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Love with the Devil

By: Aysh Nash

Page 1, LOVE WITH THE DEVIL ------------------------ She was smart, brilliant and enormously gorgeous. She had everything a man wants. She was the swan princess with the brain. If she was the girl next door, He was the prince charming, handsome and wealthy. Everything was perfect in their world. But one of them was betrayed, one of them fell in LOVE WITH THE DEVIL………….. Love with the devil is a story of passion, romance, betrayals, revenge & full of dark secrets which are soon to be reveled…


She was smart, brilliant and enormously gorgeous. She had everything a man wants. She was the swan princess with the brain. If she was the girl next door, He was the prince charming, handsome and wealthy. Everything was perfect in their world. But one of them was betrayed, one of them fell in
Love with the devil is a story of passion, romance, betrayals, revenge & full of dark secrets which are soon to be reveled…

Greece, Athens 1975.


“Catherine dear you are getting late for college.” Catherine heard her mother Annabel’s voice from downstairs. She hurried to downstairs but she had no time left for breakfast. But before heading out she gave a sweet kiss to her mother’s forehead. Catherine loved her parents more than anything in the world and specially her mother. For Catherine everything starts and ends with her family.

Catherine was smartbrilliant and enormously gorgeous and hot. She was the swan princess with the brain. She was a lovely looking suntanned teen with black hair, flawless features and merry blue eyes. She had a tolerant mouth that look ready to smile, and a nose that was slightly up, and a face that was always bright. She was independent but had her own rules which bound her with the family tradition. God had given her all the beauty and talent, as if she was his favorite creation.

Catherine’s parents were from Bradford but they moved to Athens three years ago. Catherine’s mother Annabel was in her early fifties. She was a pretty woman with a pleasant face which was always ready to smile. She has the eyes of an angel. Everyone loved her and adore her not only because she is pretty but also due to her good nature. Catherine’s dad Benjamin Parker also was a very pleasing and decent man. But he was not a good looking and charming man. He was tall dark and huge man with lots of white hair. A lot of people wonder why such a lovely and attractive woman like Annabel married to a man like Ben. What they don’t know is about their family’s ritual. They had a strong belief that a woman would only belong to one man. And she would love him for what and who he was. Neither a girl nor a woman can have sex with a man before she gets married. They believe that a woman must protect herself from the evil sights and must be a virgin till she gets married to the one. As for Catherine’s parents they were high school sweethearts who were madly in love with each other and were ready to commit it.

Ben works at the Athens state museum as Curator. It was located in the heart of Athens. The museum itself is a beautiful building built in style which indicates history. Inside were large halls containing antiques from various periods and time. They even had antiques which were originally from 15 BC.Ben loves his job but more than that he is fascinated about the rich history of Greece. Every single antique had its own story. The more you learn about it the more you want to know. And there is no end for it.

Catherine didn’t have much friends but she had a very special friend whom she loved with all her heart. Her name was Amy Doves. Amy was a black beauty with long curly hair and eyes which define her personality. Amy and Catherine never hide anything from each other. They shared each and every single thing with each other. And so Amy was the only one who knew that Catherine secretly adored someone very much. She was madly in love with him. Every time she talks about him Amy reminds her of her family and the beliefs. But after all that also she can’t change how she feels about Dean Kroger.

Chapter Two

DeanKroger was a handsome and charismatic young man who was born with the golden spoon on his mouth. He was every girls dream boy. He was town’s most eligible bachelor. He was a teen full of life and dreams. Dean was his father’s only son so he was the heir to his father’s entire business empire.His father owned some of the world’s largest network companies and international graphic companies and Dean was well aware of all the profits they were getting from each of these companies. He knew it all belong to him but he never felt proud for it and was never overconfident about any of these things. Dean was in love with Sophia Hagen. She was beautiful and a wealthy princess. Dean and Sophia had been in a relationship since 10th grade. Both of their families had no objection against the relationship. They made a perfect couple.

Catherine’s heart sank every time she saw Dean and Sophia together. She knew it was forbidden for her to love a man who was already in a relationship. But he had become an obsession for her. She even has an imaginary world in which they both were together. Dean may have become her obsession but she had no intension of ruining Sophia’s happiness for her own. She was desperate for Dean’s love but she never showed it to anyone except for Amy. Catherine used to spend sleepless nights thinking about Dean.

Time passed by and during the years September,Catherine finally got what she was praying for. Every year the college’s business and art students used to go on a three week alfresco study program. During the days they observe every students behavior, strategies, confidence level and how they handle the things which comes in their way. Every year the location changes and this year it was Ohio.

Ohio is a city of Athenswhich is mostly famous for its haunted stories. Lunatic Asylum is said to be the most haunted place is Ohio. This asylum was operated from 1874 until 1993. The hospital held many violent and dangerous patients. Since closing, the hospital has been the center of numerous ghost stories. Margaret’s story is a highlighted one because most of the people believe is true. She was a deaf-mute patient who supposedly escaped from her room, accidently became trapped in an abandoned ward, and eventually died of exposure. Her decomposed body was found weeks later, and supposedly the stain that was left on the floor of the ward can still be seen today.

“You must go there. You will get lots of pioneeringstuffs to learn and apart from that all your friends will be there and I know you will have a wonderful time.” Sophia assured Dean -“I know that but I don’t want to go because you won’t be there to accompany me. I’ll miss you.” –“I’ll miss you too baby but you’ll have to go because it’s very important for you. And I promise after this little trip of yours you and I will go to dad’s private lake house, just me and you.” Sophia persuadedDean to go on his trip. Dean was still feeling scratchy because Sophia won’t be going to the trip. She was not a student of business and art so she won’t be able to join him.

The trip began on September 13. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suits was one of the most luxurious hotels in Athens OH. This was the hotel all the students were supposed to stay. On The first day all the students went to see this small beautiful city. And on the second day they gathered at the hotel lobby and their guide Tony Joseph announced that they will be going to the FOREST TRIP so he divided all the twenty five applicant members of picnic into two groups including the teachers. Later they all went to explore the deep forest of Ohio. To Catherin’s surprise Dean and Amy both were in her group. That was the last she could expect. Everyone enjoyed during the trip because they got to see thousands of new things which they had never seen before. ButCatherine felt happy and lucky because Dean was there beside her. Catherine couldn’t veil her lexis when Dean came up and talked to her during the break. That was the first time he’d ever talked to a girl and for the first time he felt a girl was interesting other than Sophia. Dean was fascinated by Catherin’s knowledge and scene of humor. She had an ethical answer and reflection for everything she spoke about. Dean found himself attracted towards her. During the rest of the forest trip Deanmade excuses to talk with Catherine.

Every time Catherine was around Dean he forgets about the rest of the world. She had everything which a man wants in a woman. Dean was totally attracted to Catherine. He even confessed it to her. For Catherine it was like a Dream come true. Since she had seen Dean from the college library she had been waiting for this day. But things didn’t go according to her expectations. She thought Dean would explain everything to Sophia and come back to her forever. After the end trip to Ohio it seems that Dean never knew her. He would pass by her without a word. He kept ignoring her. Catherine felt like a fool hallucinating about non existing things. “This is how those rich brats are Cathy. They just use others and there is no doubt about it that he did the same to you. He just used you during the trip because his so called girlfriend was not there.” Amy truly never liked Dean and now she hates him for doing this to Catherine. Amy kept accusing Dean but Catherine was not listening to any of those things. She was lost in her own thoughts, If she was listening to Amy also she wouldn’t believe a word she said for the reason that she loved him more than that and had faith in him.

During those two turbulent weeks Catherine even thought to suicide but she didn’t because her family will be shattered without her. She was all lost and had no hope any silver ring. But it was not the way it was destined to be.

It was late afternoon all the sessions had ended and everyone left home. Catherine was studying in the library for an upcoming exam when she heard a noise. She didn’t pay much attention towards it but again she heard the same noise and this time it was even louder. This time Catherine panicked. She quickly packed everything and went out of the library. She was the only one walking on the long wide corridor. Suddenly someone grabbed her hand and pulled her into a class room. Catherine tried to scream but before that a hand was on her mouth. She was horrified. “You look even more gorgeous when you are scared.”Dean whispered in her ears. Catherine’s heart lightened up. She started to say something butthen she remembered what Dean was doing to her, she opened her mouth to complain about the stuff but before she could say anything his lips were on hers. By the time she had forgotten about everything which Dean had been doing to her. His lips were firm on hers. She felt a sudden fire on her body. As Deans moves went on high the fire seems to rise up excessively. She was filled with joy and she had a desire for more. Till this moment Catherine was unaware of all these pleasures. She wanted more and wanted to explore more.

When they both were done Dean assured her how delightful he felt. During the summer Dean and Catherine somehow set up time for each other and they would make love for hours. Catherine always asked him when he was going to leave Sophia and the answer was always same.” Darling you know that I can’t leave Sophia, Dad would never let me do it, and if I did also he would throw me out of the house, Cathy you know that I love you and I will marry you but after finishing the college. It’s a Kroger promise and we never break a promise.” That would be the end of the conversation.

Time passed by and a lot of things changed. But one thing didn’t change. Dean. He was the same, at one moment he would be with Sophia and in those times he won’t even recognize Catherine. He would act as if she was a stranger to him. And the second Sophia leaves he would come to Catherine. And in those times he would act as if she meant the world to him. Catherine was totally confused by his behavior. She even tried to ignore him but that was impossible. The force of attraction towards Dean was too strong. She couldn’t resist it.The love she had for him was incredible. It was the lust, a desire.

09:00pm. Catherine was at Ann’s Place when she got a call from Amy saying that she wouldn’t be able to make it to Raffel’s party tonight. Catherine felt bad about that because she was in hope to meet Dean at the party. She didn’t know what to do, All she knew was she had to see him, talk to him. Her heart and brain were going through a spat at last she decided to go there alone. When she arrived to Raffel’s party everyone from collage was there. They all were having fun. Some drinking and dancing, and as usual gossiping groups were doing their work to the maximum. She was looked every inch of the place but couldn’t find Dean from anywhere. For another fifteen minutes she waited for him. When she was about leave she heard a loud laughter from upstairs. She ignored it and walked out of the Raffel’s house when she saw Dean’s car parked at distance.

She was surprised to see his car out there because she was sure that he wasn’t at the party. She searched every corner of the house but there was no sign of him until this moment. She went back to the house. This time she directly went upstairs. As she moved forward she heard a female voice “oh oh yes baby, I like that ohh yeah” at first she hesitated but then she opened the door. As soon as she opened the door she closed it. She shook head and walked towards the next room. When she opened the door her eyes were wide opened. She was shaking and trembling. Tears started to roll down from her eyes. She didn’t want to believe what she was seeing. Within a second all her life and all her dreams shattered in to a million pieces. Sophia was buried underneath Dean’s strong body. They were making love like she always dreamed of doing with Dean. Everything was same except for her. Dean was enjoying laughing with joy like she always used to dream of. But the difference instead of her it was Sophia. He was having sex with Sophia.

To be continued...................

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