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We Are Walking In The Light

Book By: Alena Adams

Tags: “Here, Vigour, Failed, The, Lofty, Fantasy: But, Now, Was, Turning, My, Desire, And, Will, Even, As, A, Wheel, That, Equally, Is, Moved, The, Love, Which, Moves, Sun, Other, Stars.”, Canto, 33, Dante, Divine, Comedy “I, Didn’t, Ask, For, This, Role, But, I, Play, It” “Almost, Famous” I, Am, Dedicating, Work, To, Mama, Luda, (you, Are, Always, Right, Mom), Wendy, There, Me, D.N., Part, Of, Me), Fellow, Indigos, Not, Alone), Most, All, You, Love…, And, Everybody, Else, Who, Ever, Believed, Me., Eternally, Grateful…   , Groton, CT, Well, Known, Submarine, Capital, World;, However, Home, Bluff, Pointe, Costal, Nature, Reserve, Next, Amtrak, Railroad, With, Overgrown, Paths, Hidden, Beaches, Intricate, Rock, Formations, Woods, Trails., As, Walking, One, Day, By, Watched, Two, Trains, Pass, Then, Have, Raised, Head, Saw, Red-tailed, Hawk, Heading, Toward, Its, Nest, Built, Exactly, On, Top, Electrical, Tower., It, Circle, Around, Gracefully, Land, Attend, Offspring, Thought, Passed, Through, Mind, Despite, Noise, Vibration, Smell, External, Hazards, Unmoved, Carries, Responsibilities, Activities, Been, Encoded, In, DNA, Since, Beginning, Time, Marvelous, Combination, Evolution, God, Pure, Existence., It, Has, An, Innate, Trust, Internal, Compass, Weather, Serve, Purpose, No, Hesitation, Doubt, Nor, Confusion., Thought:, “How, We, Humans, Our, Brain, Capacities, Bodies, Souls, Cannot, Achieve, Such, Harmony, Peace, Divine, Sense, Direction, Knowledge?” Since, Little, Blessed, Knowledge, Higher, Power., Born, Goal:, Humanity., Every, Live, Make, World, Better, Place, Show, Human, Beings, What, Incredible, How, Fortunate, Be, Here., Challenging, Lot, “old, School”, Ideas, Because, Trying, Disrespectful, Only, Believe, Different, Dimension, Existence, Survival, When, Old, Notions, Longer, Applicable., A, Going, Talk, About, Comes, Intuitive, Information, From, Above., There, References, Books, Research, Material., However, Imperative, Keep, Limited, Ability, Comprehend, Full, Load, Information;, Even, If, Material, Given, Us, Correct, Translation, Interpretation, Often, Mistaken., The, Book, Continue, Time-honored, Discussion, Regarding, Energy, (aka, Fields);, Universe;, Matters, Love, Money;, Lives, Last, Least, Avert, Crisis, Coming, 2020., That, Year, Humanity, Reach, Materialistic, Matter, Energetic, Where, Fields, Thin, Out, Leaving, Vulnerable, Diseases, Problems., Later, Fields., In, Order, Help, Ourselves, Survive, Unify, Biofields;, Hate, Say, “united, Stand”., By, Unification, Strengthen, Planet, Thus, Crisis. Let’s, Start, Beginning… Energy…This, Word, Brings, Myriad, Free, Associations:, Gas, Wind, Water, Energy;, Emotion, Action;, List, Goes, On., First, Foremost, Trading, Coin, Universe., Nothing, More, Important, Valuable, Universe, Than, Energy., Thing, “bad”, Or, “good”, Positive, Negative;, Those, Concepts, Were, Created, Simplify, Life, Vision, World., The, Exceptional, Feature, Concentrations, Hence, “channels”., “Channels”, Highest, Concentration, Wide, Tunnels, Space, Accessible, Living, Beings., Advisable, Enter, “channels”, Without, Proper, Spiritual, Emotional, Preparedness., Price, Pay, Intrusion, Too, High., You, Mainly, Your, Health, Destruction, Future., Your, Intention, Aimed, Greater, Good, Something, You., For, Example, Loved, Saving, Another, Person’s, Life., Typically, Used, Resolution, Big, Problems, Destitution, Someone., Access, Second, Third, Fourth, Dimension;, Possible, Fifth, So, Dimensions., Wishes, Desires…For, Mundane, Everyday, Issues, Would, Recommend, “Ask, Shall, Receive”, Approach., Explain, Terms, Energy:, Said, Before, Everything, Thoughts, Wishes, Desires, Words, Us., Works, Like, Short-order, Cook:, Send, Request., Request, Form, Prayer, Visualization, Affirmation, Simple, Sending, Signal, Take, Certain, Electromagnetic, Delivered., Some, Might, “My, Wish, Never, Answered;”, News, News., Answered, Fulfilling, Times, See, Wisdom, Foresee, Future, Minute, Detail., Thank, Unanswered, Prayers;, Don’t, Despair, Fulfilled, Enough, Picture, Just, Deep, Breath, Wait, Achieving, Way., Speaking, God…, We, Feelings, Believing, Understandings, Names., Behind, Each, Every, Single, Name, Lies, Same, Entity, Manifestation:, Complete, Total, Whole, Absolute, Can, Compared, Withstand, It., True, Great, Love., Dimensions…There, Several, Dimensions, Five, Many, Twenty-seven., Later, Concept, Time., At, Juncture, Mention, Coincide, Manner, Fan, Layer, Overlapping, Other;, Dimension/time/dimension/time, Forth., Dimensions, Invisible, Corresponding, Another., Travel, Between, Dimensions;, Does, Require, Skill, Necessary, Preparation., Each, Contains, Own, Organisms, Planets, Worlds;, Makes, Infinite, Boundless, Unrestricted., Though, Limitless, EVERYTHING, EVERYBODY, Connected, Ultimately, Becomes, ONE., ONE, Manifestation, Many., THE, One, Any, Representation, Unified, Your, Connection, Universe…Buddhists, You;, Light, Center, We, Level;, Reality, Very, Basic, Level:, Cellular., Ties, Us. Connection, Cellular, Level…I, Degree, Biology, Let, Explain., If, Breathing, Organism, Chances, High, Possess, They, Call, Eukaryotic, Cells, Highly, Complex, Cell, Structures, Within, Sustain, (refer, Figure, 1)., Structure, Also, Supports, Theory, “one, Many”., Even, Similar, Unique, “you.”, So, Doesn’t, Chicken, Fish, Moose, Whale;, Structured, Different., What, Plants, Bacteria, Viruses?, Strange, May, Sound, Again, Ways, Plant, Virus, Ours., They, Walls, Membranes, Mitochondrion., Contrary, Popular, Belief, “feel”, Do, React, , Figure, 1., Eukaryotic, Cell;, Www.torresbioclan.pbworks.com To, Immediate, Surroundings, Energetically., Fungi, Actually, Cells., Viruses, Tad, Their, Structure., Essential, Genetic, Material;, “borrow”, Truth, Studied, Science, Presence, Let’s, Sum, Up, At, Point;, Major, Characteristics, Unite, Us:, As, United, Sensations, Cold, Heat, Pain, Feelings., Another, Fascinating, Fact:, Embryos, Early, Stage, Being, Resemble, Another:, Chickens, Salamanders., Embryos., Www.8e.devbio.com , Virus., Www.cbu.edu Time…, Time, Stretch, Matter., Real, Physical, Substance, Stretched, Compressed, Directly, Did, Notice, Sometimes, Seems, Shorter, Is?, Happens, Affecting, Perception, Aging, Antiaging, Transformation, Delaying, Division, Growing, Aging, Death., Sometimes, Encountered, “life”, “time”, Interchangeable., School, “time, ”, New, Go, Hand, “Life”, Sequence, Events, Space., Eternal, Possible., Maybe, Desirable, Anything, Programmed, Much, Want., Death, Biological, Mistake, Allowed, Timing, Everything., Punctuality, Manners;, It’s, Character., Creates, Habit, Leads, Character, Destiny., Expression, “a, Dollar, Short, Late”, Applicable, Accident;, 2., Cell., Www., Waynesworld.edu Happens, Precisely, Moment, Supposed, Happen, Hopes, Concur, Confirm, Requests., Signs, Everywhere:, Posters, Posts, Pictures, Commercials, Etc., Look, Answering, Via, Channels, Communication., Perceptions, Illusions…, Everything, Illusion;, Misconceptions, Plaguing, Dawn, Time:, Control, Over, Destinies, Idea, Masters, Road, Constant, “forking”, Choose, Left, Right., Major, Points, Already, Determined, Minor, Details, Changing, Accordance, Levels, Moods, Attitudes., Is, Change, Dramatically?, Yes, Is;, Quite, Complicated, Process, Level. Changing, Life…First, Decide, Why, Changing., Then, Affect, Patterns…Another, Topic, Add, Issue:, Patterns., Math, Probably, Know, Formulas, Rule, Subject., Plug, Numbers, Solve, Theorem, Get, Number, Life, Different;, Cycles, Before, Dismiss, Think, Bet, 5, 7, 10, 12, Years, Dramatic, Life;, Bad, Change., Dear, Friend, Living;, Shawshank, Redemption:, “Get, Busy, Dying”., Species, Reproductive, Cycles., Governments, Countries, Commercial, Companies. Everything, Pattern:, Attitudes, Morning, Routine, Reactions, Towards, Others, Special, Powers, Won’t, Follow, Examples, Relationships, Employment., Relationship, 85, %, Chance, Fail, Saying, Really, Had, Plenty, Red, Flags, Warning, Signs, Prior, Disastrously., Believe, Experienced, Moments., Trust, Gut, Feeling;, Feels, Wrong, Wrong., Sounds, Must, Be., Be, Realistic, Yourself., First, Owe, Yourself, Much., You, Universe…Everything, Starts, Emotions, Goals, Set, Motion., Thyself, Evil, Down., Don’t, Speak, Poorly, Yourself;, Disrespect, Noticed, Stubborn, Overwhelming, Guilt, Low, Self-esteem, Low, Self-confidence, Self-medication, Self-destruction., Ancient, Chinese, Legend, States, Young, Man, Cave, Retrieve, Gold, He, Dragon, Told, Point, Till, Seduced, Him, Became, Dragon., Become, Need, Kill, “dragon”, “How?”, Ask;, Concepts:, Faith., Key, Perfection, “love.”, Emotion;, Exists, Breathes, Powerful, Everything:, Wealth, Success., Feeling, Tie, Universe;, Unity, Faith, Simplest, Concepts., Understanding, Compassion, Care, Come, Imagine, Buddha, Screaming, People, Jesus, Pulling, Gun., Aware, Talking, Influential, Leaders, Time;, Whoever, Led, Example., Being, Nice, Mean, Walk, Means, Understanding, Do, Kindness, Weakness., Numbers…As, Meaning;, 12;, Pupils, Christ, Speaking, Entities, Preside, Guiding, Ruling, Destinies. Fear…Aggression, Fear, Jealousy, Negative, Fear., Fear, Visceral, Experience;, Rooted, Evolutionary, Safety, Mechanism, Biggest, Blockage, Way, Harmony., Aggression, Related, Aging;, Aggression, Affects, Progress, Aging., Negative, Kind, Ages, Putting, Them, Some, Sort, Overdrive, Making, Divide, Faster, Extra, Pressure, Metabolic, Process., You, Possessed, Write, Paper, Book;, Answer, Honestly, Possible:, Venerable, Crisis., Biofield, (energy, Field), Human, Consists, Layers, Levels., Energy, Field, Colors, Information., CD, “write”, Difference, Aura, Biofield, With., Curses, “subcurses”…, Curse, Somebody, Ill, Serious, Destructive, When, “writing”, Biofield., Look, Detect, Curse, Black, Dark, Gray, Field., Curses, Tendency, Sit, Inner, Closer, Body, Harder, Rid, Of., Just, Cancer, Curses, Spread, Transferred, Generation, Generation., Strong, Subcurses, Products, Lesser, Envy, General, Pettiness., Subcurse, Easier, Eliminate., Usually, Lands, Three, Color, Usually, Gray., Where, From?, Answer:, Emotion., This, Conversation, Spells… Spells, Synonymous, Witches, Spells, Territory., Everybody, Cast, Spell, Done, Neither, Animal, Sacrifices, Disgusting, Drinks, Required., Word, Caution:, Someone, Consequences., Manipulating, Anybody’s, Bind, Person, Writing, Child’s, Play., Magic, Magical, Thinking…, Possible.Magic, Magic, Touch, Thinking, Refusing, Grey, Attempt, Numbers., Numbers…Colors, Vibrations, Speed, Perceive, Differently., Color, Source, Through, Adjust, Repair, Reinforce, Since, Appropriate, Discuss, Every, Ranges, White/crystalline, White, Purple, (indigo)., Crystalline, Level, Indicating, Level., Rainbows, Fields;, Strength, Amount, Varies., Indigo, Indigo, People…, Sources, Indigo, People., Give, Quick, Rundown., Referred, “rebels”., Authority, Difficulty, Rigid, Systems, Appear, Antisocial., Waves, “indigo”, Began, 1930s, “arrive”, Twenty, Years., Increases, Wave., Quirky, Talented, Unconventional, Ideas;, Empathetic, Willed, Independent., “exhibit, Inclination, Childhood.”, Stand, Called, “crazy”, “fruitcakes.”, Absolutely, Crazy, Us;, Normal, Anybody, Clearer, View, Here, Roles, Planet., I, Across, Lost, Lack, Purpose., Shame!, Strike, Against, Society, Assume, Ways., Turn, Alcohol, Drugs, Numb, Themselves, Deal, Society., It’s, Difficult, Succeeded, Person;, While, Support, Limited., Succeed, Embracing, “uniqueness”, Crucial, Case, Acknowledgement, Importance, Essential., Crystalline, Children…, Haven’t, Met, Far, Tell, Read, Researched, Online., Understand, Wave, Gifted, Completely, Into, Conjunction, Larger, Runs, Children, Teenagers., Crystalline, Planet. , “destroy”, Tradition, Build, Anew., Increased, Slower, Rate, Type, “produced”, Massively, Distributed, Easily., Accumulate, “produce.” Even, Features:, Patience, Advanced, Abilities, Extremely, Individuals., Differences, Advanced;, Capable, Traveling, Teleporting, Star, Trek., Teleporting…, Interesting, Trend, Tendencies, Occur, Handicapped, Children;, Guess, Limitation, Advances, Abilities., Piercing, Blue, Eyes, Apparently, Universal, Sign., Find, Children, Now:, Meg, Blackburn., Silence, Word., Sounded, Needed, Affirmations, Tools, Again, Careful, Though., Necessarily, Particular, “Thank, Prayers.”, Pray, Giving, His, Plan, Answers, Sense., Giving, Thanks…, Giving, Thanks, Important., Thankful, For?, Oh, Something., Time…, Grows, Connecting, God., Start, Basics…, Shelter, Food, Money, Bills…, Expand, Spiritually, Grow., Having, Blessing…, Blessing, Love;, Woke, Alive, Consider, 75, Percent, Made., Rest, Shamans, Leaders…The, Came, Article, Shamans, National, Geographic, Inspired, Healers, Slowly, Divided, Schools, Healing:, Healing”, “new, Healing.”, Addition, Split, Levels:, Lower, Higher., “Old, “New, …The, Main, Healer, Old, Practices, Direct, Contact, Biofield;, Present, Prepared., In, Healing, Diagnostic, Distance;, Diagnose, Heal, Located, Boston, Massachusetts, San, Paulo, Brazil., How, Possible?, Compression, Space;, Detection, Imprinting;, Adjusting, Overhauling, Correcting, Now, Ethical, Question, Arises:, Access, Long, Distance, Should, Permission, Help?, Choice…, Remind, You:, Action, Working, Biofields…Working, Biofields, Requires, Taxing, Exhausting., Takes, Toll, Spirit., “protect”, Yours, Attached, Not, Becoming, Overinvolved, Problem, Encounter., God’s, His, Design, Plan., Somewhat, Detached, Working, Grief, Sorrow, Encounter, Along, Overwhelming., Paying, Praying, After, Helps, Grounded, Noninvolved., A, Helpful, “share”, Saints, Virgin, Mary, Angels., Prayer, Art…, Whom, Specifically, Dedicated, Prayers., Discovered, Lately, Unborn., Unborn, Worked, Two, Energy…, Imagine, Beautiful, Building, Grand, Entrance, Hike, Uphill, Back, Away., “Old, Uses, Ancestors, Basing, Allow, Power, Again., Progressive, Accesses, Obtain, It;, Stronger, Efficient., Life, Death…, Experience, Die, Convince, Otherwise., Experiences, Medium., Heaven, Hell;, Admission, Office, College., Line, Admitted, Played, Assigned, Create, Environment, Meet, Period, Reassigned, Just, Side, Note, Seasons, Renewed, Deaths, During, Spring, Fall., Different, Planets…, Sites, Experiment, Perfecting, Design., Closed, Run, Course, Mars, Moon, Venus., Still, Function, Earth., Truth, Earth, Long;, Civilizations, Clear, Atlantis., Doing, Far?, Poorly, Answer., Unfortunately, Using, 30, Potential;, Behavior, Standards, Immature, Primitive, Best., Constantly, Forgetting, Overlooking, Interconnection, Forms, There, Exist;, Could, Otherwise, Enormous, Amazing, Flowing, Universe., Starting, Potential, Limitless., Limitless, Unlimited, Energy?, So…, Tasking, Body., Peculiar, Interfere, Outward, Inward, Response, Explain:, Natural, Chemicals, Hormones, Fast, Protecting, State, Shock, Also, Obstacle, Rapid, Necessity, Needs, Sleep, Oxygen, “Healthy, Spirit, Healthy, Body.”, …, Previously, Mentioned, Feel, Act, Effect, Health., Cancer, Prolonged, Accumulation, Depression, Anger, Turned, Inward., Correlated;, Impact, Function., Pain, Subjective…, Pain-free., To, Channel, Bring, Disease, Pain., On, Ok;, Bottom, End, Tunnel, Further, Go., During, These, Gives, Abundance, Opportunities, Growth., Angels…, Are, Categories, Angels:, Guardian, Warrior, Healer., Amount, Force, Varies, Task., Everybody, Magic..., Intuition, Senses., Perfect, Somehow, Forget, Our, Shown, Dreams;, Connect, Dreams, Smells, Visions., Crystal, Balls, Tarot, Cards, Auras, Signs, Everywhere., Quiet, Down, Listen., Listen, Door, Endless, Open, Amen., To, Continued… , Comments, Questions, Thoughts?, Welcome, All., Please, E-mail:, Alenapoepping@yahoo.com , Alena, Adams, Resides, Professional, Nurse., , ,

Thoughts on universal energy, human energy, human biofield, time, our connection to the Universe and God.

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