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The One's Who Inspire :)

Book By: Cera Seren

The people on Booksie that have reall inspired me to do my best :) Thank you to Kitkattish (a.k.a Farah Parker) for doing letting her inspirations know they inspire her and inspiring me to let my inspirations know as well. I hope all you who read this follow in Farah's footsteps as well! and go check out hers :)

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Hallo you awesome readers, you :)

So this is peice is really special because I'm thanking all my inspirations. Much like Kitkattish did with hers, I will not be saying names but they'll know who they are :) and I hope they fell special about being inspirations to me :)))

But before I start, I want to say thank you to all of my incredible fans :D You guys keep me going and make me happy. I love all of you for that!


Lets start with the person who got me started.

She's actually a famous author so I'll say her name...

Sherrilyn Kenyon!

Here's a pic of her in case you don't know her...


The first book I ever read by her was called Infinity and it's the first book in her Cronicles of Nick series. After reading that I was completely hooked. If it weren't for her, I probably never would've gotten serious about writing. She inspired me to really start my writing career. And for that, I thank her. I wouldn't imagine what I would've done if it hadn't been for her. She's a true inspiration :)

Love ya Sherri!!


My next inspiration has actually been my best friend for 5 years! She's really pushed me to do my best :) Plus she's an incredible writer and i love reading her stuff. She makes me laugh, cry, scream, fear, all the things a good writer chould do for their readers.

Her first short story she wrote on Booksie was called Dare to Love Her, a gay and lesbian short story. After that ireally realized how great a writer she is.

She's told me thousands of times that she's really bad at writing novels but I've pushed her to try. We keep each other up and push each other forward. Her first novel, Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness, was very good but never got finished. It was one of the few sci-fi novels I actually really enjoyed. SHe's inspired me to step out of my comfort zone with so much of my writing because she stepped out of the box with that novel. She's a truely incredible person and I love her to death :)

And I was very sad when she quit her novel :P

One of my current favorite stories by her, another novel, is Medusa's Bracelet and it's really good so far. Except for the killer cliff hanger she left :P Never was much of a fan of those. But she's my greatest inspirasion and makes me wish I could be more like her. Seriously! On several occasions I've wish I could be her and feel what it's like to be great.

She's also never failed to read comment and like my stuff. She reads all of it and gives me her opinion and I return the favor. I love her for being an incredible fan :) there's nothing better than seeing that little message box and realizing it's from your best friend :)


My next inspiration is a Booksie personna and also happens to be my editor. She's been there since day one and I love her even though I don't actually know her haha :D

She's commented first on my novel Infatuated with Love and has been commenting on my stuff ever since :)

She doesn't have many writings on her page but the few she has are really good. The first thing I read by her was chapter one of her novel Mt Wranglers Asylum and I really did like it. I know I haven't been the best reader to her and kept up very well but she's been so amazing to me I feel like I completely owe her.

So I want her to know that I love seeing her name in my comments :) And i'm so happy she loves reading my stuff so much.

And also I want to thank her for being my editor. I couldn't have done it without her.

There was actually I time when I wanted to give up because No one was really liking my stuff and I didn't have all that many reads or anything but then she came and left a little surpirse comment for me one Infatuated with Love. Without that comment to boost me up, I wouldn't have kept it up and I wouldn't have the series I'm on now.

Do you wanna know what this comment that kept me going was?

Well I'll tell you :)

Chapter 5 of Infatuated: "I am hooked! You sure do know how to captivate your readers, and so far, the plot is amazing :) Please, update quickly, and KMU!"

I know to a lot of you that's not much but it really did help me to keep going. Thank you to the greatest fan ever and an amazing girl that will always be special to me!


There are tons more inspirtions I have but this will be the last one I'm going to list.

She's fairly new to Booksie but she's still absolutely amazing :D

One of her only novels is called Vintage Vera and I am in LOVE with that story! It's kept me wanting more every time she stops wiritng :P She's never failed to keep me updated on that story and I love her for it

She's not only an incredible person but a great fan!

she has in her reading requests that she doesn't really like novels high up in chapter length but I decided to take the chance and ask her to read Infatuated (15 chapters) and she did. And liked it AND left me a great comment :D I felt so special that she decided to read it even though it's a little long haha

She's been a big inspration because she's pushed through her writers block and continued to write and keep me updated and never failed to give her fans what they want. She can also keep readers on their toes like a pro. She's absolutely incredible and I love her writing! I want more Vintage Vera!


Again, thank to all these people and I hope this makes you guys feel good :) I really did this from the bottom of my heart and I love you guys all in a very special, unique way. All of you are great writers and I hope you keep going.

You're also great fans and i hope you keep following me and letting me know what you think of all my stuff :P

And one last thank you to ALL my fans. You guys rock and I love ya! Keep writng, keep smiling, and stay beautiful :D

But most importantly, stay you.

Lots of love to everyone!

Cera :)

P.s. Thanks to all who read this all the way through. If you know who these three girls are, I'm sure they would love for you to go check them out :) Tell them Cera sent you! Also, go read Sherri's books. She's the bomb!


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