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Defining A Friend

By: awaneesh1strivingbard

Page 1, friends are a necessity in life, we need them to walk through the thorns and roses of life. They are the ones we turn to when we need support.They are the ones who bring a smile on our face and make our day. but who is a true friend? what do we look for in person for him/her to our friend?? true friendship is paradise on earth but its hard to find it...

Not just the force of the Indian Festivals have tortured my humble little brain, other practises and unquestionable facts too, have contributed too it. One question that shooks my legs in boots is ‘What is friendship’ another hard hitting question is ‘Who are friends?’. Well! I might sound philosophical and appear to be a man with feelings and emotion. So be it. Now you tell me if it really is complex or I have made it so.A friend has been defined by various people in numerous ways. Everyone has his/her own set of requirements for someone to be his or her friend. One’s requirement may be the other’s reason for hatred. Conflicting choices aren’t they? Now this focuses a torch light on the fact that one person can’t be everyone’s friend because somewhere, someone is even ready to knock him down for who and what he is. This conclusion scares the spirit of brotherhood and peace i.e. ‘Love all and Hate none.’ Does that mean that the very existence of the concept of friendship is like signing a nuclear deal with Pakistan? {It may give you something but will take everything}. Let’s forget Pakistan, and recollect Facebook and then go deeper into your account to that never ending ‘Pachang’ like your friends list. Leave yours, let’s talk about mine. I’ve got around 200 friends in that list and I would be lying if I say I know all of them because I know only 40-50 out of them. So, how can they be my friends when I don’t even know them? This means that you don’t need to know someone for being your friend but if you don’t know them, how can you have a feeling of affection for them? It’s getting kind of messed up but no problem I’m gonna make it worse. Now answer this ‘Do you know your neighbour’s name? His profession or something about his family? Of course you do. But, does that make him your friend irrespective of age? Now this fact from daily life experience proclaims that just knowing someone doesn’t make him/her your friend. Something else is necessary. Ok! Now consider one last case. Friend has got a plural i.e. friends and so when you share a secret {i.e. something that is not to be shared} with a friend, actually you are sharing it with ‘friends’ {not necessarily yours, they might be your friend’s friend’s friend}.Well, that’s enough to get you thinking about who is actually a friend of yours? But I’m not just a man with troubled head full of questions. I’ve got answers too. The truth in today’s world where competition has found a place in every field, friendship can’t survive. What can survive is a fake show of it. You might call someone your friend with all hard feelings for him buried deep inside you . I switched to answering but Hey! I’ve raised another question ‘Can competitors be friends?’. You might say yes but it isn’t easy. Think about it.True friendship is synonymous to love and affection. It’s about beautiful co-existence. Friendship doesn’t see age, gender or class, it’s unbiased. It doesn’t demand anything and takes no revenge. It’s like heaven on Earth that is pure and gives strength to a person by making his life important to someone. As a corollary a friend is someone whom you can trust and turn to in stress and strife. He/she is that one person who becomes a part of your prayers and has a privileged position in your heart and mind.Calling anyone your friend is just mockery of friendship according to me as how I describe friendship doesn’t make a classmate, neighbour or anyone else your friend until the conditions of the unwritten constitution of friendship are fulfilled. Yet again I find myself scratching my head pondering who is my friend and finally get an answer which gets me laid open to ridicule that is “God! I often sink in deep trouble while filling the column of a slam book asking ‘Your friend is …………….’ I’ve tried so high to get a final verdict on friend but haven’t succeeded.” So, will you help me, my friend!!!!!!! J

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