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The girl in the front raw seat

Article By: Nagz

a short piece of non-fiction story. it talks about a girl that sits in the front raw seats in a class and there's this person (could be both male or female)that watches her with dedication, with full observation.. it might be creepy, but let's face it, most love stories start with a creepy person staring or looking at someone; in this case observing with fascination!

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She is in the same Literary Criticism class with me. She always sits near the window in the front raw, right there as close as she can get to the teacher as if to get attached to the lesson yet not that close to the teacher himself. She always keeps her distance, apparently that something that defines her.
I've never seen something so beautiful in my life. Straight long golden hair with some curls within the hair, just like the waves, so beautiful and calm attracting every one's eyes. Mine as well. She has blue one. Or are they green? I can't tell, I never been that close to her to know for sure. Well except twice: in both literature classes where we had to work in groups; the first one we just met once for 10 minutes, the last one was for 20 peaceful heavenly minutes. We did actually have a thing in common in our last grouping together class, something that has to do with the A&P story; one we read and discussed in class. She always wears beautiful, gentle outfits, such a lady-like thing of her, which looks so perfectly on her slim body! She seems so delicate towards her clothing and studies. She's young, 20 or 21 years old, but god, her mind is so old and mature, more open and she's so damn smart that when she speaks, she can take you to other dimensions, other realities, can take you so high that you don't want to leave; you don't want her to stop talking, afraid that once she stops you might fall. And you will get hurt, that's for sure. She has this small silver watch just around her tiny right wrist along with another bracelet, so subtle just like her; something that is obvious to me by now. She never seems to take the watch off; I think it might be a gift from someone close to her; a family member or a friend. And I hope it's just a friend though, I don't know why.
Did I mention how she can charm someone just by one look from the distance? She grabs everyone's attention, and it seems to me that she's never aware of the fact that when she walks, people stop and stare, as if "who is she?" She draws curiosity in them, just like what she did to me; compelled me with her pure innocent magic. When she talks, her lips move with such tenderness, exhaling delicate words that are ten times sharper yet kinder and less painful than an arrow. She has two beautiful dimples that appear on her beautiful face whenever she smiles, followed by a beautiful reddish cheeks that when she blushes it goes all red. And when she pays attention to something important, like in class to what the professor's telling or someone talking to her, she narrows her eyes as if she's looking toward the sun or some bright light, usually resting her chin over her left hand and she just listens. She just listens to the whomever's speaking, with interest and open mind, and she seems so quiet but you know; you know that there's something inside her that's about to explode, a comment with delicate words, harmless ones yet strong ones.
How can someone be so cute, beautiful, and so smart? She's like a little innocent child from the outside, but you can tell she's so strong, so capable of many things that the eye of the observer can turn red from too many wanderings around in the mind. Perhaps that's the reason why my eyes are so red recently; too many dimensional travels whenever my eyes catch a sight of her. I don't really know her, not that deeply. But every time I see her, a chill runs through my spine, like the one you get when a soft breeze caresses your skin. It makes my heart pound faster, my mind to get crazy with its stupid, ridiculous thoughts and illusions. She makes me want to be a cell inside her brain just to see, to observe how it functions so powerfully, a blood vessel in her body, just to be able to provide her the things I can never be able to give in real life. I want to see her just to shut down the fire that burns inside me whenever I see her which seems to ignite more and more each time we meet.


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