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Sarah is home alone for the weekend... what could possibly go wrong with a 16 year old by herself for that long?

This is an old story that i found on my computer the other day... It has to be around four years old. So if it aint that great, its because this is the first story i ever wrote...

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Sarah was home alone. Her parents were out of town for their anniversary. Sarah was 16 years old and her parents had just agreed that she was old enough to stay alone for the weekend. It was the first night that she was alone and she decided that she would invite a friend to come over and watch a movie.
Sarah called her friend Chelsea. Chelsea agreed to come over and she stopped by the video store and rented a movie. While she was waiting for Chelsea to arrive, Sarah popped a bag of popcorn and got some snack food out.
Later, around 7:30 P.M., Chelsea showed up and they put in the movie. A little while after the movie started, they began to hear some strange noises coming from outside. They locked the door and got back to the movie. A little later they heard a window shatter in the back room. They both went together to the back room to check it out.
When they got there, the window was broken and there was a rock on the floor. They called the police and they came to check it out. Once they got there, they told the girls that it may have been some kids out making trouble.
After the police left, the girls went back to watching the movie. After it ended, they decided that Chelsea should spend the night. Chelsea called her mom and she said that it would be fine. Chelsea went home to get some clothes and while she was gone, Sarah heard a noise coming from the back room where the window had been broken.
Sarah went to the back room to find out where the sound was coming from. When she got there, there wasn't anything inside that she could see. She looked in the closet and under the bed. After she was satisfied that nothing was in there, she started to head out the door. When suddenly she felt a hand over her mouth and it was pulling her back into the room. She fought back as hard as she could but she passed out. When she awoke she was tied up. She saw a person walking in circles in front of her. She asked him why he had broken in and kidnapped her. He didn't answer but instead he pointed a gun at her and told her to shut-up. She was scared so she agreed to be quiet.
She knew that if Chelsea came back, she would be in trouble too. Sarah knew that she would have to escape if she was going to save herself and Chelsea. She waited until the stranger wasn't looking and she began to try to untie herself, slowly and steadily. It was tedious work, but she finally got herself untied. She saw an opportunity to escape when the stranger left the room to cut off the phones so that nobody could call her. While he was gone, Sarah got up and hid in a different room. When the stranger came back, he saw that Sarah was gone. He began searching the house for her. When she heard him getting close, she fled to a room that he had already been through. She did this many times until she was near the front door. When she finally reached it, he saw her and she made a run for it.
When she got outside, she saw Chelsea's car pull into the driveway. She quickly hopped in and told Chelsea to pull out of her driveway and to hurry. Chelsea saw that Sarah was panicked so she didn't ask any questions, she just did what Sarah told her.
While they were driving away, Sarah looked back at her house. When she did, she saw the stranger coming after them in his car. Sarah told Chelsea to try to get behind him so that she could get his license plate number. Chelsea quickly made a u-turn and tried to get behind him. She succeeded in doing this, but it didn't give Sarah very long to get down the number, but Sarah did get it. Then, she used Chelsea's cell phone to dial 911. She gave the police the license number and told them what was happening.
The police quickly started looking for Chelsea's car, which Sarah had described to them. After about ten minutes, a police car spotted their car and sent out a dispatch call to all of the police. A few minutes later, there were many police cars following them. Finally, the stranger's car was pulled over and the man was taken under arrest.
Sarah went to the police station to give her account of what had happened. The police asked her if she wanted to press charges. She knew that she couldn't give an answer until her parents got home so the police told her to stay with Chelsea until her parents got home.
A hew days later Sarah's parents got home and went to the police station with Sarah. There, they decided that they would press charges. The police took them to the courthouse where they met up with a lawyer. After a few days, the charges went through and they were preparing for a long ride because they knew that it would take months to win the case.
Two weeks after the charges went through, Sarah got a mysterious phone call. She looked at the caller ID, but the number was blocked. She answered it anyway, figuring that it was for her dad, who was an insurance salesman and got calls a lot because he had consultants all over the state. She answered the phone and she heard an all to familiar voice on the other end. It was the man who had tried to kidnap her only weeks before. He told her that if she didn't drop the charges, he would hunt her down and kill her. Sarah dropped the phone and screamed. Her parents ran in and found her in tears with a horrified look on her face.
They quickly picked her up and asked her what had happened. She told them about the phone call and they called the police. The police told her that they would come to her house and try to track the phone call.
About an hour later, the police showed up and tracked the phone call. Unfortunately, the call had come from a payphone. The police asked her if she still wanted to press charges, and she decided that she was not going to drop the charges no matter what.
That night she had a terrible nightmare that the man who tried to kidnap her had found her. She ran to her mom and dad and she slept with them every night for about two months.
Then, one night, she finally worked up enough courage to try to sleep in her own room again. At about one o' clock that morning she heard a noise coming from outside her window. She thought it was just her imagination because she had been having nightmares, so she just went back to sleep. Then about a half an hour later, she felt a hand over mouth. She awoke to find her hands and feet tied up and the same man she had seen months before was standing over her bed. He picked her up and took her to a van he had parked outside her house. When she got in, she was amazed and horrified when she saw that Chelsea was in the van too. Somehow, he had found out that she was the driver of the car that Sarah had escaped in.
He drove the two girls to a warehouse in another state. When they got there, he put tape over their mouths and covered their eyes so that they wouldn't be able to see where they were at or scream for help. Once they were inside he put them in a cage and handcuffed their hands behind them. Then he took the tape off of their mouths and they screamed; he punched them so they stopped.
Chelsea asked him why he was doing this. He told her to ask Sarah. Sarah told her about the phone call and the threat. Sarah also apologized to her and said that she didn't know that he was going to kidnap her too.
Chelsea asked him why he drug her into this when it was between him and Sarah. He told her that he wanted to teach Sarah to think about the consequences of her actions. Sarah asked them what he planned to do to them. He told her that they wouldn't get the chance to finish high school.
The girls started screaming at the top of their lungs, "help!", but no one could hear them. Then he pulled out a knife and held it to Chelsea's throat. He told them that if they didn't stop screaming he would kill Chelsea so the girls stopped screaming and he put away his knife.
Sarah asked him why he wanted to kidnap them in the first place. He said, "You don't recognize me do you?'' Sarah and Chelsea both told him no. He told them, that he used to go to school with them. They realized that it was Graig who dropped out in ninth grade. He used drugs and Sarah had told the principle about it. He was out for revenge. Sarah apologized but he said it was too late for apologies.
Sarah asked him if there was anything she could do for him so that he would let her go. He said that there was nothing anybody could do now, their fate was sealed. Then he left the two girls at the warehouse.
He came back two days later and the girls were gone. While he was gone, Chelsea had somehow untied herself and her and Sarah had run away. They hitch-hiked their way home.
When they got to Sarah's house, they called the police. They told the police that their kidnapper was someone who used to go to school with them and they told them the location of the warehouse.
The police went to the warehouse and they found Graig. They brought him in for a police lineup and the girls identified him as their kidnapper. The police arrested him and took him to court where he was found guilty of kidnapping and assault.
The girls survived their near-death experience and Graig was sent to prison for ten years. That is where he is waiting until he can get out and get revenge on Sarah and Chelsea for getting him locked up. But this time they aren't going to escape.


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