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Based off a true story "Scarred" is about Jasmine Gheith finding out she was sexually abused, and how he life takes twists and turns. Will she need to go to trial? How did she meet Oprah? And where is she today?

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I was only 14 when I thought my life was over. Usually people are in their 30's or 40's when they feel like life's over. But not me. I wasn't that lucky. It wasn't because my parents didn't get me a toy I wanted, or because I got a bad grade. It had nothing to do with my health (well physically at least), and it would change my life forever. It was a chilly December evening when everything changed. My mother and I went to go pick one of my friends up and when we got back to my house we noticed four or five police cars. Some were undercover cars, some had their lights on, and some were just pulled into the grass like there was a murder or something. This was a shock to my mom and I because our neighbors never had the police called on them. You see, my house was the one that people called about. My parents would get into big screaming matches sometimes, and people would call and complain about the noise. My dad was an alcoholic and my mother was a door mat. She did whatever she could to keep him happy, but sometimes it got too much and she'd snap. Our neighbors were the exact opposite. They were quiet people, who I never witnessed arguing. I had always wished I was part of their family because they always seemed happy. They had two daughters who I had been best friends with since I was 3, and we all knew that we were somewhat sisters even though we had different parents. Their mom was a nice woman who would solemn yell at us for doing something wrong, unless we didn't want to listen. Their father, now he was my favorite. He was a nice man, always making sure we were having fun. He made sure that we knew what to do if any bad men touched us in places they shouldn't. He would make sure we had drinks of iced tea or juicboxes before bed, and he'd even check on us at night to make sure we didn't seem cold. If we did, he'd cover us with blankets and check on us every once in a while. He'd play games with us like scrabble, or monopoly. One time I told my friend that I wished he was my dad because he would have tickle fights with us, and go swimming. My father never wanted to do those things with me, and that's all I wanted. I remember one time I told my dad that I wanted Roy to go on the rollercoaster with me because "I like him more than you! He doesn't make me scared!" Needless to say, that didn't go over well at all. Once we walked into our house, we saw that both of my neighbor's children were sitting in our kitchen. This wasn't abnormal when we were little, but now that we were all older, we didn't just come over unannounced. His oldest daughter was just sitting there with a blank expression on her face. She kept murmuring "I just want justice" over and over again. I had no idea what she was speaking about; after all I had just got home. I thought that maybe her and her father got into a dispute and things might have gotten out of hand. I had heard that he used the belt on them, so maybe he got mad and was a little too rough. His second daughter stood in front of the window that faced our back yard. She didn't say anything, but didn't seem upset either. I think the initial shock of everything was still fresh in her mind. My mother decided to call their mother and see what was going on. "So, you think you can just saddle your kids with me huh?" she joked. Their relationship was like that. They would make jokes all the time and be witty without any thought. Only this time, our neighbor didn't feel like joking around, and I could tell by how my mother hung up the telephone. "I have to go next door, you stay here and I'll be right back." My mother said this with pain in her face. While my mother was next door, nobody said a word. We all just sat there, not even making eye contact. I tried to talk, but I couldn't think of anything to say. All I kept saying to myself is "What could have happened that was so bad? Who got hurt?" Suddenly, a thought popped into my head. A thought I had once before, but was too afraid to say to anybody. What if Roy had been caught harming children…sexually. I thought to myself "No, that's crazy! He won't do that! Would he?" I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes. I thought about a few times I could recall that I felt uncomfortable in his presents. When we were younger, we would have sleepovers. We would play dress up and even film our own movies with Roy's video camcorder. One time his youngest daughter and I were playing and she dropped the camera but the only thing that broke was the light for night vision. We didn't think it'd be that big of a deal, but we were wrong. Another time after I had went to sleep; I woke up and could see up the stairs. I could see the silhouette of a man standing there but I wasn't afraid, I knew that Roy would check on us throughout the night. Make sure we didn't "Look cold" he said numerous times. That night, I was wearing my usual pajamas (which were underwear and a long t-shirt) and I felt something touch my "Privet area" and I wanted it to stop…but I couldn't move. I felt like I was awake but I couldn't open my eyes. I wanted to scream by my body wouldn't work. I kept trying to move my arms, move my legs, do anything but I couldn't. Then, I faded back into sleep. After that night, I told his daughters I had felt something, but they said it was probably my imagination or the cat moving around. I let it go, but promised myself that I had to wear pajama pants from now on incase that happened again. A few weeks went by and I decided to sleep over again. One of the things we always had was Iced T because it was their favorite. I didn't like it though; the taste wasn't tolerable to me. I decided I just wanted water before bed, and I barely drank any of that. I woke up in a cold sweat, seeing Roy at the top of the stairs again. I decided I wanted to go home, and he wasn't okay with that. He asked what was wrong and I said I felt like I was going to throw up. He told me to take some medicine and I'd be fine, but I protested. This aggravated him, and I didn't understand why. I just wanted to go home, I was tired and scared. I ran to the bathroom, made myself throw up, and rushed out the back door. Mind you, this was at about 4am. My mother woke up the next morning and to her surprise, her 10 year old daughter somehow snuck inside overnight. All these things were going through my head as I sat on the couch, trying to not seem upset or like I had no cares at all. I wanted to seem normal, but I didn't know how to act. Finally, my mother came rushing through the door. "Jordan" she said "I'm sorry but we have to take you home, Jasmine and I need to have a discussion and it's getting late". "But mom," I said "He just got here and I want to know what's going on!" All she had to do was look at me one certain way, and I was already in the car. When she started the car, she said "The only thing I can tell you right now is that Roy has been arrested." I muttered "Freaking Pedophile." Under my breath. My mother looked at me, confused and concerned. "Who told you that? What do you mean?" "Nothing." I said. The drive back to Jordan's house was extremely awkward and quiet. I wanted to ask what was going on again, but I knew from the way my mother was acting, that it was serious. As soon as we pulled away from his house, my mother started to choke up while trying to speak. "Jasmine, I have no idea how I'm going to say this, but…" My heart stopped beating, everything was going in slow motion, and I didn't want to hear what she had to say anymore, I didn't care. "Roy has been arrested for possession of Child Pornography." She said through tears. I knew where this was going, but I didn't want her to keep talking. I wanted to scream "STOP!" but my vocal chords were being muted by my brain. My mother continued "They also found some homemade tapes in his basement, and one of them specifically had your name on it." Numbness. Instant hatred. Confusion. I didn't know what to say, or what to do. I threw my hands over my eyes and started crying and screaming. "Why? How? I don't understand! This can't be true. Why me? WHY ME?!" I didn't want to believe it. How could somebody that I consider a second father betray me like this? How could he do this to me if I don't even remember him touching me? They had to have the wrong person, or maybe it was a different Jasmine. My mother finally spoke "I'm sorry honey; I know this is going to be hard. They had me come next door to verify your face on a video they had. I'm sorry. I didn't think this could ever happen to you." She just kept apologizing. But I wasn't mad at her, I wasn't really that mad at Roy either. I was mad at myself. How could I let somebody do this to me? Why wasn't I more aware about what was going on around me? Why couldn't I see the signs? It wasn't until later, that I noticed how bright the signs were.


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