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Temple Tree

By: Juggernaut

Page 1, Plumeria tree supports cattlepillars with its succulant leaves and get divine support for its own existance on temple premises. Plumeria tree is called Temple tree as it is generally grown on temple premises to provide flowers to make garlands to adorn Hindu Dieties. In Hawaii, Plumeria flowers are used to make Leis or floral garlands. Plumeria tree supports life of cattlerpillars with its juicy leaves.

Temple Tree

Subba Rao

In nature, physical attraction lures whomever for whatever purposes. Colored in bright black, red and yellow, plump and juicy caterpillars on Plumeria tree uses its physical attraction to poison potential predatory birds. Attracted by bright colors, birds try to pick the caterpillar for a meal only to find poisonous. Either from self experience or knowledge passed on, smart birds leave the worms alone on the tree. Cuckoo birds however learned to outsmart the caterpillars by whacking them against a tree limb to get rid of the poisonous contents from the worms to eat the rest. There is always a way to get around.

The caterpillars brightly colored to protect themselves from the birds transform into dull gray butterflies to protect themselves from the same birds to complete life cycle on Plumeria trees.

Plumeria trees shelter caterpillars were also named Temple Trees since they grow on temple premises to supply fragrant flowers to make garlands to adorn the Hindu deities.

Hindus have a tradition going back to thousands of years to adorn deities and beloved guests with floral garlands. In Hawaii, people wear Leis or floral ornaments made of colorful flowers mostly from Plumeria trees. May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii to celebrate many events wearing Leis. May Day in India shall be celebrated as wells as Garland Day as a symbol of friendship and recognition just as Christmas Day is celebrated as Happy Cake Day in Andhra Pradesh, India as gesture of goodwill and friendship.

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