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Forever Hiding

Book By: monicaelford

Monica, an average teenager, goes back to a school where her friends are as she's been attending a different school. Discovering her new environment and meeting new friends, and even some old enemies, she'll find love in the most uncanny of places.

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BRIIIIING! "Ugh" Stepping out of my warm bed I moaned. Then I realized that today was the first day at my new school! I was so excited to see everyone again... and I mean really see them again. As in, I haven't seen them since grade 4... When I was 9. Now I'm 16, grade 11, just trying to get a move on in life. Putting on a blue graphic tee, jeans and my runners I slumped downstairs. I remembered the good times my friends and I used to have, and now that I'm back I can catch up! Soon I was at school, as perky as ever. First thing I saw Charlie, Damian, Rachel, Sophie and Cristi. I knew so many though! I was best "so-called" friends with Tammy, before she turned on me. Natalie gratefully put her under her wing and from what I've heard they are still best friends. Natalie was the school "hot-girl" as some said. She was pretty but mind-blowingly devilish. I hated her, or from what I remember any ways. Sitting down for my first class, math. I sat in the middle, when SHE walked in. "What's wrong?" She asked, being a jerk, "Got fed up with public school." I didn't care, I loved this independent school. Then I realized... SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHO I WAS!
" NATALIE!" I screamed, jumping up and hugging her.
" UUUGH! Wait... Monica?" She stared in shock.
"YA! Oh my gosh! It's so great to see you!" I smiled.
"YA! You TOTALLY have to sit with me and Tammy at lunch ok?" Nodding I sat down again. She and Tammy sat right in front of me. That's when I realized how many people were staring at me. Blushing I sat up straight and chatted with the girls. Amazingly they didn't seem so bad. That of course was before HE walked in. Jake. My best friend in pre-school and onwards. Over time we had grown apart but we never forgot the good times we shared. "Hey Nat." He smiled. *What is wrong with him?* I asked confused. He seemed "fakley" happy, as if he was putting on a smile. He sat beside me. "Hey, I'm Jake." He smiled, this time a real smile. "Jake..." I laughed
"What? Oh I'm sorry did I..."
"Wow Jake... still the same." I said still laughing. I watched as his eyes, staring at me, grew HUGE!
"MONICA!?!?!?!" He screamed! "NO way! What are you doing here?" He smiled enthusiastically. But before I could respond the teacher called us to be quiet. That's when I noticed Natalie, with a growl look upon her face...

After School, I was starting to walk out of the lobby. I had had lunch with Natalie and Tammy. It was interesting; with all the gossip going around and I didn't even know who they were. "Monica!" I heard a voice yell from behind. A Small Asian girl ran up to me.
"Hi" I said trying to be polite.
"Hey, I'm Kila. I've been trying to talk to you all day!" she smiled.
"What about?"
"In Math class this morning. I saw you talking to Natalie."
"What about her?" I asked.
"How come suddenly your friends with her? I mean she's like the school *Queen*. No one can touch her." She asked confused.
"Well, we used to KINDA be friends and were catching up on old time... you know." Her eyes grew huge.
"YOU and NATALIE? Whoa..." I laughed. I told her all about grade four and what happened in grade four. "What about Jake? I mean, you sat beside him and chatted a whole lot."
"Oh Jake? Ye..."
"Ye what?" She asked curiously. It was funny because we just met an it was like we were best friends.
" Me and Jake were BEST FRIENDS since pre-school. Always hanging out at the park." This time I could tell she was freaking out with excitement.
"WOW! You and JAKE... I mean.... JAKE! He's like the school *hot boy* you know."
"Ya I know..." Her face shrunk from the wild joy. "What?" I asked concerned.
" You better stay away from them..."
"Who?" Suddenly interested.
" Tammy, Natalie and Jake, AND their whole possy."
"Wait... why?"
"ONE. Sounds like you've already had a tussle with the girls before. TWO, sometimes they are just bad influences and such. And THREE. Jake and Natalie are dating..."

Walking on my way home I kicked a rock, walked up to it. Kicked it again. An interesting day to be sure but hearing about Natalie and Jake kind of hit me. Wait, was that jealousy? No... no no no no. I was not jealous, not in the slightest. By the time I got home it was almost 4. I REALLY needed a car... my family couldn't afford it though. I gave Kila my number at school so we were texting about everyone. She'd tell me everything about everyone as I lay on my bed, my brown hair flowing over my shoulders. My room was nice too, light blue with splashes of color... I like color. But before I could go to sleep that night I received a text. From Natalie:
Hey Monica! What u up 2?
Monica: Not much getin redy fo sleep
Natalie: Haha so im curius... wat xactly happened b-tween u and Jake today?

see more...
Monica: Nothing...? Haven't seen him in 4eva u no?

Silence... Geez some people. Sighing I crept under my covers and fell asleep.

A shadow I saw creeping up behind me... I was starting to freak out. I was in the darkest hallway at our school, it was spooky, but I seemed to be not moving? I heard a voice, soothingly deep and eerie. Then the lights went on and I woke up
"Mom!!!" I grumbled.
"You'll be late for your second day if you don't get up, NOW!" Sighing, I knew she was right, though I hated it. Later at lunch I ate with Natalie, Tammy, Jake, and a whole bunch of their other friends I wasn't introduced to yet. It was okay, but while eating I always felt eyes on me... I don't know from where or from what but someone was staring, it was starting to creep me out so I left early. I met up with Kila in the halls, that's where she ate, with some of her other friends.
"This is Meagan." She showed me to a brown hair, brown eyed girl, looked like she was really happy. "That's Taylor" A girl with dark blue eyes and brown hair."This is Meagan's boyfriend, Kyle." He was pretty cute, light brown hair with brown eyes, but with Kila's intro I knew to stay away from him."And that's Sam." Sam was... pretty quiet actually. Didn't talk or anything, But he had blondish hair with green eyes. Seemed shy, so I tried not to make him uncomfortable. They all seemed pretty nice, I now knew who to eat lunch with.... and I did for the next 2 weeks. And at lunch on the Friday afternoon Kila asked, "Hey Mo, (my new nickname), wanna come to a party tonight?" She asked pleadingly, as if she would die if I didn't go.
"Well, I dunno no... Who's going?"
"Us, obviously, and some other kids. no point inviting those weirdo's," she gestured towards the caf. Where Natalie, Tammy and Jake ate.
"Oh alright, I'll probably try to come."
"YES!" she exaggerated. I just laughed, and with that I was off to class, home, and then a party.

A couple weeks went by, and it was a Thursday, Mid October and it was just after lunch. I sat in English, literally boring my brains out. All I could think about, for some odd reason, was A dinosaur eating pie... ya I dunno either... When I nearly jumped out my skin. The bell had just rung... FINALLY! Next I had P.E. which luckily wasn't as boring. Because it wasn't too cold outside we ran a couple laps. I was halfway round the track when Kila came up with that guy sitting with us at lunch, who I honestly couldn't remember the name of. I hardly talked to him anyways. They were both in my class, which just meant some extra people to hang with. We started to talk about our socials homework when Kila suddenly slowed down abit, I could run farther and I knew she had short legs so I kept going, until I realized the guy was beside me still...
"Hey" He said "Never seem to get to talk to you." Alright this was strange; he was always so shy and quiet!
"Ya, totally" I said trying to seem nice. There was an awkward silence for a moment, and we were almost done our laps. I jogged, my brown hair swishing.
"So, uh, the bunch of us are going to a movie tomorrow... are you going" It was getting weird.
"Ya I think so, you going'?" I asked politely, just to be nice.
"Oh ya." I nodded, and our laps ended as we walked back inside. Again I felt astaring on my back... from someone.

I was totally looking forward to the party tonight, and then the movie with my friends tomorrow, this would be an awesome weekend. I met at Kila's house before the party, since she lived closer and we talked and got ready. There were a lot of "normal" people there, not the mean "popular" weirdo's. We headed off to the party when I received an odd text.

It read, 'You don't understand what you're going for do you?' What is that supposed to mean... Now I'm confused. Aw well, I'll just go enjoy the party.


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