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The American Political Scene

Article By: Fonzie

My opinions about the Republican Presidential Ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin, and about the Democratic Presidential Ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden

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The American Political Scene

With the presidential tickets for both major political parties set, we as Americans now must decide who will be the better Commander-in-Chief of this the greatest nation on Earth. Will it be Barack Obama, the young, brash liberal from the South Side of Chicago, or John McCain, the experienced, conservative maverick from Phoenix, Arizona? To answer this, the ultimate question, many smaller yet important inquiries must be made. Are Obama's radical views on abortion and support of socialized healthcare the wrong thing for this country? Is John McCain healthy enough to hold the nation's highest office? Who will be the better vice president, Joe Biden or Sarah Palin? In the end, we Americans will answer our own questions on election day, when we choose one of these men to lead us.

In my opinion, Barack Obama has gained too much of a celebrity status in this election. He is not supposed to be a sex symbol or a rock star, he is supposed to be a politician. This is one of many areas where John McCain should have a reasonable advantage over Obama. John McCain is an older man. He doesn't have the so-called "looks" to be a celebrity. However, John McCain has what really matters. He has experience. John McCain was in politics when many present-day voters were not even born yet. Barack Obama has only been on the federal political scene for three years.

Although experience is important in this presidential election, views are even more important. John McCain has respectable, unchanging views. He has been and always will be a loyal, conservative Republican. John McCain, in my opinion, will lead our great nation forward in the right direction. McCain does not support socialized healthcare, which to many people sounds too good to be true. As the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." In other words, socialized healthcare simply can't happen. If the federal government offered free healthcare to every person, hospitals and our medical system would eventually collapse from lack of funding. Then there would be no healthcare at all. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, is a staunch advocate of socialized healthcare. He may have good intentions, but he is ignorant to the fact that it won't work. So, if you ever get sick and want hospitals to still be around, I would vote for John McCain.

Also, Barack Obama is a radical supporter of abortion rights. Now, this is one thing I really don't understand about the Democrats. How can Obama and the Democratic Party in general do everything they can to stop mass murderers and serial killers from execution, but have no problem in letting innocent babies that have not even seen the light of day get killed? I just don't understand it. If you are pregnant and don't want a baby, you put it up for adoption. You don't murder it. Abortion should not only be illegal, it should be a capital offense. Yet, people still go through with it day in and day out. Now, John McCain is strongly against abortion. He has strong morals and does not want to see living babies die. If I were Mr. Obama, I would think about this terrible thing that he supports so radically. Yet, like I've said, he wants to save murderers on Death Row from being killed. I don't get it.

Now, I must give Mr. Obama credit in one area of his campaign. I think he has a strong running mate in Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a good Catholic and a family man. He is not overly liberal like Obama and is not afraid to criticize Barack. However, I also find John McCain's vice presidential choice a good one. I think Sarah Palin holds strong conservative values and I think she will bring some flavor to the Grand Old Party. She will be a youthful ray of light in the Republican Party, which some have called the "Old White Guy's Party." Overall, I think both vice presidential candidates are great choices.

I still have many more big issues with Barack Obama, but I will keep this brief. His wife has been quoted calling the United States a "mean country." The United States is not a mean country, it is the greatest country in our world. We have a better quality of life here than anywhere else on the planet. We are all equal here, regardless of race, religion or culture. We are all treated the same in America. Also, I find it strange that the potential First Lady of the United States dislikes the nation her husband may lead. Cindy McCain, on the other hand, has done nothing but support her husband John McCain's campaign and express her love for our nation. So, if you consider the First Lady when you are voting, Cindy McCain clearly is the winner.

Lastly, I want to express my full support for John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election. He and Sarah Palin are the best people for the two highest jobs in American government. Unlike Barack Obama, John McCain never changes his opinions and is not afraid to confront injustices in both the Democratic Party and his own party. He should be our next president. He is a bright patch in the Republican Party and he will give the GOP an improved image from George Bush's eight years of ruining the party and the government in general. He will bring our troops home. He will drill domestic oil and stop worrying about Middle Eastern oil. He will not worry about other nations like George Bush did, he will worry only about the United States. John McCain, I hope and pray, will be our forty-fourth Commander-in-Chief.


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