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If you comment, I would like you to tell me EVERYTHING concerning the main character.

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So you don't believe I'm innocent huh? Well let me tell you my version of the story, I do not hate or have hated anyone, yes, I did think that Peavy was indeed mad as hell. I mean in our high school at least, he wasn't thought of ,that way, instead he was the friend of everyone. You know those people that everbody just likes? how they dress, how they look, how perfectly they stand up, how perfectly they stand out from the crowd?. This was him, but oh...I knew his secret. Do not think this is an act of jealousy...my brain can remember everything just like it happened.

Helena Morgan was known to be the one true lasting love of this monster I am talking to you about. She was beautiful...when I remeber I can see again.. her long, volumed set of red hair, with those green, penetrating, mysterious and mischevious eyes. He was known to never spend more time with someone than with this girl, and even though he didn't have any problems getting invited to a lot of places and parties, this guy would never show up...not even if Helena was there.

From the very first day he got in my history class, I did not stop studying him, I could see how he would stare at other girls, not in the "I like you" kind of way, but in a creepy, obssesive, mad sort of way. How did no one ever notice his strange behavior...I do not know, the only thing that is really clear to me, is how mad, psychotic and strange this guy was. Four months passed since he got in my class, and I can remember exactly what I felt when I woke up that saturday morning. It was raining, and as I stood up, I turned to my window just to see who was standing right across the street. There was a hooded man staring right at my eyes across the street, I stood there for many minutes, and neither one of us moved a muscle. My blood ran cold, and after I suddenly got a massive migraine, as if someone had just hit my head with a baseball bat. This painless feeling I had, had been exactly felt in my head two days ago...this was the third day I had this pain-in-the-ass migraine...then I thought what could be the cause of this horrible pain. This thursday we had chemistry class, and no he was not enrolled in my chemistry class. But I do not know why he just into through the lab , exactly 3 minutes before the class began.

He sat Ruby's table, another one of his victims I presume...but then the professor came in and as I tried to pay attention at his instructions for that day, I couldn't concentrate. I felt this cold, breathtaking feeling that someone was watching right over my head. I turned and saw Peavy and he was staring right into my pupils, I looked away trying to pretend that wasn't awkward, but after a while of not being able to hear the teacher, I gave a quick glance at his table again...He was still staring at me, like he stared at those girls, like if I was a peice of meat. And then the teacher said my name, I answered after a few seconds with a polite "Yes, sir?". -"You will be working with Ruby's team today" he said turning at me and then at the table where this psycho was sitted. I wanted to ask if Peavy had just enrolled in this class, but when I looked at him again...I could not move my mouth nor say anything. I was too intimidated by this guy's look.

So I went and sat between him and Ruby, which was the only space left at the round lab table. From the beggining to the end of my journey to his table he did not lay his eyes off of me. I felt stalked as fuck. Then Ruby handed me a pair of gogles.

After half an hour, I started coughing. And Peavy gave me a tap on my back and he said -"You ok there?". I turned to him, he was giving me a gentle but still creepy smile, -"Yeah thanks", I muttered as I turned to my exercise book. Then...I got that massive migraine again, the one I just told you about, I felt shivers taking a grip of my body and I did not want to stretch or do any movements that required moving my head somewhere else, I still felt his penetrating look upon me. I stayed this way for another half hour, no movements were executed, no words were spoken...only stress was holding.

So two days later as I just said, there was a man right across the street. We were staring at each other without blinking...then the garbage truck passed, and then there was no sign of this hooded man, at least not visible to me. I didn't have any migraines for the whole day after that. And the next day there was a party at the beach that everyone at my high school was going to. My friends insisted on me going, and I said sure. The only thing that could've stopped me was knowing that Peavy was gonna be there, but since I never see him at any social event...I didn't worry at all.

One of my friends pointed out (without me asking for the obvious reason I didn't give a shit) that Helena was gonna be there, then I considered the possibility that this madman would show up. I started sweating like I've never done before, my friend's talking was now background, as if he was talking on the other side of a really thick window glass. A drop of sweat ran through my forehead and ended up falling at my nose. -"Will you come?" said my friend. "Come on man!, I need your help so I can get with her!", he said excitedly as I ran my fingers through my hair. "You don't need me to help you get laid, you're 19 years old for fuck's sake." I said it a bit roughly because I really did not pay any attention nor did I want to, to what he was saying. - "Whatever man...Fuck you, asshole". He said pushing me, then I just turned and walked away.

I woke up the next day, I did not feel anything strange. The sun was up, the sky was as clear as I've ever seen it before. It seemed like the perfect day to go to the beach, the day passed normally as if it was any other day. But...we both know detective that it wasn't the case, was it?

When it was exactly 6:00 pm, I fell in a deep deep sleep, I did not dream of anything. Believe me, if I had dreamt something I would have told you the dream as precisely and catiously as I am telling you this right now. I woke up and it was 7:30pm. I cursed in my room and my mom yelled not to curse. "Shut up you little dipshit!". I said nothing in return, instead I grabbed my swimming suit and a towel and headed downstairs to my car. I opened the door and I saw a necklace, a necklace that had white teeth hanged around it. It was a golden chain with teeth!. I freaked out. I threw it away, closed the door and decided I would walk to the beach, it was still pretty bright so I did not hesitate and started walking. I got to the beach and as I joined my friends around the fire, for my good luck..Peavy was not near the premises, but to my surprise, neither was Helena.

Not giving it too much thought, I joined my friends around the fire they had started to burn marshmellows and eat smores. I opened my backpack where I had packed some cinnamon cookies and my towel. Everyone was almost just under a dock that made its way across the whole beach in a perpendicular way. Pay close attention to what I'm about to say. I took my towel out and laid on top of it on the cold sand. I fell again under a deep sleep...everything I saw was pitch black. Then I woke up about 3 hours later and didn't hear anyone nor saw anyone. It was way dark by then...and I noticed a bundle right next to where the fire was burning bright. I walked up to the bundle and saw it was a plastic bag with something really fat inside. I tore up the bag and found Peavy's and Helena's heads!! Jajaja, not knowing who had done it, I was really pleased I don't know why, just to see that demented monster's head cut off. For Helena I felt nothing, for the right reason of being the love of whom I truly fear. I smiled...then the doubt of whether someone else had seen them got into my mind. Appearently everyone else had left an hour after I fell asleep. And since I was under the dock no one saw me. I put the plastic bag in my backpack and headed home. When I got to my room I opened the backpack to examine better the heads, both were toothless...my blood ran cold again, I had the same feeling I had had when I was looking down to the hooded man on the street. I went the next day to school, woke up just as if nothing had happened. Got to school and everyone was normal, got to my history class and the teacher was checking the class list, right after he said my name and I answered "here!". I got really dizzy...and my sight grew dim and again the classroom noise became a background noise as if it was far away. Then I heard the teacher asking for Peavy. -"Has anyone seen Peavy?". No one answered, "Poor boy with all the classes he has he must have fallen asleep, he's gonna lose his mind". -"Yeah professor he probably just lost his head" I said with a smile. The teacher looked to me with a look that was letting me know he was feeling an extreme horror.

I blinked slowly as I fell to my desk because I was getting again that dizziness. I woke up and class had ended. I went to my locker and took some books out, being enough lazy I didn't put them in my schoolbag. I just carried them.

So I went home and never knew who the killer was, oh and I through the heads to the sea so no one suspected I did it and lock me up...

JAJAJAJAJAJAJA ok you have that look on your face like man do not bullshit me!. But oh ok detective, you play well. YES I DID IT!!! I ACCEPT THE DEED. And because you now expect me to be cynical, I will be, just for your pleasure detective. I will tell you exactly how I did it.

First I went to those fools' houses, first I kidnapped Helena, oh and I saved best for last. I took that bitch to that skinny wanker's house!, He lived by himself so it was easier for me to do it. I put them both in his basement, oh as you know my father is the town's sheriff, so yeah I borrowed his gun...just for that day...

I got them both with me pointing a fully loaded police gun at them, they did as I said. I got her to brake her arm..all by herself, and then I shot her in both legs so that she would scream..and since I told you I'm gonna be cynical like you expect me to be. I loved it when she screamed, it got my adrenaline flowing just by knowing that her rather horrid scream was no use to her. That basement was at least 10 ft underground. I was enjoying myself I'm not gonna lie, then as he cried "Please don't!", I just shot him in both legs as well. Then I pulled out a kitchen knife and just to enjoy this more...I cut their heads, slowly and gentile, it almost looked like ham, the so perfectly way I sliced it off......

-"What did you do with the bodies?!!!!". said the detective..

-"I don't think I will be telling you that any time soon detective."

As the guards came in they took Alvin out of there, handcuffed. The detective got out as well just after he guards walked out with Alvin. "What'd ya' get?" said the detective's partner. "He did it, but..why did he just tell me out of nowhere?". said the detective as he sipped his cup of coffee. "Fucking cooked-out teens man, what'd ya' expect?". "Guess so, I mean by his attitude and the fire that blazed in his eyes while he told me everything. Just got my body shivering. I'm gonna have to send him to the Alvordton Psychiatric Center". -"Do what ya' gotta do man".

They walked out and peavy's and helen's parents were waiting in the main hall, to speak with the detectives. As they go in the elevator, one of the police officer presses the Main Hall button, and they go out just to encounter the shocked, horrified, depressed parents of Peavy and Helen.

Alvin and the officers walked by them as the detectives headed differently so they could meet up with the parents. They started telling them, "Ok people, got ya' some answers...yeah he did murder your kids". Peavy's parent said while his eyes started getting wet, "But...did he say why?". "Nope, he just told us how much hatred he had towards your son, he never explained what caused this".

As they continued talking, Alvin was just about to go into another hall. When he suddenly stopped moving, holding back the police officers. He turned to the parents and yelled "Hey!!, by the way guys!...you did a great job having those kids!...They were...umm'...I don't know how to say it...Let's see...



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