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Now this might not seem to be non-fiction. Me and my boyfriend don't know if were just delusional,if its real, if we have multiple personalities,or if were causing ourselves the placebo effect being like little kids who tell themselves they are a superhero and end up really believing it. Or if were just losing ourselves in an escape from reality. But either way i'm going to tell you about the other souls inhabiting us. You will be reading by the perspective of laphara. A pure black wolf girl (Already seems fictional huh?) But please read anyway.

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I am Laphara. I am a wolf and i am another soul enhabiting a human girls body named Lilly. Weirdly my sisters Aura, Esymae, and Psyflaera, Along with my brother Hale are also enhabiting Lilly. This story pertains to this phenomenom. Polypsychism is the beleif that one's body is a container for their soul and several others as well. Either that is correct or I and my family are just split personalities of Lilly. We have met other souls inhabiting this body.two vampires Daniel, Eclypse and Equinox. There is also a girl named Haruhi and there is an alien girl whose name is Otega. There is Also a Demon who ironically has the name of Lilith thought to be the famous demon a close friend of lucifer, along with a mysterious being named S. We dont know what S is but she is facinated by evil and follows Lilith around.

me, Haruhi, eclypse and Lilly together have started drawing a comic of experiences we have together in Lilly's head whether we are or are not in control of the body. We even interact with Lilly's boyfriend Josh who also has other souls inhabiting his body.which you can veiw via deviantart username " Polypsychism."

There is a family of wolf demons inhabiting him as well. We all beleive that this is fate that Lilly and Josh met eachother. Because of the fact that Aura and Raven were lovers when they were alive. Raven and his family inhabit Joshes body. There is Luna who is actually Eclypses Girlfriend. Crow, wintr, midnight and Rayne are Raven's siblings. Their parents are Nigaras and Sona.

This polypsyche thing started with Lilly's ex boyfriend Momo, He was the catalyst that unlocked all of this. Some stuff went down and that relationship ended. I wont reveal the details of this.

Im not quite sure where to start so i guess ill just start with how Josh and lilly met. They met in downtown Lawrence when she saw her friend Seth who she used to have a small crush on. Lilly had noticed josh and her first thought was that he was cute. Seth introduced him and their friend Kat; our funny gay friend, Seth said that they were all going to Nakakon. Josh told Lilly that she wouldnt recognise him at nakakon. At Nakakon; an anime convention in kansas near overland park, Lilly was dressed up as Haruhi Suzumiya and she encountered Seth and Kat sitting with a very pretty masked girl. Lilly's friend Shanda was with her. At Lilly's first glance at the pretty masked girl she thought. "That girl is really pretty.....wait.....Somethings not right here.....is that a girl or is that a guy?" She had paused for a moment "That has to be a guy. " So Lilly pretty much figured it out right off the bat but it didnt seem like shanda did...Shanda was telling him " Your so pretty!!" even after josh told her, "Im a guy." Shanda had responded " NO! your too hott to be a guy!!!" Josh even took off his mask revealing a little peach fuz "Im a guy" and shanda still said, " NO! your not a guy, your to hott to be a guy." Shanda has told Lilly that she was only messing with Josh and which is most likely the case but then again shanda is a blonde... But i cant really say anything, so is Lilly. Lilly was dating a guy named harley that she didnt honestly care for in that way. shanda tryed to convince Lilly after nakakon to dump harley and date Josh but she was reluctant even though she even knew she didnt like him. But After Harley pretty much forced her to have sex without a condom she decided to dump him. ( By forced i mean tryed to pressure her to and then when she said no he tryed to slip it by which she didnt like to much..) Eventually Shanda, Stratton and Lilly went to hang out with Josh, Kat and Seth in Baldwin at Josh's mom's house. She started wearing a fadora that josh was going to let her borrow untill he found a special girl to give it to, so lilly thought he wasnt interested but after a few days of hanging out she noticed otherwise. And after about a constant week of hanging out in baldwin Lilly could no longer look josh in the eyes because she was blushing. When Lilly was driving home she was doing a very dangerous thing.... She was texting Josh while she was driving.... Bad Lilly!!!!. Josh had asked her "Why did you hide your face everytime i tryed to look at you? Lilly decided to be a smartass and asked him, "Why do you want to know?" Josh replyed, "Im just curious." Then Lilly Laughed and texted him back, "Well why were you always sitting so close to me blushing for?" Then Josh decided to be a smartass and replyed, " I asked you a question first." Lilly knew that he wasnt stupid as to why she was acting that way. And she just wanted to be difficult and replyed, "You already know why. So tell me why you were acting the way you were ." Josh had replyed, " I already answered a question its your turn, so you tell me first." Lilly was embarrised so she replyed. "Why should I when you already know?" Then Josh had replyed, " I just wanna hear you say it." SO this is the funniest thing. Lilly waited a few minutes and parked at the gas staion near her house and thought to herself " OH he just wants to here me say it?" So she texted him back, " Fine ill tell you" Then sent the message after a few moments he replyed, " Ok so tell me" And then she pushed the call button!!!!! muahahahahahahahaha Josh answered the phone nervously. " He-Hello?" for a few minutes they just talked about random stuff then Josh Paused "um... arent you going to tell me?" Lilly played Dumb. " what are you talking about?" Josh continued to be quiet." Well.. um..." Then Lilly giggled. " Tell you what? " Lilly paused for a split second. "That i like you?" Then josh laughed nervously, "Ha yeah." Then Lillysmiled, " your turn." So Josh reply's, " I like you too." So yeah they talk for a little bit after that then hung up and continued to text untill Lilly fell asleep. A few days later they end up hooking up. Well this will be it for now. I will explain about all of us in the next chapter. I dont know where to start there either so i guess ill explain everyone. or they will explain themselves even.


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