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Safety Tips for Halloween

Article By: Infobarrel

Halloween can be a very fun time for kids and parents alike, but only if you play it safe. This article will teach you some tips to having a fun yet safe Halloween.

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There is nothing more important to having a fun and tear-free Halloween than taking some minimal precautions to avoid tragedies. Usually, the worst accidents happen as a result of the smallest oversights, and they usually involve inadequate Halloween costumes. So, here are a few tips to make sure you get through this Halloween without any unpleasant surprises.

One of the biggest holiday hazards can be your child's Halloween costume, so it is very important that you make absolutely certain that the outfit is not too long, or overly difficult to move in so that your child doesn't end up tripping and falling over. You know what kids are like, and the last thing you need is to have him run off and then trip. That will definitely lead to one spoiled Halloween, which will end it tears.

For Halloween costumes that include a mask, you should make certain that your child can see properly, and peripheral vision is very important. If your child's peripheral vision is blocked, he won't be able to see on-coming cars and other hazards, which could lead to a tragedy. If the mask's eyeholes seem too small, use a small pair of nail scissors and make them a little larger. An even better option would be to forego a mask completely and use face paint to create a similar look. This doesn't mean that face paints are perfectly safe, either. Some face paint products may contain ingredients that your child is allergic to, so the best course of action is to buy nontoxic and hypoallergenic products. To be extra safe, test them on a small patch of your child's skin before applying, preferably in the morning to make sure that prolonged exposure will not have any adverse effects.

It's quite obvious that a pirate's costume without a sword, or a Jedi Knight's outfit without a light saber are incomplete, but these can pose a safety problem as well. When you are buying Halloween costumes it's advisable to test all the props to make sure they are flexible. A sword made of a material that is too rigid, even if it's plastic, can still cause an injury if your child accidentally trips and falls on it. Plus, you know boys, they won't be able to resist having a "sword fight" and you wouldn't want someone ending up being hurt, or in the worst case even blinded in one eye.

Checking the quality of the fabric from which these Halloween costumes are made is also vital. You need to look for flame resistant material because if there is one thing that is abundant on Halloween, besides the scary costumes, that is open flame. Think of all the pumpkins with candles lit inside them, all you need is a little boy on a sugar rush to knock it over and cause a disaster.

If there is traffic in the area your children will be trick-or-treating, then you should consider applying some reflective tape to both the front and back of their Halloween costumes. This will increase their visibility to on-coming cars, especially if they are wearing dark colors.

Just with a few extra precautions, you can greatly reduce the risk of accidental injury and then you too will be able to enjoy a relaxing and fun Halloween.


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