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I Never Got To Say I Love You

Short story By: Summer375309
Mystery and crime

A sad short story I wrote with an inspiration from the Chicken soup books. I'm not super depressed or anything...this is just a story I wrote. haha(:

Submitted:May 23, 2011    Reads: 56    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Adrianne Olsen slowly picked at the binding of her notebook, as she kept glancing from the front of the room to the iPod in her pocket. I just wish this class was over… she thought. She watched the digital display change from 12:53 to 12:54. C'mon…12: 55!! Ugh. Why are you taking so long…?" Tapping her pencil, Adrianne thought of why she wanted to get home so badly…

Flashback: "Mom!! Why can't I go?! You treat me like I'm still twelve or something!" Adrianne rolled her eyes. "I don't even know who this girl's parents are, Adrianne! Besides, it's a school night!" Adrianne sighed loudly and growled, "Why do you care so much?!" Her mom stared and said, "Adrianne, you're my daughter and you're important to me! You're my child and God is holding me responsible for you! I love you and I don't want anything happening to you. So, you aren't going. That's final, end of discussion." Adrianne lost control of herself, "Well, I hate you! I can't believe you think you're being a good mother, because you aren't! I can't believe how annoying you're being! From now on, just stay out of my life!"Adrianne stormed out the door, fuming on the way to school. End Flashback.

Adrianne went over and over the conversation in her head, and all day, that was the only thing she could think about. Something in her head just clicked and said, "Oh my goodness. I can't believe I said that." As the bell rang, she stuffed her things in her backpack and ran to her car. Driving home, she was thinking about how she would apologize to her mom. "Mom, I love you too. I never should have said I hate you, I- Nah. Hmm… Uh… Mom, thank you for wanting to keep me safe, and I love you too…No, that wouldn't work…"

"Gimme!" Rosie screeched into her twin brother's ear. "No! Mine! It's mine!" The two were fighting over a stuffed bear, very common among children under the age of seven. "No! Not!" Rosie retorted, as her chubby fingers tried to cling to the teddy's tattered fur. "Rosieeeeeeeeee! Give it!" Jake whined. But still, the toddler kept a firm grip. Jake stopped to think of a new tactic. Rosie, taking advantage of Jake's sudden pause, yanked the bear out of his hands. Jake decided to just let it go.

The twins should be celebrating their 5th birthday. They weren't supposed to be home alone. Their mother should have been home. The two were dropped off by an unknowing mother that thought the kid's mother was asleep in bed. Little did she know, that was not the case.

Adrianne continued to rehearse her apology as she drove through the neighborhood. Finally, she pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. Unable to find her house key, she rang the doorbell, expecting her mom to answer. She did not. Her little brother Jake answered, in a quiet voice, "Who is it?"

Adrianne replied, "It's me…. where's mom?!" in an annoyed tone. She couldn't believe that her mom would leave her alone with her siblings. Jake opened the door slowly and Rosie piped in, "JoJo and AJ dropped us off! Mommy didn't come to get us." Adrianne began to worry. She tried to keep her cool in front of her younger siblings and breathed deeply and slowly. She looked around the house, for a note on a sticky, or something scribbled on a piece of notebook paper. There was nothing. Calmly, she walked over to the phone in the office room. She picked up the receiver and attempted to call her mom's cell phone. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Four rings. Five rings. Voicemail. "Hi this is Laurie Olsen. Please leave a message and I will try to get back to you very soon." Adrianne hung up. She didn't know what to say to Rosie and Jake. She tried to act calmly…like everything was going to be okay. Suddenly, she heard a car sputter in the driveway and her heart raced, hoping it would be her mother. Frantic, she ran to the window. But it wasn't her mother. The doorbell rang.

"Hello?" She answered the door, wearily. There was a policeman in the doorway and his voice was quiet, "Is this the Olsen residence? Adrianne squinted, trying to think. "Yes sir. I'm Adrianne Olsen."

"May I speak to an adult in the house?" he asked, looking past her. Adrianne gulped, "No sir, I can't seem to get in contact with my mother." The officer sighed, "Well Miss, we are sorry to inform you that your mother has been in an accident." he said, reverently. Her arm dropped from the doorknob as tears flooded her eyes. Suddenly, she felt weak. Unsure of how to respond, she just stood there as her tears dripped down the front of her shirt to the worn, gray carpeting.

"Well, is she alright?" Adrianne was dreading the answer. She could tell by the tone of his voice that only the worst could have happened. The policeman blew air out of his mouth. "She's dead." Adrianne couldn't believe her ears. "What?" She must have heard wrong. She had to have heard wrong.

"You're mother is dead...I'm sorry." Adrianne looked at the gray Converse she was wearing as her eyes welled with tears and her nose dripped. She sat down and tears were rolling down her cheeks as the police officer was telling her where she and her brother and sister would be going. "I never got to say I love you.", she thought. Adrianne felt something soft touch her hand and brush her hair back. She looked up to see Jack through her tear stricken eyes. He wasn't speaking. Rosie crawled silently into Adrianne's lap and wiped the tears from her older sister's cheeks. Adrianne didn't know what was going to happen to them. She couldn't think straight. She kept crying. The tears just kept coming. Not once did they stop until the policeman began to ask her questions. She had to compose herself. The sixteen-year-old tried to respond but felt numb. She had cried all she could cry. She stepped out onto the driveway feeling worse than she had ever felt before. After what had seemed like a lifetime, what remained of the family got into a car with a nice lady who said she would bring them to where they would be staying. Rosie and Jack clung tightly to their teddy bear and their sister on their way to a new, uncharted, motherless life. Adrianne, would be forever stained with the mark of telling her mother the opposite of her real feelings.


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