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By: rsjakovac

Page 1, I wrote this for class, it couldn\'t have anything gory, so it is less gory than my usual stories.



           Why hasn’t Tammy called back?  It’s almost midnight and she is still out trick-or-treating…

            “Micky!  Go to bed, tomorrow’s a school day…” My mom softly talks to me up the stairs.  She has been widowed for about a month now and is always really depressed.

            Maybe Tammy went home with her dad.  He has been divorced for about two years.  Tammy said that when she was fourteen it would be her last year of trick-or-treating.

            I look in the mirror at my dark hair and dark skin.  I’m in love with Tammy but have never told anyone.

            I wake up in the morning and stare at the sunrise remembering to call Tammy’s dad to see what time she got home.  I call and he thought she had a sleepover at our place…
            Mom!  Tammy’s gone missing!  Call the police!

* * * *      

                I close my eyes and remember that Tammy dressed up as a blackbird.

                “Police?  I think you should be searching for black feathers.”  I say quietly.

                “Already did, none found.” The policeman mutters, scratching his mustache…

                “Tammy went trick-or-treating by Mr. Blana’s house and he doesn’t like her at all.” I say with hope.

                When Mr. Blana, Tammy’s math teacher, was at court, his response to being suspected was,

                “Even though I do dislike Tammy, I would never kidnap a child, and besides, I was on a trip to California.”  He says, appearing to be offended.

                I sigh, this is hopeless, my love will never be found…

                But wait, the policeman took way to long arriving after we had called…

                “You did it!” I scream as I point to the officer, “You hid her after we called!”

                When the officer was at court, his excuse was that he was having a party with his fellow police officers because no crime had been reported on Halloween.  Well, I guess they was wrong…

                Again, I sigh, there is really no hope now except for if one of the neighbors did it, but what would we do, search their houses?

                “Search the houses!” I exclaim.

                After the police had searched every house they still found nothing…

                The following day I went for a walk through the neighborhood and thought of how it had been a week since the kidnapping.

                Crunch! What was that?  Hmmm, a little baby blue speck of paint…

                I close my eyes and remember the picture Tammy texted me of her costume and her baby blue trick-or-treat bucket.  I let my lips curve into a hopeful smile and quickly scurry down the sidewalk following the trail of baby blue specks.  The trail ends at a strange black house so I knock on the door, but nobody answers.  I open the door, to hear crying, so, I follow the noise and go down some stairs and almost scream with delight and surprise.  I see Tammy locked behind and old jail cell crying.  I call the police, they find the man who kidnapped Tammy and he goes to jail.  After that, I finally ask Tammy to a school dance, she said yes!  We ended up marrying and having two wonderful children.





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