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A firing squad member has to choose whether or not to be the one kill the dear friend that murdered his sister.

comments greatly appreciated... i would love to hear which you think happened... and if you dont mind, tell why you think that

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As David walked home from practicing at the firing range, he could feel that something was wrong. He wasn't sure what exactly, but he knew that it was bad. He picked up his pace and sped to his house, which was surrounded by members of the army. He walked in the door and threw his gun to the ground, not even caring about the damage it could cause to it. His mother was sitting in the kitchen, looking a complete mess. She was a wreck. She had been crying, hard, that much was evident, but David was unsure of the reason why. Then his father walked in, carrying his sister in his arms. She wasn't moving, and when he saw her face, he knew why. She was dead.
Not able to control his emotions, he left out of his house and ran to Nick's house. He lived just a few houses down and was sure to comfort him. They had been friends since they could walk and there wasn't many times when they were apart. But as he got closer, he saw the same scene he had seen at his own. It was surrounded by the army. But, this time, instead of carrying out a dead body, they were leading out a young man in handcuffs. It was Nick.
Surely they couldn't expect that Nick had killed his sister, David thought. There was no way Nick could do something so violent. But, after seeing the evidence they had collected, David had his doubts. They had found a gun lying next to his sister's necklace in Nick's closet.
Hatred immediately filled his heart. It replaced all the love he had ever felt towards his friend. This was one thing that couldn't be forgiven. This was his sister. His flesh and blood. The one that he had grown up with and had taunted all of his life. Now she was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. There would be no more joking around with her, or picking fights for no reason at all. She had only been with him for seventeen years. She wasn't even officially an adult yet. She had so much to live for and Nick had taken all that away from her.
By the time they had gotten Nick in the car, logic had settled in his mind. He wouldn't kill Nick out of hatred. His sister wouldn't have wanted that. However, he knew the urge would always be there. He would never forgive his friend for this, but, he thought he could live with it.
He followed Nick to the jail, which he had just left from firing practice at, and waited until Nick was taken into his cell before he went back to see him. By then he had calmed enough to talk coherently. When David entered the back room where the cells were at, he heard a soft cry coming from one of them. It didn't take long to realize that they were coming from Nick. As he approached Nick's cell, he saw the look on his face. His eyes showed pure torture and remorse. David couldn't see him like this. He didn't want to see him like this. He had absolutely no desire to comfort him, yet he also didn't feel he could leave him either. So, he meekly said "It's okay," and turned and walked out.
Three days later…
David made his way slowly towards the firing range, he saw the group crowded around the general. They were whispering in fast silent whispers that immediately stopped when he walked up. He knew something strange was going on. Upon asking the general, he heard the most horrific news of his life. Although they weren't supposed to know who got the real bullet in the firing squads, they had chosen in this case. Two of them were to have it. Each was given a blank and a real bullet, and they were to choose which one they wanted to use.
The other guy didn't know the difference, since they looked identical. But, since David had more experience, he could easily tell the difference.
He though back to all of the time he and Nick had spent together, and all of the things they had gone through. Then he thought back to the sight of his sister's lifeless face as she had been carried out of his house. Emotions filled him entirely. They were ramming and fighting with each other. An eternal battle locked to the death. He wanted revenge, but Nick had been there through everything in his life. Hatred was a strong feeling, but so was love. Even brotherly love like they shared. His sister was blood kin to him, but Nick may as well have been.
The thought kept going around and around in his head. When he knew which decision to make, he grabbed the shot he wanted and made his way to his point in the line. He watched as Nick was led out and placed in front of the brick wall. He chambered the round and aimed the gun. When everyone in the line was ready, the general yelled fire and David pulled the trigger.
Now, to tell you which one he chose would be wrong and invasive of me. So I will end the story here and allow you to figure it out.


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