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Adventures Of King David

Book By: abyskaria

This is a beautiful collection of real life classics and valuables for any age. We look back into our experiences to learn from. Have a look through the pictures you would like from their bottom of heart. Share this and delight of your midst where every side of the coin takes one view in all direction. Do hang on with contributions if you like each episodes of this strengthening bonds of life. :)

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Almighty God shares HIS goodness in many ways. Sometimes when we seek passionately a kind blessing in prayer and His tender kindness comes with as a fortune we are given to harvest. Earlier in young life of King David The Great, he came across one point in time when he was totally battered. He defeated Goliath and never asked the Guardian of His land his throne. It so goes like this.

News came from all around that we are facing a climate change that our resources are going into another unsafe hands. Everyone was receding over a case and the final order had left the Guardian of the land in vague when no one was ready to battle with the reality started with handing securities. A big battle surfaced as the present ruler of the communion was about to be vagued into controversies at his age. Everyones in the land had some key points but no one yet had the real picture how the matter had to be settled. The valuers on the other half passed by an unknown gate and this reopened a new enlightenment that some of us can make a new fortune with this. Soon a treaty was signed with the Goliath by few and the invaders step was a reach beyond every home in the capital.

There was a home far away in the midst of a lake. It was once said that the king of the 40 thieves once used to feed the little fishes in these lakes. A young lad of around tender age used to know little tales all that he could learn and accustom from his wise parents. Often he would ask them why cant everyone learn by not exploiting others but helping evenly when they don't put us in trouble. One day when his lessons were over and he ready his greatest teacher asked him, who are you? He told in reality I am your son and the illuminating light born to be the person like King David. Why, my son, King David may be like you may had vividness of experiences and do you prove in the midst of few steps how you can be in this episode if you could beat the vacuum that surrounded the late Prince Caspian fortress. And don't be like others in this journey except your hearts wish. The teenager called upon his dad before he left for the journey and told him, I am your son.

The journey took this young handsome guy 28 years and the entire crowded people of all lands gathered in the arena waiting with all the messengers of heaven and armies of the sky limits. The boundaries were made and it was only 14 generations for the final battle to be won by the men of the true honor and pride for their hearts content. Goliath alone was so much in arms of the times that could have shaped anything. Everyone assumed that the kings that ever lived on earth with the stars as their imprints were fading into meekness. Yet it was a human family that made this youngster David. Finally there were only one battle for the half of a daylight and full of darkness where everyone were startled at. Every plan was set and the battle had to be stated on the true words of human being. Our David had started for his journey with a mirror and a bow full of crafts. When he reached the city doors they were slathered with guards that no one had the right to enter. He sold all the crafts to buy a kite and a bow with hammer. There was no darkness for three days and four nights. Everyone caught up with flu and the entire army was suffering with mild fever due to climate change. People were shattered and crowd gathered outside the three galleries. What can be done to stop suffering? How can we end this battle with the Goliath frontiersmen? The only solution left for the guardians of the light was that the Goliath himself was summoned. This war needed would be recalled and we only need to sacrifice the motherland herself. Finally they send an invitation to Goliath by the words of the council. People were terrified as Goliath killed everyone who came on his way to the arena. There were flashes of thunder and lightening stuck every home in the courtyard. The Supreme Emperor and kings of the solar space were all set. The meeting was about to start and then the real life space struck Goliath.

A lightening stuck Goliath. It became rumors and spread like wild fire among the armies of Goliath. Who did this was the question? Who could have? The young David had climbed 10000 miles apart a tall mountain and with his mirror redirected one splash of lightening that laid the venue. Goliath couldn't have heard of this place and immediately directed his army to capture this young person. The arena was completely changed. They could do everything but had they been far across the lake across they would had but no one dare not with the ocean life. The courtyard was summoned and sum of around 1 trillion securities was laid the price by Goliath. Yet days passed and only one reason that lit that day sky was a price laid in the kite that caught all of then, why cant you not save 1 trillion for your loved ones when you could have come this far? is lined on its footprints. The daring Goliath transversed the ocean laws in a rage and laid one step across. Goliath saw the David with eyes on that tallest range over the ocean. The ocean life along the dove tear him down. Yet with his mightiest army he reached the step of the mountain and asked the boy to climb down from the mountain hill for the promise of being his chief leader of staff on a new day. As the young David told him, I can understand but there is a problem. I am very afraid that you are asking me when you are such a person who made no possible in a request. I cannot understand whether you yourself ever learned to climb even as a child. Goliath tried once and twice. This time David twanged his bow with the hammer stone and let it go. The times hit him so badly just below his forehead that he fell so sharply into ocean beside that he was laid to rest under the deepest fall into an reservoir where there is no escape. The armies of darkness disappeared. The next moment young teenager was honored in the courtroom. The King asked him you have saved our motherland from Goliath and you can ask us whatever in return. David told him I will surely if you assure that I may be always your behold servant and my bloodline among the guardians of the land. He became the greatest life ever lived among with kindness of Almighty's Grace. :)


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