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Sleeping With Fear

Book By: Miss Leyva

A true story about me and my life in foster care

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Broken Wings Can Fly too

(Just a little something I started )

By: Marina Marie Mainville

May 12, 2012


I laid there motionless and scared, my body aching from her back hand that had hit me hard on my young body. I could smell the urine coming off the white carpet of my bedroom. Every move I make to get up hurts and make me want to cry, but fear of her striking me once again kept me from doing so.

I can see a tall dark shadow standing at the doorway of my room. Why is he standing there? Why won't he make her stop cursing and yelling? Is this my fault? The figure kept staring down at me, as if he was ashamed of me. The figure being my father didn't do nothing. Why wont he do anything about this nightmare? Aren't fathers supposed to protect and love your kids and not let anyone or anything hurt them? Why didn't mine?

The Family

My name is Marina Mainville, and I am just another human being in this world just like you. I was born in Sonoma California in the month of May from my parents, David Jr. Mainville and Francesca Peters. Both very young, irresponsible, and both with no experience with children.

My mother and father met at a Christian camp during the summer, and fell in love with each other. They had a long distance relationship, which is always hard for young couples at their age. My father lived with his parents in Sonora California, Charlene and David Mainville, I call them Meme and Pepe. My mother lived with her parents, Maria Sepulveda and Frank Peters.

My Meme and Pepe have three sons. My Dad being the oldest, my Uncle Ronnie being the middle child and Michael being the youngest. My dad use to play drums and taught my Uncle Michael how to play Drums, and he later started his own Christian Band. My Uncle Ronnie was dating my soon to be Aunty Melody. She is a total sweetheart. She is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She plays the piano at her church and sings there as well. She has a beautiful voice.

My dad's family loved playing baseball and my dad enjoyed playing basketball while in high school, he was an achiever at the sport and loved playing it. My Pepe loves golfing while my Meme on the other hand, is an incredible baker. She made wedding cakes and birthday cakes quite often. I enjoyed watching her bake and eating the left over mixings. I would sometimes help her make cookies and shape the dough in different shapes and sizes.

My Grandma Maria and Grandpa Frank had three daughters, my mother being the oldest, My Aunty Karen being the middle child and my Aunt Lynette being the youngest. They lived in Santa Rosa California. My Grandma Maria brought me home from the hospital the day after I was born, and then she began to raise me as one of her own. My parents were too young to take care of such a young baby, and they didn't have the patience for me at all.

A year or so had past and my Grandpa Frank left my Grandma for a Blonde Woman named Teresa Nicklin. My grandma continued to raise me, and I became sad due to my Grandfather leaving us. Whenever he would come to visit, I'd be so happy, but when he would have to go Id become sad and beg him not to leave.

I was very close to My Grandma and Grandpa that I called them Mom and Dad. My biological mother was "Nini" to me. Everyone called her that in my family.

Daddy Won't You Save Me?

My mother had been together for about four maybe five years until my Father left my mom for a woman he met in Sonora by the name of "Louise". He left my mom hurting her and leaving her in tears. All this time he had been cheating on her with this Unknown woman. My mother became depressed and left town to be in the ghetto. There she began to make bad decisions, and going down the wrong road. She started getting into fights with other people and hurting them and bashing them with Beer bottles. My mother ended up in jail because she stabbed a woman in the back with a sharp weapon. That was the last time I had heard from her.

At the age of four or five, I had lived with my Aunty Lynda in Minnesota and my Aunty Lynette, my Uncle Jack and my little Cousin Angelina. I moved a lot. At the age of five or six, I was moved to go live my dad in Sonora with his new wife, Louise. I was happy to be living my dad and being close to my Meme and Pepe. When I got there, my father and Louise had two children together, Zena and Alvin Mainville. Zena was the Oldest, and Alvin was just a toddler.

My dad worked a lot so I was at home with Louise all the time, or at my Meme's house. I realized as I lived there in the home, Louise turned out to be different. She wasn't as nice as my Dad had said she was. She kept me in my room all day. My room was kind of empty, I mean for a child. I had a bed, a dresser, a Smokey the Bear Hat and a Pink Barbie Car. I would sometimes look out the window b my bed and wish I would go play with the kids who were outside playing on the playground. Sometimes, I felt like running away, but I was afraid of what she would to me. I starved, but never was thirsty. All I drank was water, I got use to and it became my favorite thing to drink.

When my dad would come home, Louise would let me out as if nothing had happen or shed tell my dad "She was being punished". What was I being punished for? I don't remember getting in trouble. My dad yelled at me, and next thing you know, Louise is shoving Liquid soap into my mouth and saying that I'm being punished and that this was my "other" punishment. My dad just sat down and ate dinner as usual. I rarely got to eat, she would always time me when shed serve food. I tried to eat as much as I can, but she'd always say "slow down" in her loud tone. After I am done eating I am to go back to my room without a word said to anyone.

My Meme and Pepe would come over to visit, and I wasn't allowed to say a word to them, not a "hello" or "I love you". I had to sit still, and Louise would say, "She's being punished".


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