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ROBERT D SOUZA -The Dead Knife man

Short story By: Shekhar Srivastava
Mystery and crime

Another mystery for Robert D Souza . He uses his power to solve it.

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The very next morning after the court's judgement, everyone was appreciating Robert who was sitting beside Michael. Suddenly, a young man burst into the police station with a lot of tension.He was austore and simple. He had azure eyes and was a youth.Then he strolled to the table where Michael and Robert were having their seats.His body was looking tired like as he had ran thosands of miles.Michael showed his hand to the chair next to him and ordered the youth to have a seat. He ordered one of the police officers to bring a glass of water for the gentleman. The man was piqued as he had a short story to tell others. The police officer handed a glass of water to the gentleman so that he can get energy to speak his sorrows. He said with little hesitation,'My name is James.I had a friend name Fredrick,nickname,Fred.He has been killed yesterday.' Robert said,'But how do you know?' James said,'Yesterday we were having a face-to-face chat after a long period of time.While chatting,he heard the knocking of the door and went to open it. Then,came voice of Fred's screaming and shouting but there was no one infront of the camera.It was a faint sound but I was able to hear it.Then, I saw Fred in a lot of tension. He was standing infront of the camera but I was only able to see Fred and not the other person.It was looking like Fred was going to tell the name of the person.It was lookinglike Fred was going to tell the name of the person.Soon,a hand with knife appeared.The knife Crossed Fred's body twice. Then the person said,'took my revenge' in a very heavy sound just like John,our old friend.But I don't think so that the knife man was John Because he has been killed already in an encounter.He belongs to a rich family. One night,he drunk and fought with a person on the road. He killed the person and then saw a police car running behind him.He ran and escaped the police car.It was a co-incidence that Fred was also moving on the same road.Seeing the police chasing John, he asked one of the police officers that why were they chasing John.Police officer gave the information and asked him to tell the way to John's house.On the next minute John saw a police car outside his house.He tried to escape,but this time the luck was with Police. Police officers chased John.One of the police officer shot on his left leg but he kept escaping the police officers at a slow speed.Next morning, everyone got the news that John is found dead on the road due to the lack of blood.' Robert said,'Thank you for giving us the information,but will you take us to Fred's house?' James said,'Yes,of course,Come with me?' Robert, Michael and James went to Fred's house.The main door was opened. Robert went inside with Michael behind him. They saw a dead body behind the bed and a laptop on the bed. The blood was scattered in the room. There was no evidence to continue with the case.As James had said that the sound was like John's sound, they decided to go to John's house. James took them to John's house. A old man appeared after Robert had rung the bell. Robert asked the old man about John. Old man,John's father said,'My son, John was killed in an encounter. He was our beloved child and now I am just alone in the house.My son's death has changed my whole life. My son's death is just abhorrent to me. Nothing is left in my life.My whole life is turned into a hell.' John's father started weaping. It was a pityful sight.All the three were moving to the exit of the house.Robert looked behind to greet John's father before going from there.Robert saw father's eyes that was hiding something and was totally unknown to others.Michael decided to stop the case until we get more information about it. James felt sad to hear it.Robert had different thinking.He decided to go to John's house in night. In noon,around 2'o clock, they got the news that James has been killed.Robert went to John's house before his decided time.He was quitely standing outside the house and was trying to hear the conversation inside the house.He heard John's father's sound.He said,'Why did you killed James? What was the reason behind it.You are stupid,totally stupid.' Another voice was heared by Robert,'So what should I do?I was angry.Why did he told about me to the police officers?'Robert rung the bell.A sound came from inside,'Who is there?'.He opened the door. Robert went inside the hose with anger. John's father said,'Don't you have any manners.' Robert said,'Who is the other person you were talking to?'He entered into the room where a man was sitting in a lot of tension.Robert asked,'Are you John?'Then he feels a strong hurt on his head.He fells down.John's father and the young man ran from the house but they saw Michael with other police officers. Robert was sent to hospital and John's father with the young man was sent to police station.Young man revealed his identity. He said,'I am John and I have killed Fred and James. I had a brother. We were twins. Infact, we had same voice apart from our appearance. It was very difficult for my parents to differentiate between us. My brother's name was Mike. My father always taught Mike in home. His identity was not revealed to anyone.He was sick of his life as he stayed in home. One day, he said to me that he wanted to see the outer world. I allowed him and provided him with a lot of money to enjoy for a night. He was over-joyed. He never drank but he drank that night. He never fought but he fought that night.He killed a person. Here went his ill-luck,he saw a police car and tried to escape.Fred helped the police officers to catch him. I was very much angry with my friend. No one knew that Mike was killed. In everyone's eyes, I was killed.One day, I went to Fred's house and killed him. Next day when you with James came to my house,I was very angry as James involved me in the case and killed him.

After a week,Court ordered that John will be hanged and his father will be kept in prison for five years to hide the identity of one of his son.Robert was discharged from the hospital.


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