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A Reason for Living - Prelims

Book By: Billy Casper

A Reason for Living - Prelims to a Powerful and Compelling True Story of a Childs Fight for Survival from Abusive Parents

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Prelims to: A Reason for Living - by - Billy Casper


Someone once asked me why I wrote "A Reason for Living." At the time the question took me by surprise and I was unable to answer the man.

"Why do you ask? " I said. Suddenly the tables were turned and he was unable to answer my question.

I thought long and hard about his question. I guess there are many reasons why I wrote this book. Firstly, I needed to tell my story and set the record straight about how various agencies and authorities failed to provide proper care for a child so desperately in need of protection. And, more importantly, to educate people into the true consequences of ignoring child abuse and cruelty. This story contains some very powerful and important lessons for anyone with children or anyone who cares for them.

No child should ever be expected to suffer in silence. My siblings and I suffered some of the most horrific acts of cruelty and torture, on an almost daily basis, for a length of time which far exceeded the length of the Vietnam War. . .

In 1995 I subscribed to the Internet, the biggest computer network in the World. Today, I help support other victims and survivors of child abuse and cruelty and attempt to assist in the education process of the child care authorities from various parts of the World.

It's a far cry from my early childhood days, when I lived in fear of speaking out and struggled to open tins of food with little more than a few stones and brute force. . .


My thanks to my Son, Shayne, who from the very start of his life
has given me a reason to continue with mine.
Without whom this book would have never been written.

And to my siblings;
"I hope you understand, It's time to break the silence. . ."


This book is Based on a True Story and contains details of some horrific events that some people may find distressing. It also contains language and remarks that some people may find offensive. This story may be considered unsuitable for persons under the age of 18 years.


Most children live within a family unit with at least one caring, loving and responsible adult, but not all children are so lucky...

Many children suffer in silence the heartache, misery and pain of child cruelty, abuse and neglect and this is the harrowing true story of one of them.

This story will take you on a journey through your emotions as I uncover the full horror and pain of a child fighting for survival, at the hands of brutal and evil parents, a child living like a wild animal on and under the streets of England. The story also takes a look at the uncaring world of the institutions and uncovers some of the brutality and suffering endured within some of them.

This story may be considered blunt, direct and shocking with a sprinkling of humour that may take the reader by surprise, but only by doing this can I get the message across and let you, the reader, feel the full impact of:

"A Reason for Living."

The most difficult part of writing this book was typing the words with the tears rolling down my face as I relived my nightmare. But it had to be done, for it is the victims of today and yesterday that can help save the victims of tomorrow!


The Crimes detailed in this book may cause emotional distress.

The Crimes; Child abuse & cruelty, Theft, Robbery, Grevious bodily harm, Cruelty to animals and possibly Manslaughter.

The book looks at the possible reason for the start of the child cruelty and goes on to describe in some detail, some of the events themselves. The story continues into the tragic consequences of the cruelty and the effects it had and still has today, including the irrepairable emotional and psychological damage caused.

A 'rough hand written copy' of this book was read by the NSPCC in London, some years ago. They described the book as:

"A gripping and powerful horrendous story."

This book may be of interest to other survivors of childhood abuse and cruelty and those who have spent 'time' in institutions of some kind. It is also believed that it may be of an 'educational value' to those in the Child Care, Legal, Medical and Psychology professions.

Hopefully, and God willing, it will be an education to all who have the courage and strength to take this journey. . .


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