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The Story Of An Abused Girlchool

Book By: ClayPlusTaylor

This is a story about I girl I never met,but she did live in my county.She was a small little girl who was mexican.Her father abused her.One day she didn't come to school and then she became famous on television on Channel two action news.

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August 1,2010

I just got home from my dad's work.Again,I got another bruise,thanks daddy.I am so tired.I wish someone would come pick me up.Tonight I am going to pray.God,have i done something wrong?Please help me!Amen.I do this prayer everynight.I have since I was two.Over and over again I will ask God until he sees.I wish daddy was a better person.I love daddy,but sometimes I wish he would go away for a while.I must go,daddy is coming and if he sees this,he will give me yet again something else to feel pain about.

August 3,2010

Hey,sorry I didn't write yesterday.I wish I could have.We might be moving.Where am I going to meet friends at where we are going?I am going to be sad.Mom and dad might be divorcing.I don't hope,but then I do.I just wish daddy didn't have to do this.I never see him do it to mommy!Why me?One day daddy will see how sad I am,and realize that he needs to go and tell mommy.I would never wish him anything bad,never,I am just tired of him hurting me all the time.Why does he do it to me?What did I do?IfI knew what I did,I would SERIOUSLY apologize.Sorry daddy.I have to go,mom just called my name.Good bye.

August 4,2010

Daddy just went to jail.I don't know what happened.I just need to know because he dosen't know.I hope he dosen't think I ratted him I out because I didn't.He is coming home tomorrow.I guess it was a short jail term.I have to go,some police are here.

August 5,2010

Hey,I definetly need help!Daddy is chasing me.I am very sorry I haven't wrote yet.I am hiding under his bed.He is trying to find me.Of course,he thinks I ratted him out.I have to go,he is coming.Goodbye Diary!Hopefully my mom finds you once I am dead.This may be the last time you will see me.

The Girl didn't go to school for a week.Later,the mother found her diary and called the police.The dad told them where the body was.He is currently in Death Row for a 4 year old girl.Sorry girl.We will miss you.May you rest in peace.


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