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By: Shekhar Srivastava

Page 1, this is really a true story


One evening, I was with no work getting bored. I thought to watch television that can change my mood. I sat on sofa and changed few channels. Nothing good was coming. I thought to watch news but no good news, Just news of politics and nothing else. I have no interest in politics. I then became busy in changing the channels. Finally, I got a kind of stuff that attracted me, Hijacking. I will share a short part of it with you.


A plane was hijacked at the airport making all the passengers scared. Two terrorists had entered in the plane with sharp weapons. Authorities were called for help. One of the terrorists took one passenger to the exit of the plane with a gun touching passenger’s forehead. He quietly went there with hands up. There he said that we want to go to a destination, so bring pilots for this plane. He said that if they will not receive fast service they will kill the passengers. One of the authority member said that let him talk for pilots with other authorities. But please don’t kill those passengers. Terrorist agrees with him. As the authority member turns back to walk further, terrorist shoots a member that was with him at the exit of the plane. He throws him after shooting. It vibrated the whole airport.


 What is the need to become a terrorist? What is the need to kill people? What is the need to become violent? Is there any reason behind it? 

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