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Will John MCCain Win the Nomination?

Short story By: USGlen
Mystery and crime

Will A Presidential Candidate from Arizona make it?

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It has become to my attention in the past few days of reading about Senator John McCain in the local news that he might not make it if nominated and elected. He has aides campaign for him that are both socially and psychologically impaired campaign for him. He should be more concerned with the National Issues such as Health Care Reform, Immigration Policy and Management of the Constitution with the changing of the laws. He also should if elected administer the legal policy of the US not legislate it.

����������� The President when in office sets Policy for the country. He does not legislate or make laws. He is responsible for the Executive Branch and must see that the American System of Checks and Balances are maintained. Has John McCain got any education other being in the Marine Corps as I think as an Enlisted Troop? What about his personal appearance? What is his status Cardiologically? How did he do on his last annual Physical?

����������� Do the American People know there are two candidates nominated and several other s running from the other parties that keep creeping up that these people must sign an exclusive Protective Agreement signed by between them and the Director of the United States Secret Service? This is done several days before the candidates actively start campaigning for the election. Also months before agents start looking into the peresn finances, life history and many other facets of hs life. This as passed into law by George W. Bush has been amended to include all dependents under sixteen, Diplomats, Vice -President, President, Members of the Presidents Cabinet and the Retired Presidents.

����������� Senator Mc Cain instead of campaigning in trucks with the Marine Corps flag and the United States Flags flying on either side of wooden sidings on a run down old beat truck with a picture of nobody on it should be trying to reach the broader base of American Society. Senator McCain before he goes any further should have his emotional stability checked out. Senator McCain this writer feels should think and present the issues of the American People at large not the people such as the Veteran's Groups of America. This is all right with some limitations because most Veteran's not this Veteran are taken care of and cared for by the US. Department of Veteran's Affairs who's Secretary sits on the President's Cabinet. This Veteran receives Monetary Benefits from the VA only because he couldn't get a job. This Cabinet Secretary runs the Department and also follows the Policy and Guidelines as discussed with the President in Executive Session..

Also Senator McCain before nomination I believe is responsible to the Federal Elections Commission as to how he spends the funds he is granted under law. Senator McCain must know that he must place all of his Assets real, personal and unrelated in Trust of the U.S. Treasury until he is nominated, not elected, Elected or leaves Office upon expiration of his Term of Office. Said assets that are I think depreciable are not returned and all assets are returned upon termination of contract or expiration of his Term. All monies he earns if elected are disbursed to him after Expiration of his Term of Office.. The President enjoys the Benefits such as these under his Protection Agreement with the Secret Service.

Senator McCain should further realize that the Press under their granted Power of Freedom of Press that the Press must know and tell the American People what the President does and says. All Communications of this type come from the White House Press Office or the Communications Director.

Further more Senator McCain should also realize if he is elected would be responsible for the Country under the Constitution and is held accountable for his actions under the U.S. Constitution as he says on Inaugural Day as he ends the Oath of Office___________ "So help me God."

Writer's Qualifications: This writer has been involved in the Research of Issues pertaining to the American People for a long time both legally, judicially and enforcement wise. He has written over 26 Essays on the Internet that cover the sum of the issues elementarily. He is a Vietnam Era Veteran and a Writer and Digital Photographer by trade. He likes to Read,, Research, visit places and get out among Society.


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