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Book By: CatScribed

Cats aren't antisocial. They are affable and gregarious. Once you know how to talk to them, bond with them, you will love them and they will return their love to you. They can lock eyes with you in a way other animals can't. This is an excerpt from the ebook, "House cat Redux" that is available at Amazon for Kindle. You need a Kindle to read the rest of it but you can read a good part about becoming a friend with a totally unknown cat. It is an one-on-one relationship with a cat, between you and the cat. I want to change people's mind about cats and I want them to treat their cats better.
I am trying to make this ebook available to Sony e-Reader also but I don't know when that will be.

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Following is an excerpt from ebook, "House cat Redux" Copyright © 2009 toshiyuki ihira

This ebook was intended to change people's ideas about cats and promote better treatment and greater enjoyment out of their cats. This is for one-on-one sessions between you and your cat.

You don't say "meow" to your cat. That is what you say to your neighbor's cat to establish you and your cat's territory. "Meow" is a composite word to your house cat. "Me" is friendly and "ow" is adversarial. "Meow" makes it "yes, I acknowledge you but keep your place" which is used to establish a house cat's physical, psychological territorial line with others. So, don't say "meow" to your cat. If your neighbor's cat doesn't honor your territorial line and trespass regularly, you might try saying "ow" to it to stress your displeasure. In fact, you can make friends with any cat you see. Even ones totally unknown to you by saying "me" to them. After saying "me" enough times, probably just a few would be sufficient, a house cat will understand that you want to be friendly with it. Is there a confusion here? Think not. It is between a person and a cat. They are curious. When she knows that you want to be friendly with it, if it's not in hurry, it will turn around and come back to check you out. She might peek out of a corner to see you, hiding rest of its body. If you say "me" to it with a gentle and friendly tone again with a good understanding eye contact, it will likely present itself coming out of the corner and sit right in front of you. Not too close but just about the same distance as from the corner it was peeking from. She is presenting herself to you. It wants you to check it out that it is not a threat to you. You say "me" again. She will probably approach you. Still cautiously, though. "She don't know for sure who you are, friend or foe." You should keep a friendly eye contact through its approach, not posing a threat. Now she is within your arm's reach and anything can happen to it from its point of view. It might take a zig-zag approach. It might turn sideways and look the other way. Don't try to touch her from behind. It will give her a startle. You should extend your hand when she is looking at you and know what you are doing. Approach her gingerly and if you see a hint of fear in her, stop right there. Wait until she relaxes and accepts your peace gesture and let your hand reach her. A nice and good eye contact and a gentle demeanor is a key. Saying "me" a bit more frequently because you are new to her is another key. Maybe 5 seconds apart, 2~3 times that will buy you a few minutes of her interest in you. She will stick around that much longer. If she will let you touch her, don't grab her. Just pet her on her head and top and side of her body. Don't go down to her legs, yet. Feeling of about to be restrained is stronger when you touch her legs, regardless if you will or not. If she likes you she will rub herself to your legs. You made a contact with your new friend. You can feed her by using a mimic. You show her you eat a food you are going to give her. Eat only half of it and give rest to her so she knows it is the same food you are sharing. Sharing two meat balls, one for you and one for her is not quite the same thing. You can't alleviate her feeling of apprehension if there is a chance of creating a sense of partition by using two distinct food. You share one food. You eat half and offer the remaining half to her for sharing a repose from the daily grind together. Let her see what you do and hoping, waiting and finally having her do what you did is the steps of mimic. You use mimic a lot dealing with your cat, or any other intelligent animals for that matter. You can make a new friend with an unknown cat but it may belong to someone else so you shouldn't go too far in making it attached to you. You are not going to take it home with you. Right? If you know it is homeless for sure, that maybe a possibility. But, for all likelihood you will end this new relationship in a few minutes. You say "meow" that will end it. It will know wooing has come to an end. Stringing anyone along for more than what it worth is kind of cruel. Please be kind to all cats. And by all means be a fast friend to them wherever possible. They will pay you back in kind.

"House cat Redux" is on sale at Amazon for Kindle, Windows PC and iPhone. Thank you.


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