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Ring EXchange - Adventures of a Multiple Marrier

Book By: authorpamevans

This is a book about the intriguing true story of Pam Evans, who has been married and divorced four times, and lived to tell the tale – with honesty, humor, and a heartfelt message for her readers. Pam first married at 18, then again in her 20s, her 30s, and her 40s. She reveals that her many treks ”down the aisle” were part of a ”long and winding road” that, each time, led eventually from the altar to the divorce court. Why has Pam decided to disclose these very personal aspects of her life? ”I was inspired to write this book for a couple of reasons. First, writing made me work on self-discovery and reflect about my past choices and often hasty decisions, my behavior and my relationship patterns. For example, I often did minimal vetting of my potential partners. Another reason for ’coming clean’ about my many marriages is that I truly want to impart realizations, insights, and, I hope, wisdom to others who are caught in the multiple marriage syndrome. Those who have never been married or married only once or are curious about multiple marriers can also learn from my experiences.” Open the pages of Ring EXchange, and join in Pam’s fascinating journey.

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Ring Exchange:

Adventures of a Multiple Marrier

By Pam Evans

Chapter Excerpt

This leads me to the discussion of what's the difference between them and us? I mean…the rich and famous and us everyday people? When it slipped out that Kim Kardashian had an earlier marriage, immediately after tying the knot with What's His Name, the couple seemed to survive - well, only for a record two-plus months - and no careers were destroyed. In fact, careers blossomed, which is why Kim adorns the cover of every magazine I seem to pick up these days. Perhaps with her entrepreneurial spirit, Kim can now build a divorce consulting practice on the side "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover - or should I say Husband - in Only 72 Days!"

Boy, Kim's story is so unlike my story. Can you imagine a 33-year-old female, the ex-spouse of a matrimonial law attorney, who works for the Bar Association, dreaming of hanging out in that provincial upstate New York town and prospering after the messy divorce dust has settled? The wives in the Junior League surely would have run "single me" out of town on a rail if I had tried to stay there, not to mention the big, fat, twice-divorced-and-free-again "scarlet letter" I would have had to wear on my chest.

Nooooo….I had to fly 2,500 miles away to start a new life. In fact, I've heard some multiple marriers wish they could go under a witness protection program for marriers, if there is such a thing. Perhaps some have actually done so. In a sense, I tried that approach, as finding a new spouse and getting remarried quickly meant that I could change my name, take on a brand-new identity and go underground again. I could save everyone on the East Coast embarrassment and have less explaining to do out here in the West. And by golly, in keeping with my pattern of moving on to greener romance pastures, I found myself with my next husband-to-be in a cheesy drive-up chapel in Lake Tahoe within just three years' time!

Pam Evans lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. She has worked in the marketing and sales support sectors of global Fortune 500 high technology companies in Silicon Valley for the past 20+ years. Pam is also recognized for her authentic and dynamic public speaking ability. Evans refers to herself as a "hybrid individual," since a wide variety of people and places have influenced her worldview and her " storytelling" style.

Learn more at www.ring-exchange.com


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