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ROBERT D SOUZA- The Floating Dead Body

Short story By: Shekhar Srivastava
Mystery and crime

Tags: The, Floating, Dead, Body

Robert is a smart boy who always wanted to become a detective.His father fulfills his dream by asking him to solve some mysteries.This is his first mystery where he uses his brain to solve the mystery.

Submitted:May 14, 2012    Reads: 50    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

'Hello Robert',said Michael,Robert's dad.Robert replied,'Dad,Don't call me Robert.Call me Rob.By the way,Why have you called me to the police station?'.Michael who was a chief constable said,'It had came to us that a dead body was floating in the river for two days and has reached the bank of the river where two persons lived.They have told us about that.We have sent the body for post-mortem and will soon get the results.'Robert said,'So how can I help you in this?'Michael said,'I know that you have wanted to become a detective.You read detective stories and novels day and night.So,I want to solve this case.'Robert enjoyed and said,'But from when?'Michael said,'from tommorow or if you want,you may begin it from today.'Robert was happy as it was his dream to solve a case. He always wanted to become a popular detective.Robert said,'I will solve it from today.'He was a 20 year old boy.He was slim,tall and smart boy.Robert asked from his father,'Is there any information given about the dead body?' Michael replied that no information is given.After about 10 minutes,Michael said to Robert,'We have got the post-mortem report of the dead body for which we were waiting.'Robert said,'Please tell me the cause of death.'Michael read,'The cause of death is drowning.A large amount of wine is also found in the body.'Robert said,'We need to know more about this dead body.'Michael asked,'But how?'Robert said,'Dad,How many persons are missing this week?'Michael checked his table and said,'Only one.'Robert said,'Easy for us.Please bring his any of the relative to recognise the dead body.Michael called and in few minutes,a old lady entered in the police station.Robert said to the old lady in the room where the dead bodies are kept,'Is this your son?' Old lady began to cry and said,'Yes,It's mine.'Robert said,'Can you tell me more about your son?'Old lady said,'His name is Harry.He worked in an office and had no enemy.He was a kind person.He got less salary but was sufficient to us. He had no father.He never drank wine.'Listening this,Robert said to himself,'But we have found wine in his body.It's a murder.'Robert asked the address of his office.After getting the address,he went straight to his office.There,he came to know that he always used to go home with the same bus.He asked the office workers if they knew about the bus.One of the worker took him to the bus.Robert asked the conductor and the driver about Harry.The conductor told him that he knew harry.He was their regular passenger and so they provided him some concessions.Robert asked if there was any other passenger whom Harry used to talk.Conductor said,'Yes,there was a passenger to whom he used to talk.'Robert asked if he could recognize his face.Conductor said that he had never seen him as he always wore a large cap.Conductor gave the useful information that he had a tattoo of scorpion on his wrist.Conductor said,'They both used to go out of the bus at the same bus stop.'Robert said to himself,'Either the person was his friend or relative.Secondly,there was a tattoo of scorpion on his wrist.Thirdly,they both used to go out of the bus at the same bus stop.'He found that the bus stop was close to the river from where the body was found.Next day,in the morning, Robert went straight to Harry's house.He asked the old lady if he knew about Harry's friend or relative with a tattoo of scorpion on his wrist who goes with Harry on the same bus.She said,'I don't know about any tattoo.He has no friend who goes with him in the bus. He has only one cousin brother in this city but I don't know if he goes in the same bus or not.'Robert asked his cousin's address and went to the same address.He rung the bell.As Robert introduced himself, he began to run from the house. He chased him and saw his dad along with other police officers on the footpath.After a chase of 5 minutes,the stranger said,'My name is Sam.Sam accepted that he has killed Harry.We went out from the bus on the same bus stop.Before crossing the bridge,I made him drink a lot of wine.He was not consious.As we reached at the middle of the bridge,I took all his identities that he had and pushed him down the bridge.Robert asked,'But why have you killed him?'Sam said,'Two years before,my grandfather died.Before dying he gave,all the property to him as he was his beloved grandson.I became angry a lot.I promised myself to take the revenge. All these two years, I was developing my confidence to kill.And then,I killed him as I promised.'Then Robert asked Michael,'How do you knew that I was chasing Sam?'Michael said,'I went to Harry's house.There,I knew that you are in Sam's house so I began to reach there.But onthe way,I saw you coming And later you know.'

Later after a fortnight,the court ordered that Sam will be hanged.


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