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Memorising your shopping list

Article By: sitting ponderer

I have written this article so that everyone can get benefit of this simple trick. It will help you in remembering any list. It could even be a shopping list.

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A few days back I went for grocery shopping. There I saw MAJORITY of the people having lists in their hands for the shopping. Well, I used to be one of those guys too. Do you take a piece of paper with you when you go for shopping? Do you forget quickly? Welcome to the world of humans :p You might take is as a joke but the fact of the matter is that 98 percent people of the whole world can't remember a list of 10 objects and recall them properly. If you succeed in this trick you will be in the top 2 percent of top notch memorizers! I am not kidding.

Although it is good to keep a list, BUT it is very counter productive. What if you could remember everything when told? Sounds amazing, heh? Go ahead and read this article by the end of which you'll say goodbye to those tiny chits.

This trick is for memorizing any list of 10 items in series; which then you can recall randomly, top to down, down to up.

What you have to do is imagine an object for numbers 1-10 which has similar shape as that of number. That means every number should have a characteristic image to it in your mind. So that whenever that number pops in your head that image, which you assigned, must also pop up.

To elaborate this point let me give you an example here:

For 1: You can use pen. Or any other object in your life that you are VERY familiar with which resembles the shape of one. Don't forget that it should not be something hard to recall. Pen is just an example; you can go for anything you want.

For 2: You can use duck. Go crazy with your imagination, but remember that it needs to be the same shape as 2 and easy to remember.

For 3: Well girls you might want to skip this paragraph. Yeah now to you boys; for three you can use boobs :p It might look funny, but the key here is to let go you imagination crazy. Got it?

For 4: Use yacht.
For 5: Use a hook.

For 6: Use an elephant (its trunk is the only thing concerned here)

For 7: Use a cliff.
For 8: Use hour glass.
For 9: Use flag.
For 10: Use Ball and Bat.

The above are just examples for you. If you've got something else which you think will work better for you go ahead. Remember to keep the shape of object same as the number you are giving it. Remember to give ONLY ONE OBJECT TO EACH NUMBER. You might even draw them on paper; this way you won't forget them easily. Once you are satisfied that you now know each number with shape you may move on.

Now that you have got the base; it will be quite easy for you to accomplish this feat. What you need to do now is ASSOCIATE the thing you want to remember with the corresponding image of the number. Let me give you an example of this whole process so that you may understand better:

Suppose this is your shopping list (it can be any list):

1) Soap

2) Towel

3) Book

4) Pencil

5) Fork

6) Meat

7) Candy

8) Watch

9) Milk

10) Notebook

It can be more complex; I've written it easier so that you may feel comfortable with it. Now let's start the process of remembering this list.

The first object is soap. It is as you know number 1 in the list. By now you should know that for number one the object we chose before was pen. So imagine a HUGE soap on a pen. Or pen writing on a soap. Or soap washing a pen. The point is you need to go crazy with your imagination; THE MORE FUNNY YOUR IMAGINATION THE MORE BETTER YOU WILL REMEMBER.

The second object is Towel. The second image was duck. Imagine a duck drying herself with a towel, or a duck getting a sauna while wearing a towel. Again go crazy.

And so forth. You know the number corresponding to the image. And you also have the list. Just join them together and let loose your imagination wild.

Now if you want to recall it. Just go through the numbers from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. If someone asks you what was on number 1 just think of what was the thing with the pen. If someone asks you what was the thing with number 2 just try to recall what was with the duck. Easy?

Don't worry if it doesn't work properly the first time. If you are having some problems try to figure out what are the causes. It could be because you haven't remember the images I asked you to give to each number, or it could even be because you are not imagining crazy enough.

Some of you might be skeptical about it. Don't worry it will DEFINITELY work. I am not going to tell you WHY it works, because then it will require a whole another article. This is the easiest of memory tricks. Your mind is far more capable of remembering than this tiny list.

FOOT NOTE: This trick will increase your overall memory, because it increases the usage of your whole brain. Just don't imagine any thing which you don't like, because this way your mind might just block it; it could be a thing which might remind you of some bad incident you might've had. I have been doing this for many months now. If you have got any problem or any questions feel free to ask me.

Now you're genius!


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