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Saving Little Tom

Article By: Chrysta

How I saved a cat's life.

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This summer I had an unexpected surprise that I will never forget. It was the middle of July when I walked outside to the back of my house and heard a cat meowing. It was the neighbor's cat that I had begun calling Daisy. Daisy meowed and led me to the back step. When I looked down I saw a little face peeking out at me. Daisy was only a year old or so and I had never suspected that she had kittens at her age. There was one kitten behind the fencing that was black and white just like Daisy, and she was pawing at the fence for her kitten.
I ran into the house and called for my mom and told her about the kitten. She came out and told me to open the fence and see if the kitten would come out by himself. Daisy would go back and out from beneath the house and call for her kitten but he was too afraid to come out. After awhile I decided to try to help the kitten. When I reached in he hissed at me and backed away, and I realized that he hadn't come out because he was so weak he could barely stand. So I carefully picked him up even though he was kicking and scratching, and got him out. Daisy went nuts when he came out and started licking him and looking him over.
The little kitten was dirty and thin, and only a few weeks old. Daisy must have had him under the house and had been unable to get back under and take care of him. Soon he was nursing and purring with his mother. I couldn't believe how much Daisy cared for her kitten and tried her best to make him feel better. At first he would only drink his mothers milk and would hiss and hide every time somebody came near him. The kitten wouldn't even drink out of a bowl because he was so frightened. As the weeks went by the kitten got bigger and stronger. Now when we came outside he would attack our ankles and wouldn't let us pet him still.
After awhile I decided to call him Little Tom. He began eating cat food covered in milk piece by piece and would sit patiently to be petted even though he didn't like it very much. Daisy and Little Tom stayed on our back step for almost a month because Daisy refused to leave Little Tom. Soon he was playing with pieces of grass and his mother's tail and even following her on short little trips around the house. Little Tom ate more and more and became stronger each day. One day Little Tom went missing. It was the middle of the night when we heard our dog Smokey barking non-stop at something. My dad got annoyed and went outside in his pajamas to see what was going on. He looked towards where the dog was barking and saw Little Tom hiding in the weeds. He picked him up and returned him to his regular spot and went to bed.
The next day we noticed that Little Tom was sleeping an awful lot and I went out to check on him. Little Tom was okay except for some burrs in his fur and he was panting in the heat. I gave him some cool water and he seemed to be fine. A couple days later I was petting Little Tom and I noticed a funny mark on his neck. It appeared that he had been bitten by something but there was only one hole so we ruled out that a dog had bit him because there was only one tiny hole. When I looked closer I saw movement in the hole and freaked out. It looked like there was some kind of bug burrowing into his neck! We researched to figure out what was going on but couldn't find anything about removing bugs from a cat. My mom figured that maybe we could force the bug out somehow. She tried pulling it out with a pair of tweezers but that just made it go in deeper. We poured alcohol on it to make it sleepy but instead it got too sleepy and hid away deeper and fell asleep. We decided to wait and see if it would come out tomorrow. We continued to clean the hole and try to get the bug out for the next week and all it did was get worse. One day I went out to check on Little Tom and noticed that he smelled really nasty. When I looked at his neck it was full of pus and bloody. I reached for it and gave it a tiny squeeze. All of the sudden something plopped out and I looked to see what it was. It was a big grub and appeared to be some kind of Larva. I waited for my mom to come out so she could see then I squished it for hurting my kitty. We cleaned it and it began healing. When my mom told my grandma she said it was a Bot Fly. These flies lay their eggs in horses and all kinds of animals so they can get nourishment and hatch. Well, I was disgusted. Little Tom is much better now and his neck is all healed. He loves to be petted and he eats like a pig. His mother still takes care of him and they have become our pets. My experience with Little Tom makes him a special cat. Knowing that I saved his life twice makes me happy and love him even more.


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