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Mysterious Letters

By: sibunalovatic

Page 1, My story is about a mysterious man who keeps sending love letters to his x-girlfriends by using different names.


Mysterious Letters

      The Hunter family is a happy, positive, out-going type of family. They are going on a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. Marilyn’s family is in a line to buy their plane tickets. They eventually come to the front of the line and purchase their tickets. Then, they board the plane. There was a man standing behind them in line who follows them onto the plane except he’s in a disguise. Then, they look for the rows they’re supposed to sit in and take their seats once they find them. The disguised man’s seat happened to be right behind the kids’ seats.

      Since it’s a long flight from California to Florida, all three kids brought something to do while traveling. Kenneth brought a laptop on the plane with him, but everyone calls him by his middle name, Kendall. He prefers to be called by his middle name rather than his first. Delina Skye brought a couple of journals with her as well as her phone. She didn’t mind her family and friends calling her Delina Skye, but she eventually decided that she just wanted to be called Delina. Last, but not least there is Avery Lynn Hunter and she’s the youngest kid in the group. She brought a couple of coloring and puzzle books with her.

      While the kids are busy doing their own thing on the plane, their parents, Marilyn and William are just chatting with each other to pass time. They were just talking about basic things like work, how their kids are doing in school and how they can prove as well as debating who they think will or will not go to college. After that, they were talking about how their kids would get bored because they didn’t bring enough items to keep them busy the whole flight there. Marilyn and William happened to be right because when they glanced over at their kids, they were all asleep.

      Since all the kids were asleep, the mystery man behind them thought it was the perfect time to make his move which he did. He wrote a letter to Marilyn and after he finished writing it, he handed it to a passenger on the plane to give to the lady in front of them. The passenger handed the letter to Marilyn. Marilyn gives the passenger who handed her the letter a strange look and the passenger shakes her head and points to the man behind the kids’ seats, but the man quickly turns his head, so she wouldn’t be able to recognize him. The mystery man wrote:

      “Your beautiful green eyes are as green as a grape, your beautiful blonde hair shines as bright as the sun, and I hope we could try again.”


Matt Wilson.

      “What is that, honey?” her husband William asked. “It’s a letter from someone I do not know of.” she answered. “May I please see it?” her husband asked. “Sure.” Marilyn said handing him the letter. Once he read the letter, he was completely shocked. “How does he know you, but you don’t know him?” William asked. “I have no idea, but you see the man over there behind the kids’ seats?” she asked pointing to him. Her husband took a quick glance at him, but his head was still turned where you were unable to see his face. Then her husband says, “Ya, what about him?” “Well, he’s the one that wrote the letter to me.” Marilyn told him. “Wish I knew who he was. We can’t tell who he is if we can’t see his face.” William said looking into his wife’s eyes. “I know. I wish I knew who he was too.” She said looking back into his eyes.

      While the parents are trying to think of who Matt could be, the plane finally lands in Florida and the kids are awake by this point. While everyone grabs their luggage out of the overhead, Matt accidentally drops something. Delina picks it up, it’s a special coin, and then she hands it to him. Matt said, “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” she said getting a good look at his face. She notices something very familiar about him, but can’t quite make it out. Then, the Hunter family walks off the plane into the airport. They walk over to the luggage station to grab their luggage and Matt followed them, but he kept a respectable distance.

      Now, they take a cab to their hotel. The name of the hotel they are stating in is called Garden Gates. The parents share a room together, but so do the kids. The kids are not in the same room as their parents, but they’re in a separate hotel room together. The kids room number is 3985 and their parent’s room number are 3983. The two hotel rooms are right next to each other. Also, Matt Wilson just so happens to be staying at the same hotel as the Hunter family. His hotel room happens to be across the hall from the kids parent’s room. So, his hotel room number by coincidence is 3982. Then, the kids walk out of their room and notice the guy walking into his hotel room. “Hey, Delina, isn’t that the guy you saw on the plane who was sitting behind us?” Avery asked becoming suspicious of the man across the hall. “I think it is.” She answers wanting to know more about him.

      Now, the kids gather into their parents room. William shouts, “Who’s ready to go to Walt Disney World?!” “We are!” The kids exclaimed. Then, they all headed out to Walt Disney World. Matt was thinking about following them, but he didn’t because he realized he had some work to do at the hotel. Everyone in the family goes on about three rides. After the third ride, Marilyn started to feel sick and a little bit dizzy. “Mommy, are you alright?” Avery asked worriedly. “Sweetie, I’ll be fine. You guys go have fun without me and I am gonna head back to the hotel to get some rest.”  she answered. “Alright honey, then we’ll see you back at the hotel in about an hour.”  William stated before she walked off. Then, after he stated that, she starts walking back to the hotel and out the gate. She walked back to the hotel because it’s not that far from the amusement park.

      Marilyn makes it back to the hotel safely. She uses the key card and walks in. Matt hears something and looks through the peephole. He noticed that Marilyn walked into her room by herself. He tries to get her attention by writing another letter, but he uses a different disguise as well as a different name. The man finishes his letter within ten minutes after she gets back, but he doesn’t slip it underneath her door right away. Marilyn took a nap for about forty five minutes. After her rest she felt better, but stayed at the hotel. Now, the man who was Matt at first slipped his letter underneath her hotel room door, but signs it as: Love, Jasper Govato. She looked through the peephole and noticed a man walking back into his hotel room across the hall. She thought it was the same guy from the plane, but he looked a lot different than the guy she saw earlier. Right before she was able to pick up the letter, her husband notices the envelope on the floor. “Another letter?” William asks wanting to know what’s going on. “Looks like it.” she answers. Marilyn opens the envelope and reads the letter. It’s another love letter, but it’s from someone else. “Who the heck is Jasper Govato?” William asks thinking his wife may know something. “I really have no idea. I just want to know why random guys keep sending me love letters.” she tells her husband. “If these love letters from anonymous guys keep up, then we’re gonna have to get the kids involved.” William stated. “You have an idea, don’t you?” Marilyn asked noticing a look on his face that he gave her. “Yes, I do. So, here’s the plan.” He says about to whisper in her ear, but then decides to say it out loud.

      All of the kids are listening to the conversation parents are having. Then, they pull away from the wall for a few minutes. “Okay, so what’s going on?” Kendall asked his sisters. “Now, Kendall’s sisters tell him about a man who was on the plane sitting behind them. Delina tells her siblings that she was able to get a good look at his face and that he looked familiar, but she couldn’t quite make out who he was. Now that Kendall is caught up in what’s going on, the kids eavesdrop some more by pressing their ears back against the wall. They overhear their dad say, “The next letter you receive from a man we don’t know, we’re bringing the kids in for investigation.”

      “What does he mean by investigation?” Kendall asked. “Okay, so do you remember mom’s first x-boyfriend?” Avery asked. “Ya,  his name was Tyler Holland. What about him?” Kendall asks wondering what his sister will tell him. “Well, I don’t think you were there when Avery and I had to research some information on him. But, do you remember how we told you what we found out about him?” Delina answers and then asks. “Ya, I do remember you guys telling me about him. Wasn’t he a criminal for stealing some of mom’s money?” “Yep that was him, but I don’t think it’s him again across the hall. I have a hunch of who it might be though.” Avery answered. “Bro, we’re gonna need your help investigating this guy and we’ve got a plan.” His sisters told him. Then, his sisters whisper their plan to him and it’s a devious one.

      The plan they had in mind was for Matt or Jasper to meet Kendall at a local restaurant by the hotel for an interview. Kendall will dress, look professional and unrecognizable, but he will be asking the man a series of questions to find out who he could be. The man Kendall is meeting is Jasper. Kendall arrived at the restaurant while Jasper is running late. The name of the restaurant they’re meeting at is called The Hidden Treasure. Jasper finally shows up about fifteen minutes after Kendall’s arrival. Jasper sees Kendall and takes a seat. Jasper says, “I apologize for being late. I had some things to take care of back at my hotel.” “It’s alright.” Kendall stated accepting his apology. “So, do you have a job?” Kendall asks. “Ya, I do, but it’s a self-employment job.” Jasper responds. “Well, what do you do for a living?” Kendall asked curiously. “Well Mr. H, I do a few things. My main job though is a real estate agent. In my spare time, I also write stories, draw, and take pictures of different things that interest me.” Jasper responded. “That’s great to know and please call me Kendall.” “Alright then, I will.” “And I’ll have the Chicken Salad.” He stated and answered because the waiter came by to their table. “I’ll have a Caesar Salad and Fries please.” Kendall said telling the waiter what he wanted. “So Jasper, are you looking for any other kind of jobs?” Kendall asked. “No, not really. But I am looking for one of my hobbies to take action in becoming a job of mine.” he answered. “That’s really cool.” Kendall responded. “I will let you know that I do work for a company called, Imagination Corporation. In our office building, we have different sections for different people who have amazing talents. I’ve seen quite a bit of amazing works from little kids, teens, young adults and even other adults.” Kendall told him. “That’s really cool. Anyways, what ages and are you hiring?” Jasper stated and then asked. “We are not hiring at the moment, but I can try to have a talk with my boss. And the ages range from five years old to a hundred years old.” replied Kendall. “Wow, that’s cool and thank you.” Jasper said. “No problem and I’ll get back to you about my company.” Kendall told him.

      Then, they both leave the restaurant and head back to their hotel rooms. After the chat the two men had, Jasper sprinted off down the street, but then realized his hotel room was in the opposite direction. Out of nowhere, he tripped and somehow found a shortcut back to the hotel they’re both staying at. After he tripped and when he stood up, he thought to himself, “What a weird coincidence.”  Then, he just walked up to his room and started to do more of his “work,” which was actually writing love letters to his x-girlfriend, but signing it as different people.  He is spying on the Hunter family and when he looked out his peephole, he saw Kendall walking in to his room. After he sees him walk into his hotel room, he starts to write his letter.

      Meanwhile, when Kendall walked into the room, Avery asks, “So, what happened?” “Delina was right that he was recognizable, but I couldn’t make out who he was either. I also asked him a bunch of questions and told him that I worked for a company called, ‘Imagination Corporation.’” Kendall told them. “But you don’t have a job.” Delina remarked. “I know I don’t have a job.” He told them giving them a mischievous look. All of the siblings were able to read each other’s facial expressions without having to say anything. When Avery looked at her brother, her facial expression stated, “You have an idea, don’t you?” And then he nodded being assure of it.

      While Kendall tells his sisters the plan, Jasper is keeping a look out for Marilyn’s husband, William. This time when he happened to look out the peep-hole, he saw Marilyn leaving the hotel room by herself. He decides to follow her, but cautiously. While Marilyn’s walking down the hall towards the elevator, she feels something and looks behind her, but nothing’s there. Jasper was able to hide somewhere. The elevator finally reached their floor level and Jasper saw the elevator doors close after Marilyn walked in. After he sees the elevator doors close, he quickly runs down the sets of stairs. He arrived in the lobby of the hotel right when the elevator doors open. Then, he stood there like a statue so she couldn’t recognize him. Marilyn saw the statue thinking it was a person and then she’s like, “no, it can’t be.” She did notice that the statue looked very realistic though.

      Now, Marilyn walks out of the lobby and walks down the street until she can find a fancy and romantic restaurant. Right before she walks into the restaurant about a block away from the hotel, Jasper sees his chance to “give” the love letter to her. He curls it up in a ball and then throws it, it lands right in front of her, she doesn’t notice anything, but someone else does. The paper ball Jasper had thrown somehow turns back into the shape of an envelope. “Hey Miss, I think you dropped something.” A lady shouted out from about a mile or two down the street. Marilyn looks at the lady and points to herself saying, “Me?” The lady nods and Marilyn looks down finding the envelope. She thinks to herself, “Huh, what’s this?” After she picks it up, she shoves it inside her purse and doesn’t look at it until later. Then, she walks inside the restaurant and makes a reservation for six o’clock Saturday night.

      After she made the reservation for six o’clock, she heads back to the hotel where she can open the letter in private. She gets back to her hotel about ten minutes later. She walks insider her room and opens the letter. “Seriously?!” she accidentally stated out loud. “What happened, Sweetie?” her husband asked worriedly. “It’s another love letter from a guy that knows me, but I don’t know him.” she answered. This time the letter said,

      “I apologize for my actions and for everything that happened between us and I really hope we can try again. If we can try again, I do not want to make the same mistake I did before. I fell in love with you at first sight ever since I met you. You’re beautiful, charming, and undeniable and I can never take my eyes off of you and I’d really hope for us to try again.”


Nicky Eselli.

      “You know what we’ve gotta do now, right?” her husband asked. “Ya, I do know.” William’s wife answered. “Hey kids, can you please come in here for a sec?” Marilyn asked. Their kids were in their hotel room within less than a second. “Ya, what is it mom?” Delina asked. “Well let’s just say I’ve been receiving love letters from different guys that I do not know.” their mother told them. “So what we would like you to do is investigate these guys.” William told his kids. “How come you want us to investigate them?” Avery asked sweetly. “Well, remember my X-boyfriend, Tony Cranota? And how he cheated me?” her mother asked. “Ya, I remember and didn’t he try to get back together with you?” Avery answered and then asked. “Don’t you remember that you were the one that figured that out?” William asked his daughter. “Oh yeah. I do remember that now.” Avery stated. “Wasn’t he also stealing money or sentimental items from you when you were dating him?” Delina asked. “He was, but he did get caught and put in jail for that. And apparently I wasn’t the only one getting mobbed out of money and sentimental items. Once he got caught, I was able to get my things back. “That’s good to hear.” Avery said.

      Marilyn was able to get her stuff back, but she also wants to find out who those guys really are. “So what we want you kids to do is to devise a plan to catch these anonymous men who keep sending me love letters.” their mother acknowledged. “We are definitely willing to investigate for you and we kind of have a plan of our own.” Delina told her parents. “What do you mean?” her mother asked suspiciously. “This was all the girls idea, but let’s just say we kind of eavesdropped on your conversation yesterday.” Kendall told his parents. “What?” they both asked shockingly. “He’s right, it was our idea to eavesdrop on you guys, but I caught him up in everything that went on before hand and we have a plan that Kendall thought of.”  Avery told her parents.  “Really?” their parents asked being surprised that Kendall was able to come up with a plan. “How about we catch our parents up on what we’ve been doing with this guy.” Delina suggested. “Okay.” her siblings agreed.

      While the kids are telling their parents how they came up with a plan yesterday, they tell them detail by detail what they did. “Where’d you get a suit from?” William asked his son. “I don’t know, but somehow Avery had it.” his son told him. “Wait a minute, was that my high school suit?” Kendall asked Avery suspiciously. “Yes, it was. I took it from your closet after your high school dance ended. And I’m surprised you didn’t notice until now.” “That’s enough guys. Please get back to the story.” their mother asserted. While Kendall’s sisters are telling their parents the rest of what happened the day before, Kendall was getting changed into his disguise which didn’t take too long. It took him about ten to fifteen minutes to get changed into his suit, do his hair and wear a hat as well as holding a suitcase. “Wait, how is it possible for Kendall to be unrecognizable?” their dad asked them. Right when he asked that, Kendall walks back into his parents hotel room. They looked at him in surprise like, “Who just walked in?” “Our points exactly.” the girls stated. “I told the Jasper guy that I worked for a company called Imagination Corporation where there are different people ranging from ages five to a hundred years old with amazing talents from drawing, writing, and photographs.” Kendall told them.

      Now, they tell their parents about the plan they had in mind. So, the plan the kids had in mind was for Jasper to meet them at Kendall’s office. The kids’ parents know the perfect place for Jasper to meet them at. Since Kendall didn’t really have a real job, they knew where an empty building was to create Kendall’s workplace. It was a big building and his office was on floor five, but his work studio was on floor three. His parents helped him build his fake company and they happened to work in that same building.

      After his parents and siblings helped him set up his fake company, they needed some local people that live in the state to act like they’re working under his company name. The first person Kendall had in mind was his little sister, Avery, because she’s a very talented artist. Avery agrees to work at his company. Next, they go around talking to people asking them what they would and if they would like to help them out with a scheme of theirs. Some local residents walked past them not wanting to do anything with it, but other residents agreed to the idea of scheming someone even if they didn’t know who the person was. After the kids asked the residents what they liked to do, they asked if they could see some of their works. The local residents show the children what they’ve done and everything the residents showed Kendall, he approved their works.

      As soon as the hunter family gets back to their hotel rooms, they’ve got someone to call. Now, everyone is back in their parent’s hotel room. Kendall dials Jasper’s number and puts it on speaker phone for everyone to hear. “Hello?” Jasper answers. “Hi Jasper, its Kendall from a couple nights ago.” “Oh hey, what’s up?” he says and then asks being surprised. “I’m calling about my company. It appears that we are hiring now, but we’ve only got one spot left.” Kendall told him. “So, where would you like me to meet you at?” Jasper asked. “I apologize for forgetting the name of the building, but it’s off of Pike Place and Center Street.” he answered. “Oh, I know the one you’re talking about. Isn’t it called The Pebble Stone?” Jasper stated and then asked knowing the name of the building. “Ya, that’s the one!” Kendall shouted. “Please meet me there at five o’clock Saturday evening.” Kendall stated. “Let me check my schedule real first. You’re lucky that I’m free that night.” Jasper told Kendall using a deep voice. After Jasper said that, they said bye and then hung up.

      Kendall’s mom looked at him like wondering why he made it for five o’clock that evening. Avery and Delina both knew the look their mom was giving to their brother. “Don’t worry mom, we’ve got this. You guys go have fun that night.” Avery told her. “Huh, what’s she talking about honey?” William asked curiously. “Oh nothing.” Marilyn answered casually. While their parents are out on a date for some alone time, their kids are the ones scheming Jasper. All the kids in the family have a gut feeling that Jasper is the one behind all of the love letters that their mother has been receiving.

      After a couple of fun at the amusement park, it eventually becomes Saturday morning. All the kids are up early ready and excited for the scheme later that night. Since they woke up so early in the morning while their parents are sleeping in, they decide to go down to the lobby to get some breakfast. They knew their parents were going to sleep in until breakfast ended where they wouldn’t be able to eat anything. Since their kids knew that their parents were going to be sleeping in late, they brought some breakfast up to them so they would have something to eat and wouldn’t miss out. After the kids delivered their parents breakfast, they were thinking about their scheme. While the kids were trying to figure out more ideas for their scheme, their parents were getting ready before heading out to the amusement park. They’re at the amusement park for a couple of hours and then the time flew where it was four o’clock before they even realized it.

      Finally, the kids rush back to hotel quickly to get dressed in their disguises except for Avery. Then, by four thirty, all the kids quickly rush out of the hotel because they have to be at Imagination Corporation by five. The building Kendall’s company is located in is about a block or two down the street from their hotel. They make it into Kendall’s work area on time before Jasper got there. Jasper came a couple minutes late. He walks into the area and notices a bunch of different people working just like Kendall stated. Jasper took a look around and then Kendall said, “If you decide to work with me, this will be your work station.” Kendall said pointing to a table in the back right next to Avery’s work station. Jasper decides to take a seat and takes out his computer looking at his photographs while secretly typing a personal letter. He was looking at his work trying to figure out what he could improve on for about half an hour. Then he decided that he needed a break. He asked, “Is there a bathroom around somewhere?” “Ya, it’s down  the hall and to the left.” Kendall answered. Jasper left his things on the table so it was Avery’s chance to take a look at his work as well as finding out who Matt, Jasper, and Nicky could really be. What she finds on his computer is extremely shocking.

      Lastly, when Jasper comes back into the workshop area, Delina comes out of nowhere and grabs him. Avery sees her sister holding him and decides to jump in and help her sister out. Now both girls are holding Jasper’s hands behind his back. “What’s going on?” he asks angrily. “You’re not who you say you are, right?” Kendall asked. “What are you talking about?” Jasper asked not knowing what was going on. Then, Avery asked one of her co-workers to help Delina keep the man’s wrists behind his back. The co-worker agrees to do that. Then, Avery grabs his laptop and asks, “What’s the meaning of this? Why do you have pictures of our mom on your computer and why do you keep sending her love letters?” she stated accusing of doing something wrong. “Did I do something wrong?” he asked being confused. “Well, we’re about to put you back behind bars ‘cause you’re not Jasper Govato. You’re Tony Cranota.” Avery said eye-balling him and took off his hat and the rest of his disguise. Most of the women that agreed to act as Kendall’s workers gasped, “Tony Cranota?!” “Yes, ladies, it’s me. Your worst  nightmare, but I wasn’t after either one of you.” “The reason you’re not coming after any of us is ‘cause you already did!” one of the local residents exclaimed.

      All in all, the cops eventually showed up and arrested Tony Cranota. Tony Cranota was charged with burglary, woman abuse, and illegal drug possession. “What I don’t understand is why would he keep sending my mom love letters signing them from different people when it was only one person?” Delina stated. “Well, let’s say we’ve been looking for this guy for quite some time now. He’s been using a bunch of fake ID’s, so Matt Wilson, Jasper Govato, and Nicky Eselli aren’t the only fake names he’s used. He’s also gone by the names of Chris Meadow, Zack Knoll, Victor Brown, and Jerome Cider.” one of the officers explained to the children. “Great job, Avery.” the officer told her. “Sir, I can’t take all the credit for this. Of course I am the one who figured out who he was, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of my siblings.” she told him. “In this case, Kendall, you can keep what you’ve created and we will help you create into a real company. It was a well-thought out idea you had in mind.” the officer told him. “Thanks.” Kendall told him. Then, the children and the officer smiled at each other.

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