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Explanation of Gollum and my beliefs about change

Article By: MichaelS76

My explanation for writing Gollum a story about the troubles of today's society and today's youth and much more.

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I want to write one last time about a bright young girl who took offense to my writing called Gollum. First, if I had read that at her age I too would be upset. But my intention was not to attack but to shock and try to motivate younger people to change and therefor in the future when they are the leaders, we will have raised smart intuitive children from day one who rank not low in mathematics, science and more, but rank the highest in the world. I do not like reading that we rank so low in these areas and when I speak of 'we' I mean today's youth and a lot of adults as well. I was venting frustration with not all of today's youth, but using the words today's youth to mean those applicable, and as I said, hoping to motivate them to prove me wrong. It was a reverse psychology approach and as one response said, 'you really needed to be older and wiser to really understand and appreciate what you're saying'. I guess with that in mind I should have choose a different tactic or target audience, but in doing so , I would have undermined the complete idea of what I was trying to do, motivate and change the youth of today and in the future through a reverse psychology effect. I did point out painfully truthful things, not about our youth but about the problems of our country and the truth does hurt and I am sorry for that. Just as my disability hurts me every day, so do words. I can understand that and I do sympathize. But most of what I spoke of was problems in the world today, and not a continual bashing of a seemingly bright young girl, who by the way I am placing all of my chips on to become someone very important because she will forever remember my story and want to prove me wrong. I left that young girl with a challenge to not change, not waiver and remain the same well into adulthood, to continue learning and be intelligent. I want a better United States and that means change with both adults but more importantly with our children. Change should start from the bottom up, instead of the top down. This ensures complete change of everyone as a society. I also believer highly in part of a quote by Carl Sagan, 'The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge', this is a profound statement from a brilliant man. I feel that he was entirely right, it is painful to explain to the youth of today that they rank low in mathematics, science, history and other subjects and that they are radically different from the youth of 30 to 50 years ago and, maybe not for the better. I again, sympathize with that young girl and meant not to belittle her but again to challenge her to be better and for those who read my original story to do the same, to change for the betterment of all. It's a tactic that, although unorthodox is completely necessary in order to have real change you sometimes use drastic measures, just as Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr., though very different, both protested for civil rights with their lives on the line and both men untimely died for their beliefs. I cannot think of a more heroic thing to do then to die for your beliefs, just as I swore an oath to the Constitution and the President of the United States, to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic when I joined the Army. I am duty bound by that oath even if only morally till the day I die. That is why I feel so strongly about our great Nation and when I see a decline in our nation whether it be today's youth or other problems such as our dependence on fossil fuels to an out of control deficit, it bothers me to the core and is counterintuitive to the Constitution in which I so proudly cherish. I did nothing as heroic as Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr., but I did put my name and reputation and more on the line in the hope to promote change. Whether I was wrong or right with my approach, I leave that for the experts to decide. Hopefully this will better explain my original story and response to one of the commentators. May God Bless you and the great United States of America.


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