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The Truth about Vampire

By: Pranav5

Page 1, Learn what is right and what is wrong!

When we hear the word 'vampire', we generally think to...a human being with two claws and bloody eyes.

But this kind of vampire exists only in cinema. As well as the characteristics attributed to them, they can not cross water in motion, does not reflect in mirrors and are destroyed by sunlight. In fact, all that is associated with vampires, including what I just enumerate comes from the novel 'Dracula' and films based on it. Vampires do not exist, but there are many legends about them in all civilizations. Few of them speak of young men in ruffled shirt.

If you want to know more, go ahead, but I warn you ... you must have strong nerves:

But what is a vampire? It is an undead who sleeps in his coffin during the day and comes out at night to feast on the blood of the living energy. Scary, isn't it? It is believed that vampires have fangs oversized drink blood, but in the old legends European, and even those of Transylvania, we do not speak. In fact, the vampire attack with his sharp tongue. Literature and cinema have yet right on two points: one can kill a vampire in him plunging a stake into the heart or push with garlic. Anyone can become a vampire in many ways. But never drinking blood. These are people who may have practiced witchcraft or simply have been wicked in their lifetime. Someone who has not been buried properly can become a vampire. According to the Greek Orthodox church, the best way to become a vampire, or vrykolakas is to be the victim of a curse. The Catholic Church claims that vampires are creatures of the devil that can not be stopped with the help of heaven, which explains that vampires fear the cruciax.

In China, they are called Chiang Chi. Not only do they drink blood, but they also devour their victims. They are evil spirits who seize corpses. They can recreate an entire body from old bones or skull.

In India, they are called Baital and they hang in the trees head down like bats.

The aborigines of Australia speak of a creature called Yara-Ma-Yha-Who, which swallows its whole food. It has no teeth, but drops on the top of his victims fig where it lives. At the end of his fingers and toes, it has suckers with which it sucks the blood of its prey.

Ligarou the caribbean may take the form of any animal and fly at night, but more often, it has the appearence of a fireball. Similarly, the Nahuatl Indians of Mexico evoke the haciques, of witches vampires that turn into fireball or giant turkey.

The vrykolakas of Greece roam the night in the villages and knock on doors calling the people to make their victims. It is said that their joints are stiff, but according to the Slavic and German gypsies, vampires have no skeleton. According to the Swedish gypsies, vampires take the appearance of horses or birds, while their slaves, they prefer to become frog, spider or chip. The most strange of all is the monster gypsy Muslims of the former Yugoslavia. According to them, pumpkins and watermelons can become vampires. If we keep them more than ten days or after Christmas, they will transform. Pumpkins and watermelons are suddenly covered with blood and emit the funny noises before sowing terror.

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