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*The Magic of the Word Imagination*

Article By: jmurch

I wanted to define imagination my way; I wanted others to view this word the way artists possibly view the word. Is this the way the Webster's Dictionary defines the word. No, but my definition would fit as an interpretation. This piece is imagination at work; it was magical for me to write. I want to share this with the writers on this site! Please Enjoy!

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What is imagination? It is a seed where our dreams grow from. It is the magical adventure of a child; it is the colors of the rainbow blended in an infinite never ending story. It is the book read on a cold rainy day while sitting in a bathtub of bubbles with lavender candles burning. It is the sky, the horizon, the space above us, and the explorer searching the ocean and stars. It is a revolution that can change a mind, and it can change the world. It is the sound of music, and the songs it sings is the only magic known to this world. It is dreams fluttering its wings in the wind. It is the motherhood of the mind with its children singing the song of evolution. It is the Renaissance of mankind's mind; it is the rebirth of thought.

It is laughter in play first peeking out in the giggles from a child. Children are like lilies blooming with their true colors just beginning to greet the sunshine with divine sweetness. Much of whom children will be as adults, will be given to them from their parents. Some of what a child becomes starts from creativity, and oftentimes, creativity comes from imagination. For a child, it is the magical adventure of a butterfly princess in a fairytale world, or it is a band of rough and tumbles pirates on a treasure filled island adventure straight from the back yard. It is the crayon masterpiece drawn by a child on yellow construction paper; it is the story written about aliens and monsters battling for earth's very survival from a young child's mind. Furthermore, it is the tomorrow built on new adventures, stories, and drawings. It is a place from where inventions, masterpieces, and new worlds are born. It remains the whereabouts of where Santa is real, where Mickey Mouse exists outside of a cartoon, and both creatures are the fantastic reality of the young mind. With the glorious ring of this remarkable word, the sugar plum fairy can dance from beyond the stage; she can dance inside our hearts and minds. Whatever mankind may find fanciful can be real with the visions from this beautiful word's enchanting world. Dragons are fire breathing; unicorns are grazing in a pasture.

It is a place. It is the place where the Mona Lisa came from; it is the place where Vincent saw the beautiful blue swirls of the Starry Night. It is the roots of the classical ambience of Mozart, the inner sanctum of American jazz, and the start of the British rock revolution with the songwriting of Lennon and McCartney. It is this very articulation being written now. It was the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg; it has been the works of a multitude of all printings since. It is Thomas Edison's light bulb, Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, and the invention of the record by Emile Berliner. We can see in the dark without fire, we can now use our phones to do more than just call, and music is only a downloadable bandwidth away. This enchanted entry in human language leads a blind woman to seeing her child for the first time with the advent of cornea transplants; it will someday cure cancer. It will someday allow our grandchildren to explore outside of the earth. It allows myth and science fiction to exist. Our grandchildren will see farther than the stars, and they will touch the soil of another planet; they will envision these faraway landscapes.

It is revolution and one of the most important stepping stones leading to humanity. The development of intelligence starts with that first set of crayons, it continues with a black man becoming the first president of the United States. Someday, the little girl playing with the Matchbox car will drive to become the first woman president, and maybe, her voters will be the boys who chose to color with pink. There are many forking roads evolving continuously throughout this extraordinary term. It is the whispers of lost souls living under the pain of dictatorship, the sad eyes watching only death and destruction as a child; the same child who will free their country from atrocity as an adult. These are the children who never stopped seeing the colors of the rainbow. People living in freedom will always have a need to thank those who never stopped imagining in this word's monumental prism. Many have given their lives because they dared believe outside of the box. They imagined the stars above, and they responded further than even this. This is a word which grabs us by the hand as it takes civilization forward. Without it, would we still live in caves and would we know fire from within? Would we have ever escaped the middle ages? We glide the skies in an invention grown from a vision men only dreamed about thousands of years ago. We wanted to fly like the eagle, and now we can see like the bird. With this wondrous inspiration, we do not have to stay trapped in yesterday. One voice can articulate a multitude. It allows us to get beyond hate, beyond pain, and beyond the evil of others. It is a road that takes us forward in the simplicity of eleven charming letters.

It is more than a word; it is physical energy beyond language. It is the dreams of millions, or it is the single voice echoing in a canyon becoming the pounding wings of the phoenix rising. It is the thought that leads the crayon to the paper, and eventually, it leads the brush to the canvas. With this word, we do not have to remain in one spot alone, and we do not have to stand in the place where we live. It allows one to become many. It is a word our children know before they can speak. As adults, we sometimes forget the importance of this extraordinary word. We allow its music to dry up like a blistering raison in the sun. It is a word that is enchantment, but it is also a word with a history of making illusion exist as eventual reality. It allows us to taste more than the stars; it allows us to touch and sing to the lights in the sky. It is a word that saves lives. It is more than magic. It is a word that takes us closer to another dimension than we have ever been. It allows fantasy to be real; it has made it real because it simply can. It is greater than the vocabulary of the English language. It gives humanity the opportunity to sit in the driver's seat. Imagination is eleven letters we cannot live without; it is a key to life.


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