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Apocalypse Again

Article By: hawkwind

The prophets of doom and gloom have once again predicted dire occurences based on the Mayan calendar for December 21, 2012.
Here we go again.

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As many people are aware of by now, the world is supposed to come to an end or drastically change on December 21,2012- according to the Mayan calendar.People have more or less taken this prediction with a grain of salt as so many predictions and prophecies have come and gone unfulfilled over the centuries. At the dawn of every millennia, people have forecast the end and destruction of the world, so far they have all been proved wrong. What makes this 2012 prediction any different? There is probably no difference in this prediction in my opinion.

Remember a few years ago? 2000 to be exact, the Y2K? People were forecasting all kinds of dire events to take place on new years day 2000. Nothing happened. Religious leaders were forecasting the second coming of Jesus Christ, he did not return needless to say. The forecasters excuse was it will take place in 2001- not 2000. Well 2001 came and went- again nothing. Of course if you want to mention the September 11 attacks as a kind of prophecy- I guess you could make an argument for that as a world changing event.

The Mayans were a people in central america who were obsessed with time and astronomy. Their system of mathematics was the most advanced in the world at that time. They used an innovative concept- the use of the number zero. They built great pyramids and temples to worship the heavens and the passage of the seasons. Suddenly around 1000 ad they abruptly abandoned their great cities and temples. Why? - no one really knows. Why would such an advanced culture exist in the middle of the central american jungles and then disappear so suddenly?
There have been no shortage of theories. One theory even suggested that the Mayans were extra terrestrial in origin. That the original inhabitants returned to the stars in spaceships- to their home on some distant planet.

What makes this prediction disturbing is that the Mayan calendar was fantastically accurate. Like our own, it was a 365 day calendar.There was no dispute that they meant specifically December 21, 2012 for an event to take place. Bear in mind- the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, that does not necessasrily mean that the world will, only their calendar will.

Of course what ever happens, people will continue to make predictions like they always have throughout human history.I have come to ignore them all by now.
We shall have to wait and see about this one of course. It should make for an interesting holiday season this year.


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