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A Theory Of Multidimensions Chapter 4 Parallel Universes

Book By: ryanj777

What are parallel universes like? What really are the forces that hold all matter together?In this chapter these questions are discussed and answered.

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Previously we have discussed the existence of multiple universes in terms of other dimensions different from our four known space -time ones. However there are two types of parallel universes the ones made of different types of dimensions for example there may be one made of only length and height and another made of all 4 known dimensions and a 5th one. But there also exists another type of parallel universe the one made of the same dimensions as ours and is quite similar to us but is different by small changes in strings and quarks.
In order to explain this we need to consider the famous slit lamp experiment where an electron is sent through a double slit and comes out on the other side onto a detector. If one observes the pattern it will look like a straight line, but without observing it looks like a diffraction pattern indicating the electrons behave like a wave. It is quite interesting because the outcome of the experiment depends on the conscious observation of the electron. It appears as if the electron is intelligent and decides when to behave like a wave. However this simple experiment has profound implications because it suggests that at the quantum level the universe is variable and can be controlled by us. In other words our thoughts determine the outcome of the universe we reside in so that we affect how we live.
This may seem strange that our thoughts determine our universe but the book The Secret has suggested this and many persons have tried positive thinking with amazing results, I included. It is as though we can control our own little universe, and in fact this is what happens. You see for every possible event there are infinitesimal outcome that can occur and which do occur mind you at different probabilities. For example suppose you were crossing a busy street then there is a chance you could get hit by a car; however you determine the probability that this will happen. It actually does happen in an alternate reality and you are hit then you may die or live and again the reality diverges. This will continue into all likely possibilities until infinity at the same time creating a continuum of alternate parallel universes that differ only slightly to quite variable depending on the location you are between diverging events. So in one universe you were never born and in another you are quite famous and powerful, then in another you are poor and unknown.
The beginning of our universe was already explained but there are fundamental questions that begs an answer. Recall that the universe was a so called singularity on a 3 dimensional plane but was actually a 4 dimensional structure that reached a critical point that caused it to rupture into our universe. What caused this point to be reached? What was being fed into the primitive universe that caused it to rupture? Where did these extra strings come from? Why did it decide to take the course of filling our primitive universe? There has been theories put forth recently about the M theory and possible meeting of these membranes to create a universe. However I humbly beg to disagree with this. If we were to consider the multidimensional sea that all universes are derived from we will answer the above questions.
Imagine that the sea of strings are in chaos constantly like a raging stormy sea. Now during this storm some waves meet and annihilate each other. However some of them meet and since they are moving in the same phase they become one and thus form a bigger stronger wave. Now it will be more difficult to destroy this one, as smaller waves will weaken it only. Eventually this wave will grow to an enormous size, so much so that it will be impossible to be destroyed by the other waves. It will however be destroyed by itself as it continues to grow. Recall that one of the fundamental laws of multidimensional universe is parity. So it will eventually break and when it does then it dissipates .
Let us now relate this analogy to the birth of the universe. The waves are actually the strings in the multidimensional universe that are in constant flux, however some of them will have certain vibrations that will be augmented by other strings of similar vibration, the analogy of waves meeting similar waves. Then as they become many that is the 'sea wave' gets larger the strings will not be able to sustain itself and must then scatter, it is this escape that is the initial explosion of the singularity to create the universe as we perceive it today. The evidence for this is all around us as most of the universe is made up of similar strings of matter and energy for example hydrogen and helium. Hence similar strings were the ones that existed in the original multidimensional sea.
The question that begs to be answered is why does a critical value reach that causes the birth of a universe? In order to answer this we need to consider the very nature of the string. If we had a normal guitar string and kept plucking at it then it will eventually snap. However in the case of many strings that are at the same vibration mode that are as it were plucked continuously they will not snap. Why you may ask , because they are the fundamental unit of everything and cannot be made smaller, so the only way to overcome this stress on themselves is to separate and by this they move away from each other the so called critical value for a universe creation being attained. Hence we see that the anti gravity is actually the release of the built up potential of vibrating string uniformity, much like a rubber band that is stretched and then released before it snaps. So the fundamental units behave not so much as strings of cotton tread but strings of rubber bands.
We have now some further insight into the creation of the universe, however there still remains a nagging question about where did the strings of all dimensions originate from, where did the sea of multidimensional universe come from? Are we not simply relegating the start of everything back to something else and does not the point of a creator making strings arise? Well quite simply the so called creator or god as you may wish to call him is actually the collections of all strings in all of the multidimensional realms. How can something come from nothing? Well really there is no such thing as nothing all that exists and will ever exist is already here and it extends into infinity and eternity. The wonderful thing is that the combinations of vibrations and dimensions also is infinite so we will never be able to fully see all there is and never reach an end to understanding. The most we can do is learn the basic laws of everything.
Take for example a parallel universe in which there exists 4 dimensions like us one being a time the other 2 being length and breath but the 3rd is not height but lets call it hyperheight. It is a dimension similar to height but lies perpendicular to it. It this universe we will perceive creatures as 2 dimensions as they will us as neither can see each others' 3rd dimension. Now to further extend our parallel universe the strings that make up the so called atomic particles of this universe will vibrate in the hyperheight dimension so much so it will create totally different matter that will only exist in that particular 3D universe. The amazing thing is that we can have so many different combinations of dimensions with so many different particles to create unique forms of energy and matter we cannot even begin to imagine. Suddenly the reality becomes much bigger and more complex.
The common denominator of all these universes however remains the same the string, and in essence we are all made of the same stuff just different variations. This brings us now to the forces holding the sub-atomic world together. What is it that really binds the nucleus of an atom together? What are these nuclear forces all about? Well let us go back to the fundamental principles of the multidimensional realm. Recall that the string is vibrating in a particular dimension and at a particular frequency and amplitude these properties determine the particle it will become. For it to be stable and remain like this it must have some way to keep this property perpetually. In order to understand we can imagine a guitar string being played. For it to keep that tune the player needs to continuously apply a force. Similarly for this string to remain as it were it must be continuously provoked into that state. Who is the player of the string or rather what is the player? It is simply the influence of the other strings with similar vibration properties. To illustrate take a neutron and a proton, though they are different in composition of sub atomic particles those subatomic particles have a commonality of vibrating in the same dimensions, so they exist because of each other. The so called force binding them is the same as the gravity we perceive.
Now you may wonder how is that possible? Well this is where we show that the so called 4 fundamental forces are in actuality an underlying principle of multidimensional strings. Recall that the Gravity we experience was the effect of moving into a higher dimensional state when the smaller dimensions were not able to contain it. This universal containment system is really the vibration of strings locking into higher dimensions. It is much like a safe with combinations that must all be precisely aligned to open. For a particular particle to exist it needs to vibrate in a specific dimension, for it to be more in existence in a higher dimension say 5 it needs to be vibrating in all 5 dimensions instantaneously , the interesting thing is for it to be in 7 dimensions it needs to be in 7 dimensional vibrations and this state is very stable provided enough of its friends are doing the same. This is why we need to have more matter to jump into the higher dimension as the probability of let us say 2 strings existing in 7 dimensions is less likely than say 1000 strings.
Hence it is this locking mechanism that are the so called forces of atoms the only real difference between the gravity and the other three forces is the fact that the other three already exist in the 3D universe whereas gravity is the one that is in transition as these 3D vibrating strings attempt to vibrate into a higher dimension. It is this transitional change that makes gravity seem weaker because it is in constant flux as the string finds a suitable higher dimensional existential state. So parallel universe are quite fascinating but can we visit them? The next chapter we will explore the process of intelligence and what makes us beings that think. What really is thought? Who really am I ? Can the one asking the question of who he is really understand who is asking the questions? As a child I had asked myself this question from the time of 5years old when I truly became a sentient thinking being. Well now let us explore this question and get to the truth about ourselves.


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