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Thirteen Nights before the Rain

By: Reeda

Chapter 3,

“Just what are you doing?”

Nicolas was standing under an opened window; the chilly breeze overhelmed me with the joy of feeling alive. Every moment my heart beat faster and louder, I was wondering if he might hear it.

“Oh, Nicolas, there is so much I wish to tell you...”

And at that moment, someone screamed, someone ran on slippery stairs, someone rushed over to have a look at what happened. Before I could do anything, Nicolas had gone outside, into the chapel from where the terrifying scream had been cast. I followed him, soundless tears rolling down my pale cheeks; I knew there was never going to be a better time for telling him all the words I had wanted to say.

“Well,” I thought, “I guess this is my fate, to infect sadness and suffer from it myself.”

When we reached the chapel, many people had already gathered around the small body that was lifelessly lying on the ground, unconscious from the shock. At the first glance absolutely nothing was wrong with the girl herself; however, there was a tiny trace of blood wrapped around her finger and also, a huge bat with a tired look lying nearby.


I recognized her golden hair that reminded me of the warm sunlight, once again, memory of the past I could never let go of.

“What do you think, what happened?”

Nicolas was serious and sad; I wished I could save the girl so that light of a miracle would put a smile on my beloved’s face. I prayed, for the first time I prayed for knowledge of saving the tiny creature. I had already understood what had happened to her: she had touched a bat, yet it had the rabies’ virus, causing the girl’s death, slow and painful.

“Nicolas, would you call the best doctors over?”

“We have called the ambulance, she’ll be in the care of...”

“No! We don’t have time.”

I took Jeanne into my arms and carried her to the headmaster’s office. Soon the doctors arrived and I shared my hypothesis about letting Jeanne fall into a coma-like deep sleep, so that the antibodies in her could start dissolving the virus without wasting energy on maintaining the bust everyday routine. The doctors agreed, we had to move and make fast decisions – she was dying.

Nicolas was standing near the wall, leaning onto it. I did not look at him, yet I felt his powerful gaze, his mighty eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

I whispered it to the full moon that was glancing into the room as doctors were putting Jeanne into a coma. I knew that she will live I could already see her laughing and singing happily again, Nicolas sitting in his armchair and drinking Earl Grey.

“But I will not be there,” – that thought crossed my mind the moment my heart beat the loudest. I excused myself and left, I went into the chapel, sat on my mother’s favourite bench in the fifth row and smiled. I promised to the moon that if I ever had another chance to live, I would definitely find Nicolas and make him smile, make him laugh and drink tea with a tender look of overflowing happiness on his face.

It seemed as if the time had stopped.

It was so quiet all of sudden.

I felt sleepy and I closed my eyes, it was so warm.

I was happy, really very happy.

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