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Unknown, Not Known

Book By: Moness315

Tez had lost every thing in that car crash. Her mom, her dad, and the chance at a normal life. Ever sense then she can remember everything. Ask her what day she got the jeans she was wearing and you'd get the year day and time.
But when a new kid shows up at her school she starts to forget things, little by little' and learns more and more about her parents as the days go on; They where more then just scientist.

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Unknown, Not Known

Chapter 1

The soft glow of a cigarette and the dash were the only things that told me the man driving was my dad. I couldn't see my mom for the fact I was sitting behind the passenger seat, I wasn't even sure there was another person in the car but me and dad. But that's the kind of memory you get from a three year old in a car seat.

This was the only thing that told me I had a mom and dad once. Once. There gone now. Never to be seen by anyone but "God". That's what all the big people said at their funeral.

But that memory doesn't end the way you think. This wasn't the kind were that's all you get and you have to fill in the blanks. This was the kind that you wish you could forget, the kind I wish none of you have to have.

It ends like this. I may not be able to remember another person in the car but I remember the loud screech and head lights becoming brighter and bigger by the second. I remember two loud screams and the sound of bending mettle.

And it comes to an end. After that nothing has ever left my head. Some, like my cousin, say it's a curse sent by the devil. She used to run around the house screaming "She infected me! She infected me!" Others, like my Grandmother, think it's a blessing.

I can remember everything. Everything. Ask me what happened on any day of my life after my third year and I can give you an answer that's right. Always. It comes in handy with tests and school stuff like that, but it's also the reason I have no friends.

But no complaining here, it means no drama, annoying calls at three in the morning asking if I'm asleep, and no one that's always judging me. That's what all the girls talk about. It sounds, to me, like a lot more hassle then its worth.

Right now I'm in bed. It's one of those mornings were you need to get up and do stuff, but don't fell like it yet. I've had 63 of these this year.

One of my favorite things to do was look back on old memories and count the number of times I've done something. Such as brush my teeth, I could just do the math on this one. 8030, that's how many times I should have. But I'm more along the lines of 7050. That's the ones I can remember.

"Tez, time for breakfast." My grandma yelled up the stairs. "Get your cousins and come down."

"Okay." I yelled at my door. I jumped up and got ready.

My cousins didn't live with my grandma like me, but they might as well. Their parents where always going on bissnes trips and what not. Leaving them with grandma and me.

They weren't all bad. The younger two are angles. Mayline on the other hand, not so much. She was the one who ran around screaming any time I even touched her.

I knocked on the door to the room were the little two stay. "Hey guys, time to eat." I turned the knob and walked in. Addison, the little one, was on the bed closet to the door. Coy was spread out on the far bed.

I placed my hand on to Addison's shoulder and shook gently. Her eyes popped open. "Morning." she mooned in that just woke up voice.

"Morning sleepy, breakfast is ready." I walked over to Coy. "Come on Coy-Boy, time to get up."

He moaned and turned, "I don't wan 'a."

"We have to. School starts in twenty." I pulled the blanket away from his face. "We got to eat then go."

"Ugg, fine." he got up and walked over to a dresser. Addison was already there. Unlike other brothers and sisters they got along fairly well.

I told them to head on down and that I'd be there in a sec', then walked over to Mayline's room.

"Mayline, time to eat come on." I tuned the door knob, and walked in.

She was only a year and a half younger then me, and her room made her look sixteen, she acted three when she had to get up.

"Five more minutes." se mumbled.

"No, you need to get up now. Grandma made breakfast. It'll be cold in three."

"Don't care. Stayed up all night."

"Doing what?" I walked over to the other side of her bed to see her face.

"Tiffany broke up with her boy friend and she called me." she rolled over to the other side. "Not that you would know about any of that."

"Wow, that kind of hurt. I didn't know you could make people feel like crap so early." It didn't really hurt all that much. Her number one way to get to me was using things that would hurt her.

"Whatever." That was her "polite" way of saying leave me alone, or get out of my face. So I walked out and down stairs.

"How many pancakes ya want Tez?" Grandma asked me when I sat down.

"Just one." Her pancakes where the size of the plate and you where lucky just to eat half of it.

She put a plate down in front of me. "Eat up; you have to leave for school in ten."

"'Kay." I ate fast, that way I would have time to walk the little two to school and have time to take my time walking to school.

It was the first day of high school and I didn't want to be the first one in homeroom. Second to last was more were I wanted to be.

"Come on guys, let's go." Addison and Coy grabbed their backpacks and met me at the door. "All ready."

"Yep." Addison replied happily.

"Sure." Coy moaned. He hated school almost as much as I did.

"Then let's go." We walked out to the damp summer air and headed down the road.

"How come Mayline didn't walk us to school today?" Addison asked.

"'Cause she needs to keep her 'image' up, and having to walk us to school wouldn't work." Coy replied. With that answer I believed he had asked her and that was the answer he got.

"No, she was just... busy." I lied.

We walked the rest of the way in silence. When we got there the elementary school seamed so small to me now. I was sure it seamed huge to Addison.

"Alright, Coy, remember this is her first day in this school, so help her when she needs it. Okay?"

"Yeah, I know." He grabbed Addison's hand and led her in.

I watched them until the door closed behind them, then trued and headed to the high school.

It was just around the corner, but it seamed like forever until I reached the front door

Chapter Two

The day drifted on as normal, being called a freak in the hall, sitting alone at lunch nibbling on a half of a sandwich because I wasn't that hungry, wondering through the halls looking for my new classes and helping a freshman that asked me where the art room was. By the time it was time to go home I was tired, worn out and loaded with paperwork that I half filled up and just needed Grandma to sing. But I still had the little two to pick up, so I dragged my feet down to the elementary school and waited for the final bell.

When they came out I got a big smile from Addison, and a pooped look from Coy. "What's up? You look about as worn-out as me."

"Just some annoying kids talking trash about our-"

He was cut short by the door behind him opening and an older woman walking out. "Are you in connection to this boy's family?"

I frowned a little as I recognized her face- Mrs. Donson, my third grade teacher. "Yes." I said innocently, maybe a little to.

"You have his parents fill this out and send it back with him." She handed me the folder and started to walk off when I stopped her.

"Ma'am, um what are these for?" I asked.

She looked at Coy in disgust and said, "The little devil got in a fight with an upperclassman and said the other boy started it, when he, in fact, hit the other boy first."

"Is the other boy in trouble too?" I asked, guessing the answer.

"Most certainly not, he was sent home with a bloody nose." She walked in with hast closing the door tightly after her.

I looked down a Coy. "A fight, on your first day."

He really did start it, he was talking trash about our family and I was put up with people saying stuff like that so I wanted to teach them all a lesson and they all learned." He gave a small smile, then his head went down a little. "Especially you. They said you where a creep because of your gift."

I went down to his level, eye-to-eye. "You don't have to protect me, I'm used to it. Protect yourself and Addison and, in some cases, Mayline. I'll be fine." I gave his shoulders a small rub and smiled."How about I make you a deal: you promise no more fights and I'll forge the signature so no one but us has to know. Deal?"

"Deal." He gave a big smile.

"How much ya wan'na bet Grandma made you all cookies."

"A handful of 'um." We took off down the street until we got home, rubbing our shoes on the mat and running to the kitchen and sitting at the counter sets.

"Hey guys, how was school?" Grandma was pulling out a tray of fresh cookies. She sat a plate topped with cookies and three glasses filled to the rim with milk down in front of us.

"Good." We all mubled through stuffed faces.

I swallowed and looked around. "Where's Mayline?"

"'Hanging out with friends' as she put it. Won't be home till late."

"But it's a school night." I pointed out.

She gave a small sigh. "Tez can I talk to you, alone." She whispered.

"Of course." We walked out to the hall leaving the little two in the kitchen munching. "What's up?"

"I feel as though she hates everything right now. With her parents always gone she may feel neglected so I want her to do what makes her happy." I nodded understanding why. She felt sorry for them.

I knew for a fact that she didn't go on long trips leaving my dad and uncle at there grandma's house. I always wondered why Uncle Zack did. Either way I knew where she was coming from.

I gave her a samll smile. "I'm sure she's fine. Just going through a rebellions stage." I gave her a hug and we walked back in to the kitchen, where the little two had put two open folders on the counter.

"You've got home work." I joked. She gave a small smile and sat on one of the stools.

"Here, I filled it all out; all you have to do is sine." I handed her another folder and walked off to look for the little two. They where in the living room watching cartoons. I gave them a small smile and walked up stairs to my room.

So just like every other year I'm going to have to put up with more annoying kids. I couldn't help but think about how Coy had stood up for his family. He always seemed smarter then the average id his age but now he was acting it. He was also the only man in a house of girls, so maybe it's him I should watch closely, rather then Mayline.

The impact of the day seemed to grow and grow and my eyes got heavy, so I let them rest.


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