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Country: United States
Favorite book: Various :)
Member Since: Oct 7, 2013

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The End Of It All (Worlds)

Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Jan 14, 2014
Nick Franchot was an ordinary, young man in his twentieth...



Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Oct 19, 2013
A new grand city, so admired for its beauty and enormity...

Writing Portfolio

Memories of Gray

Short Story by Naturelover780
Posted: Jul 23, 2014
A girl's thought on life.

The End Of It All (Worlds)

Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Jan 14, 2014
Nick Franchot was an ordinary, young man in his twentieth...

She was a True Hero

Poem by Naturelover780
Posted: Dec 22, 2013
This is a tribute for my great-grandmother, for all her...

December Short Story Contest

Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Dec 19, 2013
This is a short story contest :) for those who are...


Poem by Naturelover780
Posted: Dec 2, 2013
This is a poem for Criss Sole, who had made her way...


Novel by Naturelover780
Posted: Oct 19, 2013
A new grand city, so admired for its beauty and enormity...



My news and updates for January 2014:


*) I changed the title of my novel, to "Worlds"!


*) MILLER is not featured on the homepage anymore :( NOOO!!!


*) Hello, all of you who had known my new account: FaithfulDove780. I can now access to this account thanks to booksie support. It seemed to be some technical problems that I can't log in to this account before. For those of you who are a fan of FaithfulDove780, please unfan that new account because I can't log in to that anymore, and it won't matter because I can now log in to this one. And I will continue to write like normal. Thanks!!! :)


*) I'm writing on 3 novels at once...also thinking about their brain is overheating! :(


*) I am very sorry to say this, but my sci-fi novel, "Pentagon: First Light has been deleted because I am afraid that someone would hack my account and take that story of mine. So I will be posting it on other sites :)


About me:

*) Howdy! My name is Adeline.

*) I am a twelve year old girl, turning thirteen on 16 March, 2014.

*) I loved writing and it has been my passion since I was six years old.

*) The true fact of why I dreamed to become an author, starts when my parents bought me the classic book, "Black Beauty". It's still one of my favorite books today :)

*) I loved nature! :D

*) And I loved sci-fi :) (Post-apocalyptic theme is my favorite)

*) I DON'T do erotica and all those stuffs

*) The things I enjoy besides writing are drawing, playing piano, reading, or talking with my dad!!! XD

~And that's all what you need to know about me :) ~

My Novels! :D

(click on the covers, please) :D

Miller  (Not completed)

(first posted on October 19, 2013)

(Genre: Thriller, science, mystery)

(2,530+ reads, 330+ comments, 105+ likes!! ^^ )

A new grand city, so admired for its beauty and enormity that it was destined to replace New York: Miller, North Carolina. But something tragic happened, that made this enormous, wonderful city, into an isolated, restricted one.

Will they unlock the shocking truth? Or will it likely be a mystery forever?

Who would be the last one standing?

Worlds  (Not Completed)

(First posted on January 14, 2014)

(Genre: Historical Fiction with a mix of sci-fi and fantasy)

Nick Franchot was an ordinary, young man in his twenty-years of existence in the 18th century. And that was what he thought. But there's something dark, maybe even sinister inside him, a side of him that he didn't know, a memory that he had chose to forget. Could his dark side took over and destroy him completely? Or would it transform him into a dangerous weapon that could bring destruction to earth? Could he be the bane of earth and be the end of it all?

This is a part of history you don't know.


Memories of Gray (Short Story)

(Posted on July 24, 2014)

(Genre: Philosophy, Metaphysical, Time, Reality)

My first ever philosophical composition. A girl's thought on life, what surrounds it, and time being irrelevant.


My writings:

*) "MILLER" is my first novel on booksie. The idea for this just popped up to me one night in a strange dream. And that's the story you saw on the main page of booksie on year 2013 :D

*) "Pentagon: First Light" is my second novel. It's sci-fi and set on post-apocalyptic time. But I deleted it due to fear of hacking XD

*) "Shattered" is my poem fully dedicated for the brave heroine, Criss Sole. She deserved it, and please read her amazing story, "The Things he Shattered".

*) "The End Of It All" is my latest novel. It's set in the 18th century. It's for Rabbitlynn's contest, btw :p

~And that's all you need to know about my writings! :D ~

*) Busy Level :INSANE

Infinite projects, assignments, and homeworks from school . . . I'm sorry if I haven't replied to KMU requests for my novels. I will try to get to them as soon as I can :) When school is out!!!


Reading Requests:


I'm too busy for reading requests, so if you send me one, I will not read it.  About the ones I've asked to KMU, I'm sorry I won't be able to read them for a moment. Until weekend, I will read them. Don't worry! :)



List of people I like on booksie:






Jonathan DeLacuso

Criss Sole / Crissole (she had two accounts)

Cecilia Blake

Angie Blake

Mischa Preston


Thanks for reading my profile!!! :D

© All writings and gifs are copyright of Naturelover780. All rights reserved.

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