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Delia Mayfield takes Benji to his new home.

Book By: GothicLady99

Delia Mayfield have just adopted 4-year-old Benji, now Shw's taken him to his new home.

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About An Hour Later, Delia drove-up to the driveway of her new house, she and Benji got out of the car, went up the front porch steps, went inside her house, Benji was still holding on to his teddy bear, and is looking around the house.

Do you like it, Benji?, Delia asked.

I Loved It, and so does Mr. Bear, Benji answered.

Is that the name of your teddy bear?, Delia asked.

Oh, Yes, Benji answered.

Delia took Benji up the stairs, down the hallway, into his new bedroom, Benji looked around his new bedroom, he put his suitcase on his new bed.

Benji, i think Mr. Bear will be so happy sitting on your new bed, Delia said.

Ok, Benji replied he put his teddy bear on his new bed.

Benji, can i help you unpack your suitcase?, Delia asked.

Oh Yes, Benji answered.

Benji opened his suitcase, Delia was helping him getting his clothes out of his suitcase, and Benji was putting them in his new dresser drawer, until Delia saw a picture of Benji's Birth Mother.

Benji, is this your birth mommy?, Delia asked.

Yep, Benji answered as he took the picture from Delia.

Benji looked at the picture of his birth mommy, and he caressed the picture of his birth mommy's face, and he started crying, he put it on his new nightstand.

Benji what happened to your mommy?, Delia asked as she hold him in her arms.

She died in a car crash, Benji answered.

Oh, do you miss her?, Delia asked.

Yeah, i miss her so much, i miss sitting on her lap, i miss hearing her voice, i miss her singing to me, my favorite lullaby, "All The Pretty Little Horses", i used to caress her face, while she's singing that song to me, Benji answered.

Don't worry, Benji, your mommy is in a better place, Delia said.

That's what the people back at the orphanage told me, Benji replied.

Oh, I See, Delia said.

Benji snuggled-up closer to Delia, and he looked at her.

Benji, you can call me, mommy, if you want to?, Delia asked.

Ok, Mommy, Benji answered.

Good, Delia said.

Mommy, can i caress your face?, Benji asked.

Ok, Benji, Sweetie, Delia answered.

Benji put out his little hand, and he started caressing Delia's face, he was smiling at her, she was smiling at him.



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