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By: Xavier Morrison

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Did He Make The Catch? / and Knee Jerk Reactions


July 7, 2011 Arlington, TX


After seeing the video of the fan who fell from the stands and died at the Rangers game, morbidly my first thought was to wonder if he made the catch. I know, how could I think such a thing, and how cold hearted I must be, but there I said it. Don’t get me wrong, this is tragic…But almost immediately, my next thought was that they would probably now build a higher fence, that would likely obscure the view of the field, to prevent any possibility of it ever happening again…


Sure enough a day or two later just such a plan was being proposed… the absurdity of our society (USA) to legislate and facilitate knee jerk responses in attempts to insulate us all from every potential hazard, no matter how tiny the probability of its' occurrence.


This litigious focus/obsession with assigning liability drives up costs (such as insurance) which in turn drives up the costs of all services (med specifically) and products. Not to mention how it very literally limits our freedoms (its' impact should not to be underestimated)…The financial constraints of the future will require that this be changed.


In Europe in general, and Germany specifically you can, for example, take your car on the Nurbrigring race track for a fee of 15 euros for a 13 mile lap of the old road course. That would be unthinkable in this country due to the potential of legal liability if someone were to wreck their car and hurt themselves, even though the dangers are implicit in the activity..."You raced your car and wrecked and hurt yourself, and now you want someone else to pay the bill? LUDICROUS! 

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