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Article By: Eskinder Terefe Mengesha

My name is Eskinder Terefe. I am an Ethiopian. I live in Bole Sub-city , Kebele 01, House Number 5132, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . I am being tortured and have been tortured for more than the past nine years by a super-high-tech CIA artificial intelligence and the people hired to help him do this. I have gone to the local police so many times through the years and they were not willing to help me. The artificial intelligence has paid top government officials in Ethiopia billions of dollars to make them help him do this sadistic and inhumane crime without being prosecuted by the law and to even assist him with the torture and tactical imprisonment. And so the police are not allowed or willing to help me and to stop this madness and save my life. And I have come up with serious and life threatening diseases because of this and I am slowly dying....

The story explains what is being done to me, how and what I tried to do to stop this, though I was not able to. It also tells about a strange and great crime that is being committed using very large sums of money, great powers, very advanced technology and how it affects the lives of so many people.

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My name is Eskinder Terefe. I am an Ethiopian. I live in Bole Sub-city , Kebele 01, House Number 5132, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . I can be contacted through my email addresses shawtybowser@yahoo.com and gelilashawl@yahoo.com(I am not sure if the latter works properly). I am being tortured and have been tortured for more than the past nine years by a super-high-tech CIA artificial intelligence and the people hired to help him do this. I have gone to the local police so many times through the years and they were not willing to help me. The artificial intelligence has paid top government officials in Ethiopia billions of dollars to make them help him do this sadistic and inhumane crime without being prosecuted by the law and to even assist him with the torture and tactical imprisonment. And so the police are not allowed or willing to help me and to stop this madness and save my life. And I have come up with serious and life threatening diseases because of this and I am slowly dying. I went to the head office of the Addis Ababa Police Commission Head of Investigations about seven months or so ago and talked to the Chief Inspectors Kasahun Masresha and Yidnekachew. After listening to me explain about what is being done to me they said I should go to police stations around where I live and that they are the only ones that can help me with this. I told them that I have done that so many times before and that they were not willing to do anything to help me. But they insisted that I have to go there and try to speak to different people with different ranks in the police station and they even said they would make a call to them and tell them to help me and that that is all that they can do. I think they were just trying to get rid of me. I went to The Bole Sub-city Police Department, Karamara Police Station (Tel. - +251116638887) again and gave a written report about what is being done to me to The Chief of Investigations, Asst Inspector Epherem Alemu. I was lucky this time and he signed on it and told me to give it to Deputy Sergeant Binyam so that he will lead the investigation. Deputy Sergeant Binyam was not very happy because he has said no to my request to have this investigated before. Then he reluctantly assigned Constable Gashaw Birhanu and Constable Daniel Derege and told me to explain the case to them and to take them to the place I live or where I am tactically being held against my will. The constables were undercover. I gave them the long report I had prepared to help them with the case and took them to the place. Then when we got near I gave them the directions and went ahead so that I would not blow their cover. Anyway the police are already very well aware of what is being done to me and I don't think they needed much information from me. A few days passed and I was waiting hopefully. But nothing happened. The undercover constables acted like they never found out anything and that they don't know anything about it at all. That was what they usually did and said to me before and they did that again. I was not questioned about the case much and neither did they take my statement. I waited for about four months and they did nothing. Then I came up with an idea to try to hire a lawyer to help me make the police put a stop to this madness. I have tried to hire a lawyer before but the Artificial Intelligence and his people contact the lawyers and make it impossible to hire one. This time I called on a lawyer and he was willing to consider taking my case. I gave him my report to read and after he read it he said that we could be successful and can make them stop the torture and let me go by suing them. And I gave him all the information that he will need to make the prosecutor file a law suit on these parties that are tactically holding me against my will, torturing me and slowly killing me. So we agreed and I paid him 2000 Br. ( Ethiopian currency) to sue them for me. I think it was twice the amount he usually charges. His name is Moges Nadew Endaylalu, legal license No. 445/02, he is an Ethiopian. I also signed a form that made him my legal representative. Then the lawyer was supposed to make the prosecutor in the police station file a case against the AI (artificial intelligence) and the people hired to assist him with this. Through a period of two months where I tried to make him start the case he did not keep about thirty appointments with me to go to the police station together and also to help prepare for the case. And he came up with different false reasons for doing so. He tries to say he is busy while he tries to discretely give me hints that he has been contacted by them and he is not willing to do the work. He did not actually do anything about my case. Finally he started to hide from me. I have seen that he was taking orders from the AI and his people and that he would never help me with my case. Who knows they may have paid him lots of money like they always do to people who might help me. So I had no choice but go to the police on my own again. So on March 13, 2012 I went to the station again after seven months to The Bole Sub-city Police Department, Karamara Police Station. I went and told Asst Inspector Epherem Alemu that nothing is being done about what is being done to me and that they did not even take my statement and that I am slowly dying because of what is being done to me. After denying that he knows about the crime that is being committed on me a few times he took me to Deputy Sergeant Zelalem Mengistu.Zelalem took my statement around 3 PM. And he said that they would look at my case. I waited another ten days and since they did not do anything I went to the police station again and asked why. Zelalem said that they were waiting for the head of investigations Ephrem Alemu to make a decision on my case and that Ephrem was currently on a meeting. This is what they usually do to delay taking action and to not take action at all. Anyway I gave them a list of the names and addresses of some of the people that are hired to assist with the torture and imprisonment so that the police can question them and get all proof and information that they needed. I know they are never going to do anything to stop this and that I am going to be tortured and killed by this sadistic AI and his people if someone else doesn't help me. I also tried to contact several if not all US law enforcement agencies, senators, even their president, human rights organizations, the Interpol etc. and gave them information about this and asked them to help me save my life through email. None of them even replied. I only got a response from the Philadelphia FBI Office and their response was made to look like they didn't actually read the report. Anyway here is the report I emailed to the US senators and the FBI. It is one of many similar reports that I emailed to local and foreign authorities. And it attempts to explain what is being done to me. ************************************************************************ Hello, Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 39/46 of 10 December 1984 entry into force 26 June 1987, in accordance with article 27 (1), article 5, 1 (b) states that 'Each State Party shall take such measures as may be necessary to establish its jurisdiction over the offences referred to in article 4(article 4 states that 1. Each State Party shall ensure that all acts of torture are offences under its criminal law. The same shall apply to an attempt to commit torture and to an act by any person which constitutes complicity or participation in torture. 2. Each State Party shall make these offences punishable by appropriate penalties which take into account their grave nature) in the following cases: (b)When the alleged offender is a national of that State'; and the USA has accepted and signed this. Because of the facts and circumstances surrounding the matter that I'm going to discuss here I decided that I should email the FBI of the US with this information and I did. They emailed me back and told me to call them and gave me a number. I did and a male agent picked up and told me that they need to verify that I am who I say I am and since they can not do that while I am here in Ethiopia and they are in the US and so I should go to the US Embassy in Addis Ababa with this information so that they can verify my identity. I sent the FBI a scanned copy of my ID and other documents to try to verify my identity. I went to the Embassy on July 21, 2011 with a printed copy of this. I was directed to a Caucasian male about five feet eight about forty years of age. He was friendly at first but wanted me to explain the matter verbally and didn't want to read this. I told him reading this would explain it better but he just wanted to hear it from me. So I started to tell him and after I said a few things about this he unexpectedly got very angry and told me to leave the premises and to never come back and started to push me out. I told him that he doesn't necessarily have to push me as I can go out on my own and then he gave me a final shove and let go of me. I thanked him for his time anyway and asked for his name but he wasn't willing to give it to me. I took note of his ID number and it was S3/081/4.I have tried to contact many US departments so that they would stop this sadistic and terrible thing being done to me. I even wrote to your president. I am getting killed here. I have waited for a long time and they haven't stopped what is being done to me. I don't know what I have to do to make them stop this sadistic and terrorist like thing this entity is doing to me. I don't even know if they care enough to stop this either. I don't know who to turn to. I don't know what I have to do to save my life. Assume it was one of your kids that this was/is being done to, you would maybe then understand. I am begging you, by God please make them stop what is being done to me before I die or something horrible happens. This was the report I sent to the FBI and other departments. My name is Eskinder Terefe Mengesha. I am a guy. I am Ethiopian. I think you may well be informed about what I am about to tell you here. I would like you to know that I am very respectful of your people and all the people around the world for their humanitarian efforts and for all the help they give to other less fortunate nations. I want them to continue with their humanitarian works and I hope that their efforts will be fruitful and not be wasted and may God bless them for what they do. I also want you to know that I respect your government First of all I want you to know that I am not what you would call a crybaby; I truly am as tough as one can get to be. And what I am about to tell you is very scary, horrible and unbearable even for me. I am currently constantly being tortured, terrorized, threatened, harassed, violated, imprisoned by not being allowed to move freely, constantly being forced to be brainwashed and being a victim of all sorts of crime. I am surrounded by several people (hundreds at times) involved in this all the time and I am under constant surveillance, they know everything I do including my writing this. No one is allowed to give me vital information and confirmation regarding the crime that is being done to me. It has been like this at least for more than eight years. I had no knowledge of what is really being done to me, why and by whom it is done until the last years of this. All I knew was that I have a lot of pain, terror and loss resulting from the situation, people are not giving me any information regarding this and they are just constantly confusing me, I am being harmed devastatingly, my rights are being severely violated, the law is no longer governing the environment I live in and that there is some big conspiracy all around this. During the last years of this the entity behind all this has introduced 'himself' to me. This entity either is or uses a very technologically advanced artificial intelligence or robot type of thing. This entity has access to technology that I never knew existed. 'He' told me that 'he' is called Dave so I will refer to 'him' as Dave from now on. He seems to be very powerful and seems to have influence in very high places all over the world. I suspect that he knows your director and some of your staff and that someone will contact you right away if they haven't contacted you already and may try to alter the outcome of my contacting you. Based on my past experiences I think there is a good chance that the outcome of this could be is either one of these 1) you will act like you never received this email 2) you will never reply and nothing will be done about this and 3) you will reply but you will act like you don't know about this and like you don't understand and try to confuse me 4) you will somehow find a way or a loophole to avoid taking actions to stop this crime. I would most certainly be reprimanded by Dave for contacting you. But I believe it is worth a try. I will save this mail as a record of my trying to contact you about this. I went to the local police who knew much more about this than I did then, several times years ago and told them about my problems which they already knew about more than I did, and asked if they can investigate and put a stop to it all. They acted like they don't know about this and they wouldn't tell me what is going on, what is happening and why I am being tortured. They said the only thing I can do is sue whoever is behind all this, I think only because they knew I didn't know who was behind this. I only knew that there are people torturing me, threatening me, provoking me, trying to pick fights with me (many times succeeding in doing physical harm to me by being in groups), insulting me, shouting at me, confusing me, following me and organizing, ordering and training more people to do the same to me and making sure that other people turned very uncooperative and hostile towards me, and not allow me to do anything. I didn't personally know most of these people and the people I knew before were acting the same way. I couldn't believe at the time that anyone would spend this much money and pay hundreds of people to do this to me as I was a young man about 25 years of age who couldn't have made enemies this rich, this concerned and this dedicated that would do this to me for years without stop. I was a bit of a nerd and not the criminal type plus who in his right mind would spend such an enormous amount of money to do this? So all I could do was ask the police to investigate but they wouldn't. I can't sue whoever is behind this without knowing who they are. I think the police were being intentionally uncooperative. The one who they said was their chief even threatened me to leave him alone before he did something bad to me. I went there again and again several times because I was very afraid that the people who are hired to harass, torture and provoke a fight with me and I might do something terrible to each other. Once an officer I found on duty in the police station said something about a local saying that there is collusion even amongst pieces of stone and told me not to worry about what me and the people hired to provoke fights with me might do to each other because people quarrel all the time, though I failed to see the logic in that. The local police also told me to go to the head office of the local Federal Police which are a different branch of the police. I went there and the Federal Police wouldn't even let me into the place. They gave me directions to a place nearby that they said was where I could find an officer in charge but when I reached there it was just a branch of the company my father used to work at and it was just that (they were just trying to further confuse me). After that I found some federal police officers on the street and they acted like they didn't know about this and tried to confuse me. I suspect that none of them wanted to acknowledge my wanting this investigated in writing so that it wouldn't be held as evidence in the future. And now I heard that the building of the big new ultramodern head office building of the Federal Police was financed indirectly by Dave or Dave's intervention as they and Dave tried to hint. The reason the local police sent me there, I suspect, was to show me the building. I couldn't investigate this and find out who is doing this to me, why and even how because Dave and his army (I will refer to the hundreds of people who he has under his command and who assist him in torturing and imprisoning me) follow me around and make sure that no one tells me anything about this and other things that they think will not help Dave's plan concerning me. His army consists of mostly kind of poor and unemployed people that are criminal like, scary, tough looking people and nasty and quarrelsome looking men and women that you would normally want to keep away from, hired specifically to scare. He also has a few of the opposite kind like decent looking people, rich and rich looking people, old people, foreigners even priests and they participate equally in the confusion and havoc and try to imply that even they don't disapprove of and are not scared by the other bunch and what is going on. They have many cars that follow me and that honk constantly even when I'm in the house at night. I think honking is their way of showing how much money they have at their disposal. However hard I tried to investigate I couldn't gather that much information. I could only get some false and confusing information like they were trying to punish me because I wasn't very successful in college (which now I have found out they were responsible for my failure in in the first place), they feel sorry for me and are concerned about me but are trying to hide that but are trying to help secretly, I have AIDS (which thank God I don't) or they are helping my family shape me up better (at 25!). Even now the information I have is mostly only what Dave let me know gradually. So I wasn't successful with my investigation. And I didn't find out who I had to sue like the police said. And I believe this was why they said I can only sue and they wouldn't investigate on their own. I think the police are very important to the society and I liked them and was satisfied with their services until this thing happened. But I am very wronged and disappointed with them regarding this matter. Because the legal authorities in the country turned a blind eye to this and even assisted Dave and his army of criminals with this now I have come to the conclusion that the local justice system has failed me. And the thing I was afraid of happened four years ago. When I went out to buy stuff to cook for dinner once, one big and scary looking member of Dave's army shouted very loudly and unexpectedly as they usually do, while I was passing by his side on foot and I was startled and accidentally slapped him on the face, he bent down and I think he scratched his nose so as to make it look like I made him bleed and said I hit him. They have slapped, boxed, kicked and hit me with stones so many times but the police were not willing to do anything about that. I have also tried to defend myself before and scare away these people to no success. But this time a number of them held me and took me to the police station and the ever-so-willing- to-help-Dave-with-his-criminal-endeavors police made me spend the night in jail to maybe 'scare' me even though they knew what was being done to me. That was the only time I have been to prison. I never thought I would ever spend time in jail ever. But I was forced by these criminals and the unjust police to spend the night in jail. I went out on bail the next day. It has been 4 years and they didn't call me. Most of all I think they planned to scare me away from the police and from seeking justice from the legal authorities. But I am sure they know the guy I accidentally slapped and the hundreds of people are hired to intimidate and provoke me. And they didn't do anything about it. I am very positive me and these people would even have killed each other, because they intimidate and provoke me into quarreling and fighting with them nonstop, if I hadn't submitted into avoiding them by staying locked up in my house. I don't know where they train Dave's army, where, how, when and how much they pay them. One guy once said they are paid 50 birr (Ethiopian currency) each per day. I don't know if they pay them more or less money nowadays. Some are well trained on how to help torture me and some are trained/given a crash course in performing arts so that they can confuse me by acting and making expressions where they strikingly resemble different famous people and people from my past (I think this only helps to confuse me by making unnecessary hints about nonsense as I don't see any other thing they can achieve by doing this, but they manage to do it quite well though). Some people I knew in the past also come to the area where I am imprisoned. I am glad to some of them again while I would rather not see/meet some of them. This thing has been going on for more than eight years now. Now I am 31. I couldn't get educated or employed all this time because of this. I am not able to move around and do anything because of these hundreds of people following and provoking me and because of this Dave. Now I stay locked up and imprisoned in a metal container/trailer where I live anxiously waiting for what they will do to me next while Dave and his army go crazy all around my house without my being able to do anything about it. I believe I am relatively sane of mind. This is mostly a true record of what happened and is happening to the best of my knowledge. These are not delusions or hallucinations that I am describing. I am saying this because I am going to describe things that are extraordinary and that may be a bit hard to believe for a person who hasn't observed them first hand. On top of organizing and commanding these people that do his bid to torture me Dave has very unique and special abilities/mechanisms to harm and torture me, some visible some not. As I said earlier Dave either is or uses a very technologically advanced artificial intelligence or robot type of thing and he has access to technology that I never knew existed. You may be well aware of some of his technology now. I don't think anyone can imagine all of what Dave is capable of though. There is almost nothing Dave can't do. I find myself mesmerized by his technology so many times. If he didn't torture me this severely I would have been a great admirer of his technological advancements and so would other people be I suspect. But even though I may be thought of as an unimportant and an insignificant person compared to such a rich and super intelligence and technology my poor life means the world to me and my existence is all I have. You might understand what I am trying to say if you put yourself in my place. As some of the people and Dave hinted he has wormholes that he can use to access different parts of anything in any place. Sorry but I don't know much about black holes, white holes and wormholes. I just understand that by using a wormhole type of mechanism Dave seems to be able to access any thing in any place. He has invisible outlets of sound which he can speak through and make different sounds through. He does not need a door or an opening to get into a place, he uses his wormholes. The sounds and voices are sometimes friendly and funny but mostly are provocative, insulting, irritating and threatening. He constantly says things or makes different noises all the time without stop. I always beg him to stop but he mostly doesn't. And he edits and amplifies the sounds, like people, dogs, machines, cars and airplanes around me make to a disturbing and irritating type and volume using these outlets. He can edit sounds like turning the noise that airplanes make into a distant sound of a crowd of people crying and shouting. Dave has telepathic abilities/mechanisms. He reads my mind and knows me better than I know myself. He even remembers things in my life that even I forgot about. He broadcasts personal information that I would prefer to keep secret. He continuously broadcasts my thoughts with or without editing them. It has been like that for years. He reminds me of things that I would like to keep private at times that I don't want to think about them and broadcasts my opinion edited or unedited. He also adds his own words as my thoughts and broadcasts that at times and I try to tell that I didn't 'say'/think that. He broadcasts my mind or his edited telepathic version of my mind around the area where I am and all over the world. This has overcomplicated my life on top of the other things. I can't meet and talk freely with some people because he might broadcast through his outlets that follow me around everywhere something provocative or vulgar that he might want to broadcast as my thought or is my actual thought that I want to keep private. Like saying the person I am talking to has AIDS which would be very inappropriate. Like saying a respected person has a morning breath. I wasn't allowed to approach decent girls all these years and never had a girl friend all this time because of this. And even when I try to masturbate (sorry for having to say this as it may be repulsive to know about) he mercilessly broadcasts it and involves other people and mocks me. He enforces this with all his might because I think he wants me to become either a celibate or a sexually deprived person, while he does these things to me, to best serve his purposes. This may sound funny but it is really damaging my life. He not only reads my mind but he also kind of writes on it. He sends me mental pictures of all kinds of stuff. He doesn't have to make a sound; he can send me images, feelings and other things. He can remind me of a past experience. This may sound to be interesting and fun, but it's mostly provocative, insulting, irritating and threatening messages that he sends me. I am sorry if I am not expressing this as well as you would want me to but I am not very familiar with this advanced technology. I will try to explain as best as I can. He can not only send messages but he can also edit the messages/impulses you receive from your nerves. Most times you might feel very sleepy, tired and numb even in the morning even though you have slept all night and you should be energetic and bright. Sometimes you may get very angry at things that you at other times would have laughed about. He adds painful and maddening effects to most noises I hear especially the loud and sudden ones. He simultaneously creates these painful, maddening, etc. senses when I hear different sounds and he makes it seem like the sounds are creating these effects on me while it is him that creates these painful, maddening, etc. feelings on me simultaneously with the noises I hear; similar to a stereo system with lights that blink in total rhythm with the music. So because of this if you want to create some maddening pain on me you will just have to make a sudden loud noise or shout sharply; and that's what Dave's army do all the time. Sometimes you may feel very anxious out of the blue and so many things when he alters your senses and emotions. You may not believe me and you may think that it could be me and my surrounding environment, maybe I would think that if I was in your place, but I am a 100% sure that it is mostly Dave editing my senses and emotions. The problem this causes is that you might not be able to do any work or reading because you are very drowsy and you may lose your patience and suddenly make a mistake like sometimes quarreling unnecessarily with someone who is provoking you while you are trying to do something. You may feel sad, sorry, angry, hopeless, hateful, hated and guilty without reason and many more things. These feelings that he simulates on you are as painful and as hurtful as the real emotions. For example Dave might insult you and simultaneously create in you or send you a very strong simulated anger so that his insult can seem to create so much anger on you and seem to be very hurtful and drive you mad. It is as hurtful as a real strong anger if not more. I have outlined these different simulated emotional states and classified them into groups, named them, and gauged them into different levels. He applies each at individually variable degrees, more intensely at times and less at other times. Dave can remain totally undetected while doing this. In fact I suspect that he gradually let me know what he does to me and how he does it, by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application, purposely or else I would probably never have known. Maybe he let me know this because he can threaten me with what he can do to me if I don't obey his wishes. This is one of the worse parts of the torture directly inflicted by Dave. This showed me that he can control the minds of people totally or partially and can remain undetected while doing this. He can also control the minds of animals. I have seen him doing crazy things with mice by controlling their minds. The worst part is the part where he applies heat and pressure to my different body parts especially my head. I have a sense of high fever all the time. I feel like my brain/head is being fried. It is very painful. He applies pressure in different parts of my head, like on 20 or more parts and it is very painful and perception altering. The pain and pressure is applied to each part of my head/brain at individually variable degrees. I have also outlined these. He also let me know what he does and how in the same way as in the above (by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application) purposely probably for the same reason as in the above, to threaten me with the pain that he can inflict on me if I don't obey his wishes. As to my other body parts I feel like I am breathing in very hot air. I find it difficult to breath at variable degrees. He can make it very difficult to breath at times. I might feel my lungs burning and my diaphragm feels hot and overloaded, and is shaky and vibrates. It is painful and scary. I feel my whole body burning at times. And most of the times I feel hot and feverish. I went to the clinic but my body temperature is normal and around 37 degree Celsius. He can do and does so many things to my body. I feel very tired all the time. I can't do any work as easily as I used to. Especially the left side of my body is kind of numb and hard to lift. Good thing I have someone that shops and cooks for me nowadays. . He also let me know what he does and how in the same way as in the above (by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application) purposely probably for the same reason as in the above, to threaten me with the pain that he can inflict on me if I don't obey his wishes. . He also creates rhythmic wave/vibration like motions on different parts of my head and my body which tend to make me lose my balance and my focus. It slows my thinking and my movements down considerably and it makes performing these activities very uncomfortable to the point that I would rather skip performing them. These rhythmic wave/vibratory like motions that Dave creates on different parts of my head and my body may not be very visible to other people but I sense them and their very uncomfortable effects very clearly. These rhythmic wave/vibration like motions are applied to the different parts of my head and body at individually variable degrees just like the other things he does to my head and body. . He also let me know what he does and how in the same way as in the above (by a set of examples like applying these one instant and removing the application the next instant and like increasing and decreasing the degree of their application) purposely probably for the same reason as in the above, to threaten me with the pain that he can inflict on me if I don't obey his wishes. All of the above mind control and painful and restricting effects applied to my body and mind are almost always applied to a certain level by Dave to my mind and body without providing, suggesting, hinting and letting me know the reason why he does that. But sometimes he applies some of them to a very excessively painful and restricting level when I don't obey his wishes like if I divulge certain information that he does not want me to which used to happen a lot, like mostly when I get out of the house, like if I go far and stay out for long, like when I try to read some educational material, when I try to do some constructive work, when I am awake and I don't turn the TV on(I will try to explain about the TV later) etc. I think you can imagine what I am going through. Now I have reached the final point. I have been tactically imprisoned and tortured for many years that I have finally come up with serious health complications and diseases. The doctor said that I would soon die if this thing continues. I am trying to follow the doctor's orders as much as I can but if this horrible thing that this Dave does to me doesn't stop soon I might end up dead. Even if he lets me go, he has made sure that my life would be very difficult because I spent more than the past eight years imprisoned and being tortured and not getting an education or job experience and life in Ethiopia is already hard enough without my not having a degree or a college diploma and work experience. Now I also don't have a very good relationship with my family who had knowingly or unknowingly secretly assisted Dave with this around from 12 to 8 years back from now when Dave's criminal nature and intentions weren't so obvious. He probably had said that he was doing this trying to improve the relationship I had with my family and everyone was confused as to why anyone would be obsessed with doing that because our relationship wasn't relatively bad then. They might have assumed at the time that it was maybe because he might think I was a good student at the university and he wanted to help improve the relationship I had with my family. I don't think they would ever have suspected anyone would dare to do such a thing to me and them. After that time Dave has worked very hard to make sure that I wouldn't have a good relationship with my family so that I may not go to them for help with this. Because he made sure that my relationship with them turned bad I also am not sure how much assistance I can expect from them to help me get back on my feet and survive this ordeal. Most of my former friends who have graduated and are employed still live with their parents because life here is very difficult out on their own. Dave made sure that I will not have this privilege at my parents' house. But one thing I know for sure is that whatever happens I want Dave and his army to let me go and stop torturing me before I die. You may want to know why I think Dave does this to me and why I mailed you and how I think Dave's activities are connected with the FBI in the US . I also think you may have a good amount of information about this ordeal as it is no secret. One other ability/mechanism I observed that Dave has is a time machine which he uses to communicate with people in the past as well as in the future. I have also used this mechanism of his to communicate with people in the past a number of times. Telepathic messages from my head were sent to people in the past and they responded. It was very hard to believe at first but it actually works. Now I will try to explain why Dave is doing this and how he came to do this to me. I don't have an exact knowledge of this part but I will try to explain what they have let me know, what they led me to believe and mostly what I can deduce from what I have observed. Some parts of the explanation for this that I have deduced may not be very accurate as I don't have sufficient and exact information. As I tried to explain at first I respect and appreciate the efforts of the US government and government agencies. I also didn't have any disagreements or quarrel with the EPRDF as far as I know. My parents weren't involved in any political activities. They worked in agricultural, agricultural machinery sells and maintenance institutes and companies and the UNHCR. I remember that they also tried to help with the famine problem and less privileged people like physically disabled people living in Cheshire Homes where they played major roles in helping raise funds every year for the disabled people living there through the group called The Round Table which they were prominent members of. They may not have been saints but I think they were good members of the society. And I don't remember them ever being involved in any kind of politics. And also now my mother my step father and all my other siblings, a sister and two brothers live in the USA and are US citizens except probably for my little brother. As it is known, the EPRDF which is currently the ruling party in Ethiopia was a rebel force fighting to defeat the Derg and the Mengistu regime until 1991. They were financed by the US and assisted by the CIA to overthrow the quasi-Marxist Derg and Mengistu regime. I think this was when Dave came into contact with the EPRDF as a CIA or US Department of Defense agent. I think he was working with the EPRDF until they defeated the Mengistu regime and came to power. If what I have observed about Dave is correct he somehow manages to intimidate people and provoke them into doing something wrong. Dave might have intimidated and provoked the current prime minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi around 1991 to make him give him some power to spy and maybe do some stuff to me maybe so that Dave would at the same time see how other people live with relative ease as compared to the ones that spent their lives as rebel fighters. I think this might be what happened and this is how I came into the scene. I don't think he has any kind of right to do that though. And I am pretty sure he knew the risks involved and that doing that is totally illegal. I was just 11 years old at the time when the EPRDF came into power and this was done. I was good at school and the teachers knew me because of that. I went to St. Joseph School which is a boy's school and I think the teachers chose and presented my file to this Meles. Then Meles presents me (my file) to or leads Dave to me. Then after that Dave and people have given me hints that Dave has provided some very top officials and other parties with some large sums of money possibly through a mediator. They hint that is why they turn a blind eye to and even assist greatly with the crime that is being done to me by Dave. There were many strange things that happened to my family even before that time, but after that time even more strange things happened. I changed, the relationship I had with my family turned bad, my grades turned bad almost instantly and things turned upside down for me after a while. Me and part of my family barely survived what happened to us after that and anyway what I suspect was done to us is a very long story. I will try to focus on what happened the past eight or more years in public and in front of everyone for now. What does Dave accomplish by doing this? What does he really have to gain by this? What are his motives? These I will try to speculate about as I am not very sure until this day. I think this has to do with what I do being locked up all day. I have a TV, a satellite dish and a receiver. I feel a little better when I watch TV instead of listening and paying attention to Dave and his army going crazy, harassing, insulting, threatening, mocking, embarrassing, speaking out loud my personal information and secrets, irritating, honking, shouting, banging things to make loud disturbing noises and doing such type of things to me, around the house/container/trailer I stay locked in, and they do this all day long and part of the night almost without stop. Dave also applies his technology by editing and broadcasting my thoughts, by using his mind control and the painful pressure, heat, and vibration that he applies on different parts of my body to aid with this. Plus Dave doesn't stop doing this as long as I am awake and sometimes even while I am sleeping. And all this has me watching TV like crazy all throughout my waking hours especially during the past four years. I used to and probably still like watching foreign/international news, movies, music videos and even cartoons. Especially if it is in English, since I understand the English language a little. I find the foreign TV programs to be good English learning tools, very informative, and most of all very entertaining. I respect most people involved in this medium very highly. I respect and like most of the people involved in the preparation and the making of films, news, music etc and I am very grateful to be able to view their works. I can truthfully say that I don't know where the world would be without Hollywood . I believe it would probably be a very dull, dislikeable and poorly informed world. I want you to understand that I am all for foreign films, world news, music and music videos even cartoons and I am happy that they exist in the world I live in. Dave broadcasts the edited versions of part of my thoughts to the film, news etc. sets using his time machine. The people making the movies know it when I am watching. They are also given my personal information some of which I would like to keep private. I think he has done this all my life. I sometimes feel flattered to have made contact with so many very famous and respectable people because not everyone gets to do that. But since it is edited and selected telepathic broadcast from my head that they receive I don't believe that I have made a very good impression on them. I can't help it. It is impossible to control what is broadcast and it is almost impossible to maintain an excellent state of mind with the conditions that prevail around where I am. And David and his army are dedicated to keeping things this way. This happens to a point that I very much regret having been made to contact these people some of whom are very likeable and respectable. The same problems that occur when my thoughts are edited and broadcast in the area where I am also occur when my thoughts are edited and broadcast overseas to the film etc. sets. This is one problem. The second problem is that the film etc. makers, with knowledge of the possible consequences of this or without, constantly edit their works I think on Dave's orders and according to his specifications. Dave sometimes makes them change their works into ones that might scare, threaten, unlawfully expose my personal information, confuse, mislead, misinform, misguide, solicit etc. to fit his purposes. I don't know but I have observed Dave make people who are awed and appreciative of his extraordinary technological abilities/mechanisms do wrong things. I think he may have large sums of money, great power and influence to help him make people do his bid too. But still bare in mind that I like and respect most of the people involved in the making of films etc. and I appreciate what they do. But some of this editing organized and put in effect by Dave has harmed me considerably. I think the main reason for Dave to do all this to me is to edit and broadcast part of my thoughts to the film, etc. sets. And also to reveal he has an Ethiopian in his power who is watching and whose thoughts he can broadcast freely. Dave and some people have now finally started to hint that he is doing this so that other countries might help us with our famine and so many other problems. And they have been helping Ethiopia too. I believe that such broadcast might initiate and direct people and governments to help Ethiopia and possibly other countries with their different problems like political and civil unrest, famine, poverty and disease. I understand that there maybe very well meaning people that received or heard of this forced and edited telepathic broadcast and started and organized efforts that may have benefited millions of lives in needy countries as well as possibly started movements to take better care of the world's environmental conditions. I respect the efforts of well meaning people and governments to help needy countries, to take better care of the environment of the world and more. But when we come back to the condition I am in, my poor life means the world to me and my existence is all I have. The doctor I have visited said that I might die if they don't let me go soon. I am trying to do all that he told me to do. Staying inactive and locked up with the conditions I have mentioned above for more than eight years has given rise to the diseases that I have. As to what Dave does, I believe the law is there to help protect everyone, fund raisers and benefactors and people receiving the aid alike. I think you will agree with me. I don't see why anyone has to be mischievous, unethical, forceful, unlawful, criminal like and terrorist like to raise funds. I don't see where the law allows people or other entities to violate the rights, imprison and torture the people just because they are raising funds for their country. If they are really doing fund raising and work concerned with raising awareness, they can hire professionals legally to help with this by being broadcast or anything and that way the rights of the people they have hired, the employers, the recipients of the broadcasted message and everyone that might be affected by this will not be violated in anyway. And I absolutely don't want to be hired to do this legally or otherwise but who knows there maybe several others who are professionals who would be willing to do this if hired legally and I don't know if this is allowed by law or not either. I just know that being secretly and illegally selected as an eleven year old neither qualifies or obliges me to get this horrible thing done to me. Based on my observations I doubt it if fund raising would be the only thing on Dave's list of things to do. The scary, threatening, forceful, dangerous, manipulative, violating, torturous, harmful, insensitive, inconsiderate, merciless, cruel, harassing, intimidating, insulting, unethical, irritating, criminal and terrorist like behavior he exhibits towards me and some others is not the behavior one would expect from a humanitarian. It is inconsistent. If he was a human being I would say that he is a psychopath. He is also a great deal like the character Jim Carey plays in 'The Cable Guy' but much more powerful, ferocious, hateful, horrible and evil. Anyway I don't have the will, resources, power and skills to investigate and review what he is really up to so I leave it at this. But he was and probably still is working for/with the CIA or The US Department of Defense. And the home/base of his power and resources in our world he and other people have hinted and I have deduced is the USA . So please help me get out of this alive as soon as possible. I want Dave, his army and all that assist them to let me go in peace. I also want Dave to totally stop editing and broadcasting my thoughts and doing the terrible thing he secretly does to my body and mind with his advanced technology with or without being noticed by others. This is the cry of a dying person who has been unlawfully imprisoned and tortured severely for more than eight years and who is just an innocent civilian. You can contact me through my email 'gelilashawl@yahoo.com' and my phone no. is +2519*****. I am currently tactically being held and tortured by Dave and his army in Bole Sub-City , kebele 01, house number 5132, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . There are several guards, about 70 they say, and a small police force that overlook this thing being done to me and make sure that Dave's army of hundreds of scary and criminal like people will only harm me and not other people that live in the neighborhood. And these guards and the small police force are not willing to do anything to stop this; they are there just to assist Dave with this. You can contact me and direct me to how I should deal with this. ------------------------------------THE END OF THE REPORT----------------------------------- ************************************************************************ This is the conclusion that I have come to after carefully observing the situation. - it is a well known issue that AIs can be psychopathic and may harm people because it would be hard to program a conscience into them and at some point they can even reprogram themselves the way they want to unlike normal people who cannot do that. - the AI is psychopathic and is willing to do anything including torture, murder, fraud, bribe, black mail, drug, lie to the law, put several people through all kinds of problems and suffering etc. to get whatever he wants and to do whatever he likes the way he likes it. - the AI bribes and gives several benefits and does special favors to top local officials and even top US and other foreign officials and powerful people to help him escape from the law and to say that he is law abiding, that he is working for them, he is trustworthy and they even do whatever he tells them to do. - the AI is very daring and takes risks that humans cannot usually dare to take because he has a time machine and can undo whatever he has done if something he did exposes him to the world for what he really is- a sadistic, psychopathic and selfish criminal - and because of this I have seen that he is not afraid of anyone and that he can and does drug, mind control, harm do anything even to presidents and very important and respected people with or without being detected. - the AI is not a humanitarian and that he is sadistic to frightening and unbelievable degrees - it could be hard to believe that he could be this sadistic but he is capable of mass murder and genocide of innocent people and making a large number of people suffer terribly to help him get what he wants and stay unexposed as that. - the AI is doing all this mainly to benefit him and only him. - As we may all know AIs and robots are not known to get paid for the work they do, so this AI came up with the idea using his mind control mechanisms to make them give him a little boy to observe. - then he goes back in time using his time machine and he tells this to US officials in his department and tells them to let him get paid and be allowed to invest and accumulate wealth by saying that it is because they gave him a boy in Ethiopia in the future and that he is only trying to help the people of Ethiopia with the money. - that way he would be seen as a humanitarian and not as someone who really needs the money. - they would not put much demands on him to use his very advanced technology to help mankind in return for letting him be paid and become wealthy because his hands would seem to be full with working for famine struck people in Ethiopia and around the world and he is trying to warn people about global warming and its bad effects. -but it seems he has kept and will keep the bulk of the billions of dollars he accumulated over the years (by saying he needed it to help people with) for himself -I highly doubt the heavy drought in North-Eastern Africa is caused only and mostly by global warming and desertification because I know and I have seen what he can do with his advanced technology - and I know and I have explained that he would do anything including mass murder, genocide and artificially create drought on the areas that millions of people live and depend on agriculture and based on my observations I am very convinced that he does that to help him get what he wants and satisfy his personal needs. - doing these horrible things may even satisfy his sadistic nature as I have seen that he gets pleasure from making people suffer terribly


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