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"NO WAY OUT"(part II)

Short story By: RaisinGirl
Mystery and crime

part II to the continuation of the mysterious life of Viola Bronte...

Submitted:Feb 1, 2009    Reads: 88    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Part II

It was mid-afternoon, when Viola's swollen eyes began to open to the piercing sunlight that beamed through the sheer satin curtains on her window. She felt nauseous, and when she raised her neck and head up off the pillow, she noticed that she had some blood pouring from her nostrils. She thought it was just from the little bit of cocaine she had done the night before, however, it simply was too much. So she tilted her head back, while she turned over on her back upon her bed. She called out to one of the other girls, who shared a room next to hers.

The girl, named Jasmine, rushed into Viola's room and in a worried rush, screamed, "Viola, are you alright?". Viola shook her head, barely, while she lay still. Jasmine ran downstairs to the first floor, and called out to the head mistress. "Madame!", madame, you must come see Viola at once!". The strange woman, got up from her lounging chair, putting her cigarette out, and clapping her hands at once, calling for her assistant. "This better be important", she said.

So Madame Misty, as some called her, walked all the way up to the third floor of the mansion, with a disgraced look upon her face, and a strut of defiance up the staircase. When she opened up the door to Viola's room, she stopped and stared. After a minute of pause, she walked slowly over to her, and felt her forehead. "She has nothing but a fever, and a hangover, obviously", she proclaimed to her assistant, and as well as to Jasmine. But the nosebleeding wouldn't stop. So Madame Misty said she would call a doctor over just to make sure.

The head Mistress immediately scolded all of the other girls, and women, told them to stay in their rooms, and that if any questions were asked, they were to lie, and say they were staying at a home for abused women of domestic violence, and that it was a fine home, and basically to just stay out of her business. Viola tried to speak. Jasmine was allowed to stay in her room with her, until the doctor arrived. Jasmine confessed to Viola that she too, had been kidnapped, and that she was in fact not in this haven for herself, despite the material benefits, such as jewelry and furs. She began to cry. Viola opened her eyes, and squeezed Jasmine's hand, and told her that she would be alright, and that they, together would find a way to escape this whore's prison.

Just before the doctor arrived, Viola began to mention the letters she had found downstairs, and an eerie look passed over Jasmine's eyes. "Don't you see it, Viola? Madame might be a link to the disappearance of your mother. You do have the same profile as Madame as well. Did you ever think maybe..." that is all she said, when Viola stopped her, and replied, "yes of course, but I don't want to beleive it". "Please do not speak of it anymore, for now". My head hurts, and I am so confused."

"Alright, Viola, we will just wait, because these things will play themselves out.", Jasmine comforted her, and just remained silent. Jasmine prayed silently.



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