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Concert Photographer Reality Show update part 3

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A few extra things to add that I've noticed in covering concerts that would be great.

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Concert PhotoConcert Photographer Reality Show

A reality show based on the real lives of concert photographers around the United States. Showing them take pictures of concerts and what goes on before they even get to the show.

This is an untapped gold mine that's a win win for everyone one involved.
It can be a contest in the show link the bird watcher contest, how many bands a team can cover in a year's time? Or not.

Then at the show how hard it is for getting interviews to going through the crowd. This show could be a contest professional and non-professional to get the most bands pictures in a year's time around the United States. There's always room for another way of having the show.

There are so many boring shows that are so called reality. I believe people would love to see live clips of their favorite bands while people are taking pictures.

The sponsors of the shows would be record labels, products used on the show, product endorsements and is an untapped gold mine for public relation groups and record labels and bands media.

My family would love to be involved in seeing this happen. My son and I team up and photograph and interview. Many of my photographer friends I am sure that they'd love to do this too.

The cars a person drives, the cameras a person uses, the power bars we eat, the clothes we wear could all be part of advertising. Our concert shirt also part of advertising.

Amateur and professional photographers would be separate in the teams based on regions, great lakes, north east coast, south east coast, Gulf of Mexico, southwest coast, northwest coast, central north and etc.

Point scoring system for the well known bands the higher the points and interviews would be extra points. Have a celebrity team captain that give assignments. Assignments are sometimes last minute to test the photographers. The photographers will have to volunteer for some of the festivals to be able to take photos as a test of labour.

The tv viewers get to vote on each persons photos to award bonus points for that team.

Sony cameras, Sony Music, Sony Entertainment, Nike Shoes, Record Labels, concert halls, guitars makers, drum makers, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Holiday Inn, Expidia, Facebook, PR firms, hotels, airlines, cell phones, cell phone service providers, tv stations, radio stations, bands, where you stop and eat before a show.

We are the field testers that put things through hell and back and all things we use are road proven.

Bands would get 100x the exposure than what they get. The show wins, product advertisers win, record labels win, the bands win, the pr. Firms get exposure and win new clients, and the photographers win.

It is an untapped gold mine that needs attention make this a reality if you know someone that can make this happen please pass it to them.

By Dan Spratt copyright 08-06-2012

Concert Photographer Reality Show part 2
Styles of coverage: One family or team in one area coverage or multiple area teams. One photographs and one video tapes. Teams get together and race accross the USA or the world for the same show. Region coverage the bands only in their region.
Video Styles: Going to and away from the concerts. If videoing the first one or three songs aren't allowed. Videoing the photographers taking photos of the the bands as they perform.
Teams Regions: Great Lakes, East coast, west coast, central mid-west, mountain, Gulf of mexico. Types of script 1) Surprise last minute assignments. 2) Set locations ahead of time. 3)Work at festivals as stage hands and photograph required for each team to do festivals that are fund raisers for their region.
Regions vs. Regions: 1) Professional photos submit one per person per region. 2)Amatures submit one photo per person per region.
Voting: The viewers vote for one amature and one professional photo per week or per month depending on the show. Amatures vs. amatures, professionals vs. professionals, and month end professional winner vs. amature winner. Photo winners win 5 points per photo for their team.
Points system:
Photo vote 5 points.
Festival volinteer 5 points.
Well known band coverage 5 points.
Medium known band coverage 3 points.
Little know band coverage 1 points.
Interviews obtain same points as photographing the band.
Advertising: Equipment, goods and services used by the teams in the show. Cameras, transportation, clothing, food, hotels, car rentals, drinks, and airlines. All road proven equipment.
nosforotu poet (Dan Spratt) 2-2-2013
One of the best ways to decide how a group could score an interview would be to search out the persons to interview. During my concert coverage through out the years rock and metal stars would walk past people. You notice who it is but the name oh the name evades you. Great part in a reality show I call," wandering rock star." Before shows have the rock stars casually wonder either with a hoodie on or sunglasses. The reporters must identify who they are and what band they are in. Then they must coax them into an interview. Many times before a show we would see some rock stars wondering around but usually they look like they don't want to be bothered or they hope no one notices them. Another part of reporting is adapting to what type of music is covered. "Reporter mix them up," I call this. Where you take a report use to one style of music and put them in an awkward position of covering a different style of music. For example a country music reporter covering a rap show. Or a metal reporter covering pop music as part of the reality show. See how good a person adapts and not be fake.
By nosforotu poet (Dan Spratt) 3-14-2013


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