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George works as a gardener for the Glastenburg City Council. His girlfriend is a young gymnast. He goes to the gynmastics tournament to support his girlfriend, Sarah, but there are problems during the day. Would they survive the robbery at the Gypsy fair?

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George Govenstein and Kevin Struan were working in the garden at the Glastenburg Golf Course, Glastenburg, Germany.It was early spring and the snow had just started to melt.The trees had started blossoming.It was a warm spring day, clear sky, the sun came out.
George was only 21 years old with his short black hair and beard and moustache and he had a medium build and was tall.Kevin was tall and blonde with medium build and beard.He was a few years older then George.They worked for the Glastenburg City Council and were contracted to work in parks and universities all over the city.
George was weeding round the tulip plants, which had just started blossoming, with his trowel while Kevin weeded the roses with his hoe.George heard a truck pull up the driveway of the golf course.He looked up.It was a garbage truck and the garbage man backed the truck up to the jumbo bin.The garbage man waved to George and George waved back. George knew the garbage man.His name was Tony Vonstrom and he had grey close crop hair with a big heavy build and large chest.
Tony pushed the lever and lifted the jumbo bin right to the top and tipped the rubbish into the back of the truck.Crack!George and Kevin looked up to see that the windscreen of the garbage truck had been smashed.George saw the garbage man climb out of the truck and walk up to a skinny blonde male golfer who strolled across the carpark towards him.
"We better go and intervene" said Kevin.
"I agree" replied George.
"Is this your golf ball!" roared the garbage man.His face was red and his eyes bulging.
"It was an accident, man.I swear" pleaded the golfer.
"I ought to punch your lights out!"
"Hey, hey, hey" said George "He didn't mean to smash your windscreen.It was an accident.Was it?"The golfer nodded.The manager of the golf club came out.
"What happened here?" asked the manager.
"This guy smashed my windscreen with his golf ball".
"Calm down.It was probably an accident.Tell you what.I'll called the glazier and he can come and fix the windscreen".
"I'll pay for the damage" offered the golfer.
"No, no, no" replied the manager "I'll pay for it out of my pocket.George, Kevin, back to work.Nothing to see here".
George and Kevin complied.The manager took his company cell phone out of his pocket and called the glazier.The golfer returned to the golf course with his golf ball as the garbage man stood next to the manager and waited for the glazier to arrive.
* * *
Sarah Bascot accompanied her grandparents to the gynaecology clinic in Glastenburg Hospital.Her dark brown hair was tied back in a pony tail.She was seventeen with a medium build and had been dating George for over a year now.
Her grandparents were Tracy and Brian Dernstadt.They came to provide Tracy with moral support as the gynaecologist called them into the clinic the previous day.Tracy walked up to the receptionist and said "I'm here to see doctor Enstan.I have an appointment".
"And your name is?"
"Tracy Dernstadt".
"She'll be here shortly".The receptionist smiled at them."Take a seat".
They complied and sat on the couch.Sarah picked up a womens' magazine and started reading it.It appeared that Charlie Sheen had been kicked out of the TV programe Two and a half men and is fighting for custody of his children.After they had been waiting for a while an extremely attractive woman in a white coat, black shirt, pale brown woolen skirt, and black high heels walked into the waiting room and said "Tracy Dernstadt".
"That's me".
"Come this way.Bring your family with you".They got up and followed Doctor Sarah Enstan to her office which was near the end of the corridor."Have a seat".Sarah smiled at them."Tracy, brace yourself.I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, hun.They've looked at your smear and found that you have signs of cervical cancer.I'm afriad you'll have to have the tumour removed. You might have to have a hysterectomy".Brian comforted his wife and granddaughter as they cried into his shoulders."You might have to have chemotherapy.I've booked you an appointment for surgery for next Friday.Would that suit?"
"Yes" sobbed Tracy "That would be good".
"Don't worry.We'll beat this cancer".
* * *
The glazier had arrived at the Glastenburg Golf Course.He had smashed the old windscreen, folded it up into the plastic bag and threw it in the recycle bin.Then he placed the new windscreen into the truck and sealed it with a magic black paste that solidified into rubber, sealing the windscreen into place.
"That's the last of the weeds" said George.
"Yeah" replied Kevin "I've nearly finished up here".
George placed the last of the weeds into the wheelbarrow which belonged to the city council and took it towards the compost heap at the back.
"How much would you charge?" asked the manager of the golf course when the glazier had finished replacing the windscreen.
"That would be five hundred euro".
"Geeze.That's expensive".
"Thanks for repairing the damage" said the garbage man "Much appreciated.I'll call up my boss and tell him I can resume my duties".
As George was pushing his barrow towards the compost heap, his cell phone rang.He took his cell phone out of his back pocket and answered it.
"Hello.Ahh Sarah.What's wrong?You sound like you're crying".
"We've just been to the gynaecology clinic" replied Sarah "I'm afraid grandma has cervical cancer".
"Oh.I'm so sorry.What are they going to do about it?"
"They're going to remove the tumour and put her on chemotherapy".
"So you going to compete in the gymnastics tonight".
"Off course silly.I'm not going to pull out of the competition.I'll be fine, honey.Don't worry".
"Give your grandma my support.I'll see you at the gymnastics tournament".
"OK.Miss you".
"Miss you too".
After George had tipped the garbage into the compost heap, he washed the wheel barrow and put it into the company van.George told Kevin about the cervical cancer.
"We better start heading back" said Kevin "You don't want to be late for your girlfriend's gymnastics tournament".
"Yeah.Let's head back to the depot".
* * *
George had arrived at the Glastenburg Gymnasium to watch his girlfriend in the gymnastics tournament.He had met her grandparents at the entrance to the gymnasium.
"Hello, sweety" said Tracy Dernstadt as she and Brian hugged George.
"Hi, Tracy and Brian".
"Come inside," said Brian "The tournament is about to start".
They walked through the foyer of the gymnasium and entered the indoor stadium.The Grandstand was packed.George and the Dernstadts negotiated their way through the crowd.
"Here is a good place to sit" said Brian and they sat down and watched the tournament.
First off was the vault.George waved to Sarah who smiled back at him.She was wearing a white and red leotard and had her hair tied back in a pony tail.She sprinted towards the vault, jumped off the spring board, did a hand stand on the vault, and then a triple somersault before landing on her feet with her arms up.The crowd cheered and whistled.
Then came the uneven bars.Sarah jumped on the low bar and swung around it a few times before jumping onto the top bar.This requires great skill, agility, and stamina and this is what Sarah had.This is what George admired in her.Her flexilibilty, her agility.She swung around the top bar a few times.At the top of the bar she turned and swung around it a few more times, jumped onto the lower bar, swang around that.She did a flip as she jumped onto the top bar.And then finally did a triple somersault as she dismounted the bars.Again the crowd roared and George clapped and cheered.
"Great job, baby" yelled George as Sarah smiled.
Then came the floor.Sarah ran onto the floor, did a couple of cartwheels before doing a full sumersault in the air and landing on the other corner of the mat.She did another sumersault and did a periret before doing the splits.She spun herself around on the floor for a few times.Then ran to the other corner, did a cartwheel before she did a triple sumersault landing triumphantly on her feet.The crowd roared and George clapped and cheered.He was so proud of his girlfriend.Sarah smiled and waved to him before returning to the bench.
At the end of the tournament Sarah received a silver in vaults and uneven bars and a gold medal for the floor.Sarah had won the national gymnastics tournament with Tina Bernstadd coming 2nd and Angela Denshein coming 3rd.
George and her grandparents met Sarah and her friends in the foyer of the Gymnasium after everyone had gone.
"She is an amazing gymnast" said her coach, Sally Gorbenshtuff.
"Yes, she's amazing my girlfriend," said George who had placed his left arm round her shoulder "She's great".
"Thank you, sweety," replied Sarah "Off course you've met my friends Keira and Natasha".
Keira and Natasha waved to George.Natasha said hi.George greeted them back.He remembered them from Sarah's school.
"Want to go hang out at the Gypsy fair, sweety?" said Sarah as she kissed George on the lips.
"Yeah.I'd like to" replied George.
"We're going with Keira and Natasha if you don't mind".
"I don't mind".
"OK, let's go".
George and the girls left the gymnasium, chatting and laughing.
* * *
George and the girls arrived at the annual Gypsy fair which was held at Stronstrum Park in the northern suburbs of Glastenberg.George had his arm around Sarah's waist and they looked at all the stuff that they sold at the Gypsy fair.
They looked at the stand that had all sorts of jewellery.Golden or silver bracelets, coloured bracelets, leather bracelets, necklaces, earrings.There was another stall which sold carvings and statues.There was one of a horse standing next to a tree.There were a few wooden Budhha's, a wooden canoe, porcelain cats, eagles, wooden charms.
One stall sold various sunglasses and Sarah and the girls tried them on in the mirror to see how they looked.George thought he'd try them on too.
"Honey, the mens' glasses are over there.You're wearing womens' glasses".
"Oh, sorry".
The girls looked at all the dresses that were being sold at one of the stalls.George didn't understand why women were so fascinated in clothes.Like they're just clothes.Though women have a good sense of style.Sarah asked him his opinion of what he thought of the clothes she showed him.There was a brown, black and yellow long floral dress.White miniskirt with denim jacket.Jeans and a leapard shirt.All sorts of clothes.
Another one showed some small porcelain statues and crystals.Crystal charms.They came to a stall where the Gypsy told their fortune with a crystal ball.
"Oh dear" said Madame Monstroff "Something very bad will happen tonight.Right here.You will suffer great trauma".
They were scared but they didn't let it worry them.They met the other two girls outside the fortune teller's tent when "On the ground.Now​!"
"Don't you fucken move, or I'll blow you're fucken brains out!"
They saw a gang had entered the Gypsy fair and were pointing their guns at everybody.George and the girls complied and they laid on the ground with their hands out as the gangsters went around the gypsy fair, stuffing all the loot and treasures into their sacks.One placed the clothes in his sack, the second placed jewellery into his.
George heard sirens coming towards the park.The police got out of their cars and said through the megaphone "On the ground.Now!Or I'll shoot".
The gangsters fired at the police and the police fired back.Some gangsters got killed, which was fine by George, and some got injured.The police moved into the Gypsy fair, arrested all the criminals and took them away in the paddy wagons.Some were placed in ambulances, some were taken away in body bags.A couple of police officers came up to George and the girls and asked "Are you all right?"
George and the girls got up from the ground.
"Yes" replied Sarah "We're fine".
In truth George and the girls were a little traumatised.George comforted Sarah as she cried on his shoulders and the girls consoled each other as they both cried.A few minutes later Sarah's grandparents had arrived and they hugged Sarah and George as they cried on their shoulders.
"How are you feeling?" asked Tracy.
"Traumatised" replied Sarah.
"Let's go to the grandstand" suggested Brian "It would cheer you guys up".
"OK" said Sarah "Want to go there, honey?"
"Yes.I'd like to".
George, the girls, and her grandparents left the Gypsy fair.
* * *
They were now sitting in the Glastenberg Grand Stand, in Glastenberg Park, listening to the guitarist playing on his electric guitar on the stage.The amps were pumped up loud and he played a bit of heavy metal and rock.He was such an awesome guitarist.The crowd loved him.His name was Tony Kalado and he was from Greece.The crowd cheered.
Tracy and Brian put their arms around each others waists and Tracy laid her head on Brian's shoulder, Brian stroking her hair.Tina and Angela were sitting on the edge of their seats, mesmerised by the guitarist.The guitarist was playing the blues now and the two girls talked about how handsome he was.The guitarist was in his mid thirties.
George and Sarah had their arms around each others shoulders.George had his left arm up Sarah's shirt and was playing with her right breast.Her breast felt soft and smooth.They were making passionate love, kissing each other on the lips and stroking each others bodies as the guatarist played some heavy metal.


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