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A man's final moments before his death

Submitted:Aug 24, 2009    Reads: 237    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Man's P.O.V
"Pull over there" He says.
His deep voiced makes my head pound. My heart beats even faster, in fear. I turn, to the side of the road. The place is filled with stones and dense trees. I can feel his gun at my temple.
I'm so scared.
I'm scared that I'll die.
I'm scared that I wouldn't see my wife and kids again.
The car stops and there's a silence. Somehow, I'm happy about the silence. I don't know what's gonna happen to me, but I hope my death would be quick. I don't wanna die a slow and terrible death.
"Get out of the car." He says after some precious moments of silence.
I gather my thoughts. I know my time has come. It's my time to leave this world, never to return, never to be heard of again.
I try to remember the scenery. It is raining heavily. I can hear the loud beating of the rain on the car roof. I can hear the roaring thunder and see lightning strikes in the distance.
"I said 'GET OUT OF THE CAR'" He says.
But this time he yells out at me. He sounds extremely annoyed and angry. I'm expecting him to pull the trigger, but he doesn't. I slowly take my hands off the steering wheel. They're pale, from gripping tightly in fear, on the steering wheel.
Taking a deep breath, I open the door, thinking that this breath would be my last. The door opens slowly. The wind makes the icy, rain particles, drop on me. I shiver because I'm both cold and scared.
Slowly, I remove my seat belt. The gun is then removed from my temple. I breathe a sigh of relief. But then, something jabs my temple again.
It's him. He got out of the car swiftly; now, he had his gun at my temple again.
"Get out NOW" He yells again.
I obediently climb out, now glad, I had taken my time before.
I picture what's gonna happen to me, in the next few seconds.
I'd be dying of a cold, then, there would be a loud bang, something would hit me, and I'd fall to the ground dead.
I don't know what he's gonna do with my body. Maybe he's dug a grave deep in the ground just for me.
He pushes me roughly in front of him. This time, he moves his gun, from my temple, to the back of my neck. It seems he jabbed it really hard on my neck, because it really hurts.
"Walk three steps forward."He says.
I hesitate for an instant. But I can't escape my destiny. I'm meant to die today. I can't change the future. I'm not some sort of Magician.
"Walk three steps forward!" He yells again.
I force my feet to move off the ground. Three steps
I walk three steps. I take a deep breath in. I'm so cold. I cross my arms on my chest.
I hear a loud cracking sound in the air. I close my eyes. Something hits my back. My knees buckle and I land on the ground. I'm dead. Yes I'm dead.
Gone. . . Gone . . . Gone . . . Gone forever.
I would never see my two year old daughter and my three year old son again. I would never be with my wife again. I wouldn't be with her when she grows old. I wouldn't see my two children grow up to be adults.
I lay on the cold ground that night, not moving. My eyes closed and I began to dream a dream that would never end. That night was the 3rd of March 2003


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