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a murder from the murder's point of view. this is very grusome i myself was quite suprised at what i wrote... please don't read if you're easily grossed out.

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Stranger in me...
"I sit here on the floor, soaked with your blood deep red and warm; a small tinge of life held within them. I look at you lying upside down, your eyes wide open. They were once deep blue, but now, they're transparent; white; lifeless."
Darkness had already started to stretch across the light blue sky, turning the clouds from pure white to darkness. As I drove my car along the stretch of highway, my fingers drumming on the staring wheel, I couldn't help but smile at the little surprise I had for you tonight. Something you'd never forget. I rang my forefinger along the knife lain on the passenger seat. The metal cooled my skin and sent shivers down my spine as I thought of the instant chill you'd feel as it'd come with contact with your skin... so warm.... so smooth. I smiled as I imagined your warm blood melting the coolness of the metal away slowly, feeding its hunger for warmth as your life source seeped out of your body and slowly drip to the ground.
Drip... drip... drip...
A drop of blood would fall and expand as it'd come in contact with the tiles on the floor.
I stopped the car in front of your house. No one noticed when I came. Your neighbours were out. I was sure of that. I ran my fingers through my hair and put on my lipstick. A girl has to look good for her kill. They say revenge is sweet; but it has never been this sweet...
I put the knife in my bag and walked up to your front porch. I stood outside for a while, just standing there not thinking much. I knew what I had to do. Enter... kill... leave. That was all I came here to do; and I was not going to back away.
I pressed the door bell softly and waited. I didn't press it vigorously over and over again like some people would do. I took my time. A girl always takes her time. You opened the door a minute later. I counted.
You smiled and hugged me. You felt so humid as if you just came out from the shower. Your cheeks were flushed and your breath smelt of tooth paste. You had straightened your black hair and had sapphire earrings on.
You invited me in. You invited your killer into your own house... and you didn't even know it. I followed behind you studying each detail of your house. It was small, homely ... comfortable. It was simple; not too extravagant.
You told me to wait while you rushed upstairs to get your bag. I waited until you were halfway across the stairs. I took the knife from my bag and removed my stilettos and followed you. Of course you didn't hear me. I was silent... just like death.
You were in your bedroom, twirling around like a ballerina, your hair swaying like an umbrella in the wind. I opened your room door and entered. You didn't notice. I took a step and it was then you noticed. You were too late. I had already delivered my first blow. I stabbed your stomach. You gasped maybe in shock or in pain. I didn't know and I didn't care. I watched the blood spill out of you like a fountain. It just burst out like a river bursting its banks and fell to the floor. I pulled the knife out of you and stabbed you again and again and again.
Funny thing is you didn't even try to stop me. You were too naive. When I was done, I stabbed your right eye. I plunged the knife in there to get rid of your glassy stare. A mixture of blood and other liquid came out of it. I didn't do anything with your left eye. It was too pretty to be damaged.
I picked you up, blood soaked and all, and placed you on the bed. It was then I slit your throat. It was a clean cut. The knife moved quickly and easily across your throat. I knew you were dead but what fun would it be leaving you looking pretty in death.
I ripped your clothes open and cut a zig zag line across your torso. You were still quite warm, but you were dead. I could feel the warmth seeping out of your body little by little.
I split you apart and it was quite fun. Some of your blood splattered across my face. I licked it. It tasted nice, just like weak vinegar. I broke your chest apart and rummaged inside you for your heart.
I breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled it out of your body. It had stopped breathing. I marvelled at it. It was bigger than a pig's heart but was dark red and had lots of meat within it.
I licked my lips and brought the heart closer to my mouth. It smelt of life. It smelt like you. I took a bite from it and gulped it down. It was warm and succulent like rare steak. My eyes closed as it went down my throat and into the pits of my stomach. I wanted to laugh. Once the heart gave you life and now I was eating away the source of life.
I devoured your heart like a wild animal.
When I was done, I went to your bathroom and turned on the tap. I was preparing a bath for you. I felt the water's temperature. It was just perfect. I added some soap into the tub. It smelt of roses and lavender. A great combination.
When your bath was ready, I dragged you from your room, across the hallway and into the bathroom. I then picked you up and threw you into the bath tub. I didn't turn off the tap; I left it running full speed. I also turned on all the other water taps upstairs before moving downstairs. I turned on the kitchen, laundry and toilet taps.
By the time they'd find your body, you'd be drowned in water... like a mermaid, so calm and peaceful but without a tail.
I washed my arms and face before grabbing my bag and heading out the front door. I made sure I scrubbed the knife and place it in your cupboard before leaving.
As I drove away, I looked back. I did well. I won. You lost. You lost the freaking game.


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