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It All Ended So Quickly

Short story By: sosnh
Mystery and crime

A short story about a girl who find herself to be dead. What troubles will she face? It is captivating, and easy, and quick to read. It takes around 5 minutes. Take a look and tell me what you thought.

Submitted:Jun 20, 2013    Reads: 119    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

The night was cold. The whistle of the air sent shivers down my spine. Goosebumps formed on my weakening arms. I was breathing heavily, creating a cloudy white mist in contrast to the dark, black surrounding. As I walked onwards, the earth beneath me made indescribable noises. Noises that made me think of death, of an eternity stuck in darkness. The sunlight wasn't due for hours. The warmth had long since evaded me. My sight was worsening, and my consciousness was fading. They say to run away from the light, but I couldn't help myself from doing otherwise. It was too late for me. In a matter of seconds I would be gone, distant from the world, gone to a place where I am irretrievable. Why? Why must this happen to me? As the light neared, my gentle hand came up, as if to punch the light, to escape the fight, and win back my right to live and survive. With a sudden strength deep inside myself, I regained my consciousness. I looked around. It was daytime. The butterflies fluttered above me, and the laughter of young, innocent children could be heard in the distance. The chirping of the birds pounded on my ears, giving me a slight headache. The air was fresh, and smelled of honey. It was soothing, but slightly overwhelming. While it did make me dizzy, I did not fret. After my recent exposure to the afterlife, I think I can handle the tedious task of finding my way home, to my suburban cottage, warm and cosy, with a fireplace that has long since been extinguished. It worries me deeply that the early morning citizens jogging around the footpath had not seen me, or rather, did not approach me as they should have. Do they think I'm a bum? Hope not. I walk both slowly and casually on the way to my house, stopping only to look at the Newspaper of the day. The headline was, "Teenage Girl Killed after Party". The feature article looked both entertaining, and mysterious. I reached into my pocket, and tried to place a coin in the slot which would allow me to get the paper. You could not believe my shock when my hand went right the way through the machine. I freaked out. My mind was clogged. What was happening? Screams littered my head. I collapsed to the ground. Tears welled up on my face, and fell to the hard concrete. Something happened to me. What was it? As I sat there, a middle-aged man of Caucasian appearance, with olive black hair, and green eyes inserted his own coin into the machine, and took the newspaper. He walked over to a mahogany seat with a steaming cup of coffee, and began to read. He was so calm. Then it hit me, the reason why those early birds didn't see me is I'm already dead. I am probably in a morgue right now, having an autopsy like some victim of a murder. I walked up to the bench, and sat next to the man. I skimmed through the article. Girl killed on the way home from a party… appears to have taken illegal and potentially lethal drugs… authorities say she was intoxicated at the time…Her body is being examined, and a report is being prepared for the coroner…Family is devastated this morning…More news as it becomes available. I am angrier than anything else. I hadn't ever touched drugs or alcohol. What persuaded me in my demented mind to do such a thing? I'll never forgive myself. I slowly got up and left the table. My body became numb. My feet turned limp. I glanced at my body as it faded away. The sunlight bounding through my body made it look picturesque. The gentle breeze throughout the air took me away. I floated through the sky, and crash-landed back down on earth, into complete darkness. My life was over, and it was my fault entirely. I was destined for a life, ruled by darkness, of a life full of dread. Soon I would just be just another girl who fell victim to her own teenage hormones and peer pressure. Those conniving and self-absorbed wannabe teenagers that I used to spend summer days and winter nights with. I am now but a distant memory, stuck in the minds of those closest to me. I can't take back what I've done, and I deserve the consequences. Goodbye, Earth, I am no longer here to litter your soil, or to do evil things. Goodbye, dear, sweet and loving family.


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