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Country: United States
Favorite book: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Member Since: Oct 7, 2013

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The End Of It All

Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Jan 14, 2014
Nick Franchot was an ordinary, young man in his twentieth...



Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Oct 19, 2013
A new grand city, so admired for its beauty and enormity...

Writing Portfolio

The End Of It All

Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Jan 14, 2014
Nick Franchot was an ordinary, young man in his twentieth...

She was a True Hero

Poem by Naturelover780
Posted: Dec 22, 2013
This is a tribute for my great-grandmother, for all her...

December Short Story Contest

Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Dec 19, 2013
This is a short story contest :) for those who are...


Poem by Naturelover780
Posted: Dec 2, 2013
This is a poem for Criss Sole, who had made her way...


Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Oct 19, 2013
A new grand city, so admired for its beauty and enormity...


SOFTDREAMER7 for winning the first place in my "December Short Story contest"!

Read her stories they are AWESOME!!! :D

Alex The shadow girl for winning second place in my contest!

Read her stories they are FABULOUS!!! XD

FunWriting for winning third place in my contest!!

Read her stories, they are GREAT!!! :D


My news and updates for January 2014:


*) My birthday!! XD I'm 13 now!!!


*) If you're wondering why I'm a bit "inactive" on booksie these days, check out my busy level.


*) MILLER is not featured on the homepage anymore :( NOOO!!!


*) Hello, all of you who had known my new account: FaithfulDove780. I can now access to this account thanks to booksie support. It seemed to be some technical problems that I can't log in to this account before. For those of you who are a fan of FaithfulDove780, please unfan that new account because I can't log in to that anymore, and it won't matter because I can now log in to this one. And I will continue to write like normal. Thanks!!! :)


*) I'm writing on 3 novels at once...also thinking about their brain is overheating! :(


*) I am very sorry to say this, but my sci-fi novel, "Pentagon: First Light has been deleted because I am afraid that someone would hack my account and take that story of mine. So I will be posting it on other sites :)


About me:

*) Howdy! My name is Adeline.

*) I am a twelve year old girl, turning thirteen on 16 March, 2014.

*) I loved writing and it has been my passion since I was six years old.

*) The true fact of why I dreamed to become an author, starts when my parents bought me the classic book, "Black Beauty". It's still one of my favorite books today :)

*) I loved nature! :D

*) And I loved sci-fi :) (Post-apocalyptic theme is my favorite)

*) I DON'T do erotica and all those stuffs

*) The things I enjoy besides writing are drawing, playing piano, reading, or talking with my dad!!! XD

~And that's all what you need to know about me :) ~

My Novels! :D

(click on the covers, please) :D

Miller  (Not completed)

(first posted on October 19, 2013)

(Genre: Thriller, science, mystery)

(2,530+ reads, 330+ comments, 105+ likes!! ^^ )

A new grand city, so admired for its beauty and enormity that it was destined to replace New York: Miller, North Carolina. But something tragic happened, that made this enormous, wonderful city, into an isolated, restricted one.

Will they unlock the shocking truth? Or will it likely be a mystery forever?

Who would be the last one standing?

The End Of It All  (Not Completed)

(First posted on January 14, 2014)

(Genre: Historical Fiction)

Nick Franchot was an ordinary, young man in his twenty-years of existence in the 18th century. And that was what he thought. But there's something dark, maybe even sinister inside him, a side of him that he didn't know, a memory that he had chose to forget. Could his dark side took over and destroy him completely? Or would it transform him into a dangerous weapon that could bring destruction to earth? Could he be the bane of earth and be the end of it all?

This is a part of history you don't know.


My writings:

*) "MILLER" is my first novel on booksie. The idea for this just popped up to me one night in a strange dream. And that's the story you saw on the main page of booksie on year 2013 :D

*) "Pentagon: First Light" is my second novel. It's sci-fi and set on post-apocalyptic time. But I deleted it due to fear of hacking XD

*) "Shattered" is my poem fully dedicated for the brave heroine, Criss Sole. She deserved it, and please read her amazing story, "The Things he Shattered".

*) "The End Of It All" is my latest novel. It's set in the 18th century. It's for Rabbitlynn's contest, btw :p

~And that's all you need to know about my writings! :D ~

*) Busy Level : INSANE

So much school projects for this week . . . I'm sorry if I haven't replied to KMU requests for my novels. I will try to get to them as soon as I can :) When school is out!!!


Reading Requests:


I'm too busy for reading requests, so if you send me one, I will not read it.  About the ones I've asked to KMU, I'm sorry I won't be able to read them for a moment. Until weekend, I will read them. Don't worry! :)



List of people I like on booksie:






Jonathan DeLacuso

Criss Sole / Crissole (she had two accounts)

Cecilia Blake

Angie Blake

Mischa Preston


Thanks for reading my profile!!! :D

© All writings and gifs are copyright of Naturelover780. All rights reserved.

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