climax while he plunged into her. He was so grateful he had found her and she is now going to be his wife. God I am a lucky man. He thought.

The next day they went back to their home to fix things up and find out what needed to be repaired or bought. Some things unfortunately they could not replace since it was memories of the pictures. They were a little saddened by this, but realized they could make new pictures for memories.

About a week later they had the house all redone and all the damage was fixed up. They had the decorations back up for the Valentine's Day party. They were excited about the party, but little did they know Veronica was going to have her revenge.

Daniel was called in early for an appointment at his job and said he had to go which made Chloe's face fall with disappointment. That is really weird I hardly ever get called in. He thought. Veronica called in for the appointment by a using a fake voice so she could get the little soon to be wife-y all by herself.

Yes my plan is going to work. She thought. She waited till Daniel left and showed up at the door knocking on it.

Chloe asked, "Who is it?"

"It's me someone you haven't seen in awhile. Just wanted to drop by and say hi." Veronica said.

Chloe knew immediately whose voice that was and wondered why she came to see her. She knew veronica always hated her guts after the incident in high school. She regrettably opened the door to let her in which turned out to be a big mistake.

Veronica comes in with a knife attacking Chloe by grabbing her around the waist keeping her held captive. She has the knife towards Chloe's neck. Chloe tried jerking away which caused Veronica to nick her neck a little bit.

"Why don't you call Daniel and tell him to come home." Veronica said. She gave her the cell phone to call him.

"Daniel it's me I need you to come home something bad is happening." She cried out.

Daniel knew something was wrong with the emotion Chloe had in the phone call. He hoped she was okay and was rushing to get home.

He couldn't believe it was Veronica, but she was holding a knife to Chloe's neck threatening to kill her.

"Veronica put the knife down." He firmly said.

"No you were supposed to love me! You were supposed to marry me not this slut!" She screamed.

Daniel watched Veronica lose control and was frightened for Chloe's life. He knew he was going to have to do something drastic otherwise Chloe may die.

"Veronica baby why don't you put the knife down and we will talk."

Veronica slowly put the knife down when he used that voice. She missed him and wanted him as her own. Daniel knew now was the moment to take action, but knew he had to be careful. He pounced on Veronica tackling her down on the ground wrestling with her to get a hold of the knife. He grabbed it away from her, but realized he was bleeding a little bit since she stabbed him. He punched Veronica in the head to knock her unconscious since she was acting crazy.

Chloe was calling the police to get the help sobbing uncontrollably. She was so scared of what just happened, but thankful she and Daniel were okay. Except when she went over to Daniel she noticed him bleeding on the shoulder and realized he was stabbed.

The police came and arrested Veronica while she was screaming and yelling.

"I will get you if it is the last thing I do!" she yelled.

Daniel was rushed to the hospital and had to have stitches other than that he was fine. Chloe looked at him and gave him a kiss.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too baby." He said.

The doctors told him he could leave just to take it easy. They went home to have the Valentine's Day party and announced the engagement to everyone. Everyone cheered and wished them congratulations.

The next day which was Valentine's Day they were married with only a couple of well known family and friends. The preacher said the vows for them and they kissed each other. They were now husband and wife.


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