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Turning all assets into Prospering

Book By: scorpiona2z

This is a story of a family which turns its dream cycology into richness..

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This is a flashback of a elderly man who has just retired with a modest family supporting him in all adversities including his wife a airhostess by proffession a son employed in the best airline of their country and daughter a budding airhostess
well things seem to be quite well for him till now and had lot of contemt that he has been quite succesful in his domestic chapter so far and it was high time that he married his children who were ready to mature to the next level...
apart from his other achievements he had a phobia all his life of compulsorily dreaming every third day,inspite of all his efforts including meeting doctors,the experts it was of no wane and he could not be cured of his dreaming phobia,which among other things had lot of effect on his brain,dementia,colour blindness being the few of his adversities,his wife had supported him and kept tags of all his dreams into a book which the whole family authored and bought out which fortunately had a good patronisation bringing them a good flow of funds and recognition,asking for more.
so infact this phobia had been turned into a commercial venture benefitting the family in more ways then one,leave alone the commercial part,they were recognised very well in the town and since lot of publicity was generated the media took it from there and made it a very discussed topic.
close on the heels were television channels who qued up in front of their house with contracts on contracts which they could not overlook the windfalls.
This was the good part but the other part was it was driving lot of pressure on the beholder whose activities were straining his mind in the larger prescpective.
since the winds of fortune were stronger then his adversities he had to succum to the wind and glide probably the price for success.
as days passed by his dreams got bigger/varied to his surprise there were commercial film makers also interested in his dreams willing him to pay big and to their surprise films made were super duper hits.
on the one hand immense success was taking them to greater heights on the other hand strain effecting his mind to a considerable extent which probably over-rided the bigger wave of success and making it look very small in comparision to his new found success.All of a sudden a jolt woke him to his new reality which was worrying him for quite a long time that is settling his children by getting them married as they had reached a position in life where this was imminent.
As luck had played a big role in his life,it seems to be following him here too a proposal from a big buisness men in town with a big family had sent a proposal for his daughter which clicked at all stages with every one in the family including his wife,son and foremost his daughter approving the proposal,this made them to think about taking this proposal forward to its natural conclusion by taking an appointment to visit the would be bride-grooms place
Which happened much sooner then later,the family was delighted that a time had come when some celebration in the family was imminent,as the luck was very firm on their side everything clicked and both the families including the main actors that is the bride and bride groom had agreed to take this relationship forward to its logical conclusion.The boys family was well to do with a good buisness and everything required to call them elite with a family of seven members and he being the youngest with a graduation from oxford university.Both had decided that they should know each other and then decide on tyeing the knot and keeping this in mind it took them almost three months were they could understand each other well and concluded that they were in fact made for each other.This they conveyed to their respective families and both the families started negotiation to decide on the auspicious date which was just three months away and once the decision was taken both the families started the preparation in the hope to make it the most memorable wedding as the brides side was quite succesful in its reputation and the boys side a successful buisness house.Finally the day did come when one of the most talked marriage in town was going to be cermonised with lot of fan-fare,which happened as it was visualised with all those with a reputation attending this function making it the most talked function,once these formalities ended the couple left for their honey-moon to switzer-land for a fortnight.In the mean-time the families were happy that the event went off well and was a well attended function for which they felt quite happy and tried to settle down to the new realities of their respective families.
In the meanwhile the couple reached switzerland and started their journey of bliss which was very very exciting to both of them.
As days passed so fast that neither of them knew that it was time for them to return to their mother-land to start a new fresh lease of life which they did on arrival both of them were received by a huge gatherings of friends and families keen to welcome them after their bliss.
On arrival they were so much carried away by the welcome that they felt that they were on top of the world and nothing better then this could happen to them in their life time.
Gradually life started its routine and another news rolled on making both the families rupture with joy..the news was nothing but a arrival of the baby in the near future....
Simultaniously the brother fell in love with an air-hostess .(wd)
So the sayings goes when there is luck on your side there would be flows of good-luck on your side,and this was
going true here,the son told his father about his desire and about the family back-ground of the girl etc,which
had an instant approval from his parents,who decided to move forward on this proposal and met the girls parents
on the designated day,after all the plesantaries were exchanged and the formalities gone through they approved for
cementing the relationship which was mutually decided three months from today.
Both the families started the process in right earnest,and the d-day approached much faster then it was supposed
to come,and the marriage was cermonised ina very big and grand way,keeping the traditions of the past,being a much
talked wedding,as the dust settled the couple left for their honey-moon to europe for a fortnight,they had a gala
time together and their honey-moon was an instant hit and just like his sister regreted that it ended so fast.
But the reality had to be faced and they left on the desired day back to their country being welcomed in a big
way with all families and friends/relations flocking the arrival lounge and giving a tumltous welcome to the
couple who were thrilled.
As the dust started settling in their lives gradually,the stalk reality was staring his father who for a moment
thought that so far so good,as now his responsibilities towards his family were reduced as he got his childrens
married and he himself had a very successful past.
But then the cycle of responsibilities never ends,and that came in the form of a grand-son who opened his eyes
to the glorious world making him a grand-father,and bringing along a lot of celebrations in thier family which went
on for some time,as this occassion passed,he was left to himself for peace for some-time,and this is where he had
time to circumspect,i.e a secret which he had kept to him-self that is he had brain-fits,a price which he had
to pay for his success.
He had consulted the best of doctors but of no avail as the doctors were not in a position to digonaise this
problem but were able to give him just medication to pro-long the damage part which was his worrying point.
He recollected how every third day he was subjected to special drugs to activate his mind to a dream which was
visualisation which he had no control.
His wife had and always was a pillar of strength to him,this probably being one of the strong reason for him to
continue and reach the stage he was in spite of grave challenges.
His wife had played her part to the best possible and for this he was thankful to her.
Coming back to the present he felt content that he had a well balanced family and to cement this he had a long
discussion with his son and tried to convince him to be on his own since the world he was in required some-thing
of this sort,his son accepted his fathers wish with lot of reluctance and decided to move out with his wife
on his own.
And to his astonishment his daughter also followed suit with of-course the blessings of the family,he never
regreted this situation,and was always in favour of things like this considering the jet age were smaller
families were well knit rather then the big ones were lot of turbluence often had bad ruptures quite naturally.
Things started to move on their own pace in the new realities when a boost in their family happened with the good
and exciting news of his son becoming a proud father of a girl startled the whole family,calling again of-course
a mood of festivities in the family which went on for some time giving them a change of routine.
In the mean-time his father had a lengthy dream which was scripted by his wife for a play troupe who wanted
a interesting play to perform for which they had chosen them to give a script which went like this.
The play commences in london U.K,where a N.R.I named nilesh aged 22 years was having a chat with his father
mahesh who is retired early due to a handicap he faced during his working tenure.
father-nilesh it is high time you got your-self settled in life.
nilesh-what do you mean by settled in life,i have a good job runing...
father-true son,job is just a part,the other part is to get married.
nilesh-oh..you mean marriage.
father-yes of course,son you know with my handicap,i am on the wheel chair and always dependent on some-one
for my daily regular activities...
nilesh-oh dad then you are looking for a daughter in law to help you.
father-not that way my son i want you to settle down in front of my eyes,so that i can move on peacefully.
nilesh-but dad you know i am a modern youth who has grown above the word marriage etc.
father-what do you mean.
nilesh-dad i meant that you are expecting me to go through the ritual of marriage which i dont believe,what i
believe is in a live-in-relationship.
father-that is fine as far as london is concerned but you have to live with a partner from India of our caste.
nilesh-dad i think i will have no more discussions on this topic whether it is a girl from India,or here it
is going to be a live-in-relationship only and nothing more and please do not try to influence me in any way
to change my mind.
Father-but son this kind of things has never happened in our entire family history,what will happen to our
families reputation.
nilesh-dad the generation is moving faster the time,i think we should rise above all these petty issues and try to
live in today.
father-but son,even if i am to accept your stand of live-in,which has not tested the time and do not last long
like the marriages in india.
nilesh-dad i think,i need not explain any further as i have decided my future,that is going to be live-in.
father-thinking in his mind(okay so he is adamant let me see if i take him to india may be i might change his
choice in india.
nilesh-why india.
father-well atleast you keep one of my wishes.
nilesh-thinking and then saying dad in india will live in be accepted there.
father-thinking(first let me take him to india probably i may change his mind)WELL son may be you would be lucky
nilesh-okay if you so wish i do not mind a girl from india for a live-in.
father-okay then son shall i prepare a programme for us to leave.
nilesh-okay dad by a fortnight.
A fortnight passes and the d-day comes when both father and son are ready to leave london for ahmedabad-India.
In the flight they happen to have a co-passenger who was returning to ahmedabad after attending a buisness
meeting in london by name arthik patel,who was seated next to them.
The conversation went like this
nilesh-sir,my name is nilesh and yours
arthik-arthik patel
nilesh-what do you do.
arthik-i am a reputed buisness man and you.
nilesh-currently i am employed as an investor advisor in london.
arthik-great but your profession would have taken a beating due to current global melt down.
nilesh-oh yes but it is a sweet lesson to the world.
arthik-oh yeah you seem to have some mature thoughts.
nilesh-thanks for your good words-what kind of buisness are you in.
arthik-well i have a textile manufacturing unit in ahmedabad and also supply material in u.k.
nilesh-great how is the buisness.
arthik-going on nothing much to complain about.
nilesh-what about your family.
arthik-by the grace of god,i have a small family,my wife and a daughter.
nilesh-oh how sweer our family is also small me and my father.
arthik-what does your father do.
nilesh-oh my father is retired early due to an accident in his work place,which has made him handicap.
arthik-oh sorry to hear that.
nilesh-thak is okay.
arthik-do you have any specific reasonto visit ahmedabad.
nilesh-oh yes my father is adamant that he see's a daughter in law,but i am thinking of live-in,rather then marriage
arthik-this thought in India is not practicable.
nilesh-well i am going only to see if i am lucky enough in my thoughts.
arthik-oh how i wish you are lucky,can i speak to your dad.
nilesh-oh sure.
arthik-hey your son has very forward thoughts and do you think he will succeed.
mahesh-well i wish so because either way i want him to move forward.
arthik-but this theory is not so easily acceptable.
mahesh-i know but you know my son is adamant,i feel i can bring him to track only following his ideas.
arthik-how is that.
mahesh-well i have lot of faith in our community girls if they are determined they can convert live-in to permanent
live-in,other words marriage as per our views.
arthik-oh great so old wine in a new bottle.
mahesh-yes that is how we can tame this new generation.
arthik-please have my visiting card if there is any help you require please do not hesitate to contact me.
mahesh-oh thanks but you said you have a daughter how old is she.
arthik-well she is of marriageable age she has completed her B.Com.
mahesh-oh good god.
arthik-but hey you have given me a good option,i think my daughter would be a good match for nilesh.
mahesh-thank god do you have your daughters photo.
mahesh-can you show me.
mahesh-here fortunately i have a few of them.
mahesh-show it to nilesh,how do you like the girl.
nilesh-stunned-dad i don't think i will look any further.
mahesh-but son she is against live-in,but in favour of permanent live-in.
nilesh-i think to have her i might be ready to fore-go my first option.
mahesh-very delighted.
arthik-I think the saying is true that marriages are decided in heaven but celebrated on earth.
mahesh-true i am so happy that even before landing in India my job is done.
arthik-okay so let us get the formalities done once we reach India you can formally come to my house,
give some snaps of nilesh,so that i can move in my family.
mahesh-sure take few.
And by the time the plane lands mahesh and arthik have collectedd all the information required to proceed
refrences etc.
on the d-day they reach the brides place and the bride-groom have a one to one talk and it clicks.The family
fixes the marriage which is cermonised in a very nice way ultimately heading for a honey moon to london.
Moral of the play live-in is an improvised word for marriages for the new generation dont you feel so.
This was appreciated by all and hence there was a request for an very short stage play at the earliest,hence they started work on
it and which was delivered to them quite soon and which goes like this.A letter to God
(johnny is an adult who exhibits child-like behavior. He gathers a notepad and goes to get a pencil and sharpens it
a small hand sharpener)
A pencil has to be just right. Never too sharp, If it's too sharp it might poke me and I'll get lead poisoning and
die! I saw a show about that once. People dying of lead… . I seem to remember a man got so much lead poisoning that
he had to cut off one of his organ .
(Checking the pencil of its sharpness which Pokes him)
Ouch! Too sharp…he yells...
Now let's try to be a bit dull… dullness has it's merits… You can't get hurt. People don't expect as much from you.
You do the job, but never for too long.
(Checks pencil again)
Dull it is.
(Sits with pad and paper)
Now, we're ready.
(Pauses as if listening to someone)
I know, I know… I will address it to the almighty. You have nagged me several times about this. I know! Just…
just give me time okay. This is an important letter so I don't want to rush it, okay.
(Starts to write)
Dear lord, I seem to have found something that is yours. A few nights ago, I was sitting in bed, sleeping I think,
and then she was there. She was at my bedside, all white and glowing, rocking in my grannie's old chair. I couldn't
really look at her though. She was all bright like the sun, giving me those spots on my eyes, those ones you have
to blink away until their gone. I must say I was a bit scared and threw the covers over my head. When I looked
again, she was still there! I couldn't believe. I said, "You're hurting my eyes." Kind of a silly thing to say.
Why didn't I say, "Are you a ghost?" or something a bit smarter. She said she was sorry and vanished. I was
worried I'd licked a few too many pencils and was going to cut off my ear, but then I heard her voice.
She told me how she had fallen and couldn't get back home. Her wings were broken and she couldn't fly.
"Are you an angel?" I asked her. She said she was. I told her she could stay. See, I don't have many people here,
just Mom. I thought she could hang out with me. She said yes, but now Mom wants her to go away. She said it's not
good for me to be talking to her. I thought mom liked angels but I guess not. Anyway… can you send a car around or a winged chariot or something to pick her up? She wants to come home now. Sincerely… closing the letter.
I wonder if God will know which person has writen him?(remember there are so many johnny's) I bet it will get his
attention that's for sure.
(Looks at letter)
Now how do I send this? Does God have a P.O. box? Is it like Santa Clause… you know, Santa, North Pole… God,
(Listens to voice)
As like the previous ones this too was liked and appreciated and soon this script was enacted in the form of plays
which was well received by the audience and had generated lot of excitment among the public,which bought the
sponsors back to the family's door asking for more with of-course a better price tag,which they wholeheartedly
The mysterious Box
Two men(young/old)
YOUNG MAN Well, here we are (reaching a bus-stop)
MAN Here we are.
YOUNG MAN I'll see you later....
MAN Same time and place....
YOUNG MAN As usual.
MAN -nods in agreement
YOUNG MAN What is it?
MAN Uh-oh.
YOUNG MAN Did you forget something?
MAN Uh-huh.
YOUNG MAN Forget your fare?
YOUNG MAN What, then?
MAN My box! I forgot my box. Wait here?
YOUNG MAN Your what?
(MAN returns with a large box)
MAN I didn't miss the bus did I?
MAN Good. I'll see you later.
(YOUNG MAN is obviously curious as to contents of box. He bends to look inside as MAN pulls box away.
This action becomes more exaggerated through the next couple of lines)
MAN Good morning.
YOUNG MAN Yes, good morning....
MAN Have a good day.
YOUNG MAN Yes, thank you, you too....
MAN (pause) Is there something else?
YOUNG MAN Oh, no, not really, I was just....
MAN Don't you have to go soon?
YOUNG MAN Well, yes...soon--
MAN Didn't the studio call you in early today?
YOUNG MAN Yes, but--
MAN Yes?
YOUNG MAN I was just wondering...(pause, clears throat)...just wondering what's in the box?
MAN You want to know what's in my box?
YOUNG MAN Umm, yes...if you don't mind telling me...?
MAN (pause) You want to know what's in here?
(MAN gestures to box. YOUNG MAN starts to nod.)
Or what's in here? Eh?
(MAN gestures to his head. MAN nods, laughs at his own joke)
YOUNG MAN I mean what's in here.
(YOUNG MAN points to cardboard box)
MAN You don't find my joke very funny.
YOUNG MAN Oh. No, I just wanted to know....
MAN You want to know why? Because it wasn't a joke!
(MAN is serious for a moment, his eyes widen; then breaks out into laugh.)
It's the same thing!
MAN (very slowly) The same thing. Here
(MAN gestures to box)
and here.
(MAN gestures to head)
YOUNG MAN (pause, look of confusion) I don't understand. (pause) What's in the box?
MAN Nothing.
YOUNG MAN Nothing?
MAN (MAN who has been half-joking until now becomes serious, almost threatening)
YOUNG MAN (pause) Why do you have a box...of nothing?
MAN Well, I have a box....
MAN And it sure looks like something...doesn't it?
MAN But, in fact...
(MAN turns box upside down)
it's nothing!!!
YOUNG MAN What do you do with a box of nothing?
MAN You find something to put in it.
YOUNG MAN Like what? I could give you something.
MAN I've had this box for a long time. Don't you think if it were that easy I'd have something by now?
YOUNG MAN What sort of thing are you looking for? Do you want my camera? I could give you my camera!
MAN What is the use of a camera?
YOUNG MAN Excuse me? THIS is a Nikon 35 millimeter, automatic focus, automatic flash, auto load, auto rewind,
it's got a telephoto lens, rapid rewind for action shots--
MAN What would I do with a camera?
YOUNG MAN Take a picture?
MAN Of what? My box?? Then I'd have two empty boxes to fill.
(MAN looks for bus. YOUNG MAN walks upstage, sets up tripod. OLD MAN enters, downstage left. MAN sees OLD MAN and
looks around in panic for a place to hide box. He finally ?hides? it in plain view, center stage, and returns to
bus stop. OLD MAN sees MAN and crosses to him, also waiting for bus.)
MAN I got a box.
(FRIEND, apparently not in scene, sets up camera on tripod, upstage)
MAN I got a box.
OLD MAN I got a headache.
MAN Do you hear me?
OLD MAN AND, I got a backache. (pause) A box? (short pause) Let me see.
MAN No. It's all I got. It's my box. It's all I got.
OLD MAN (patronizing) Well, what kind of box is it, then?
MAN It's a big box. Big enough.
OLD MAN Is it...a metal box?
MAN No, it's a cardboard box. It's mine.
OLD MAN (still patronizing, but slightly annoyed) Can you carry it?
MAN Of course I can--it's my box!
OLD MAN (long pause) I got somethin' too.
MAN Yeah?
OLD MAN (mocking) Yeah. Better than a box.
MAN Better?
OLD MAN Yeah. It's in my pocket.
(He pats his front pocket)
I'll trade it for your box.
MAN Trade what?
OLD MAN What's in my pocket.
MAN I don't know.
OLD MAN No, I'm telling you. What's in my pocket. I'll trade for your box.
MAN What's in your pocket?
OLD MAN What's in your box?
MAN Now I asked you first. What's in your pocket?
OLD MAN It doesn't matter...if you don't want to trade...if you want to trade, I'll tell you.
MAN No, I have to know....You do have something?
OLD MAN (sarcastic) No. Yes, I have something. (long pause) Well?
MAN (pause) All right.
OLD MAN We have an agreement, then?
MAN Yes.
YOUNG MAN (YOUNG MAN enters scene from upstage) No.
OLD MAN Excuse me?
YOUNG MAN (to MAN) There is no agreement yet.
OLD MAN Listen young man, I don't know who you are but I have made a deal here--
YOUNG MAN ( to OLD MAN) Apparently you DO know who I am. And I know you, old man.
OLD MAN Then we are on equal ground, but I have made a verbal agreement, and I intend to carry out--
YOUNG MAN (to MAN) Hey, man--I have something, too. Why don't you trade with ME?
OLD MAN It's too late, he has agreed to trade with me.
YOUNG MAN That was before he knew that I had something better than you.
MAN Look--I really don't care which one--
OLD MAN You made the agreement with me. Are you going reneg on your agreement? Are you going to break your word--
YOUNG MAN Are you going to listen to this clown? I have something better to trade. You will trade with me.
OLD MAN You will shut your mouth before I--
YOUNG MAN Before you what, old man?
MAN Listen, I think--
YOUNG MAN No one cares what you think.
OLD MAN Why don't you shut up and let him speak.
MAN (to YOUNG MAN) Look, I just want something, I already agreed--
YOUNG MAN You will trade with me, or you will not trade at all.
OLD MAN Don't be ridiculous.
YOUNG MAN Take one more step towards me, old man, take one more step.
MAN I don't want trouble--
YOUNG MAN I'll kill you, old man, come closer and I'll--
MAN Please--
OLD MAN Let's make the trade now. Where's your box?
YOUNG MAN Go get your box. But the trade will be with me.
(MAN hesitates, then moves towards box.)
Is that the box over there?
(YOUNG MAN points to box. OLD MAN looks. YOUNG MAN strikes OLD MAN from behind; OLD MAN falls to ground, motionless. YOUNG MAN looks around, visibly anxious and upset after assaulting OLD MAN. YOUNG MAN runs over to MAN who has just picked up box. YOUNG MAN grabs box and pushes MAN away to the side.)
This box is empty?!? This is worthless! All this for nothing!
(YOUNG MAN throws box to MAN who catches it. YOUNG MAN runs to camera and tripod, grabs them, and runs off stage.)
MAN (calling after YOUNG MAN) Wait! (silence)
(MAN looks into box)
(long pause) Nothing. (pause) Worthless.
(MAN looks around)
(pause) Alone. (pause) I hate alone!
(MAN crosses to OLD MAN, tries to revive him, but fails)
(pause) Nothing. (pause) I hate nothing!
(MAN throws box down. Sound of something shattering in box. MAN kneels in front of box. Lights fade except
for red down light, illuminating only MAN's head and box. MAN looks down at box, then looks up at source of light. Light fades.)
and here the play ends ......
After completion it was passed on to the sponsors,who were quite happy that they had received this quite fast,and seeing the past response,they placed some requests depending upon their fulfilment.
The family accepted it without any hesitation as they were providing good compensation ,but one has not to forget that these are plays mixed with dreams and fiction and not merely scripted,which added up to its attraction,in the meanwhile his children were quite happy that their families was blessed in more ways then one with popularity,prosperity sticking to them in leaps and bounds,but one thing always bothered them was the strain their father was upto.
In the mean time they came up with another play which goes like this….
Since they had open invitation they continued with their dream cum imagination wher-in they were able to pen another one which goes like this….
There was a Filthy rich man based in Torrontto by name MACH WHO HAD VARIOUS INTERESTS IN DIFFERENT CLUSTERS OF BUSINESS.
His family was very small,just his wife Sally and son Michelle studying.
Mach apart from involving in business also had varied interests and his topics kept changing rapidly.
One day he was in a club with a friend named Alex discussing as usual a new interest and suddenly he dwealth on a subject which rocked Alex out of his feet,and it went like this,Mach wanted to nurture two un-known souls together from a tender age-ultimately visioning a love bond between them.
Alex was shocked ,but he knew that his friend always had his way,because whatever he said he fulfilled it in letter and spirit.
Mach asked Alex if he had any idea where he could get an orphanage to give wings to his thoughts.
He listed out a few and also suggested some in India.
Mach holed out to the Indian orphanage and got ready to visit the same.
In India, he visited the orphanage by name 'SMILE' he found his match there a boy named Sarath aged eight and a girl named Shelly aged six were to his liking.
Both had excellent features almost agreeing to the picture of thoughts of Mach.
He completed all the formalities at the orphanage and quickly left with the children to his home in Torronto.
Once home ,he kept both the children in a out house and a housekeeper to take care of their day to day needs,but isolated from the outside world.
Sarath and Shelly slowly started inter-action between themselves as they had no one to keep company,fortunately for them they had the link language as English,which reduced their burden.
Both were given basic education in the out house itself and gradually they started coming out of the groove and startrd accepting Torronto as their home.
As time went by they now were in the age most vulnerable the teen-age.
As like normal teen-age both had infatuation between them and thought they were in love with each other.
Mach in the meanwhile was having a total update on these childrens and was happy that things were going as per his wishes.
Here things between Sarath and Shelly were getting bonded and both were close to one another like never before,since they had finished their education,they thought it would be right that they talked to their house-keeper about their next plan of action to either get work or get married,as the house-keeper was the only source of contact for them and they were not aware to date that Mr.Mach was taking care of their up-being etc,or their past….
This they did and the house-keeper put their views across to Mach.
Mach accepted the second option and got them married secretly.
Now they had grown from a tender age to partners their love blossomed and they did some work based at home to keep them occupied,side by side.
As time went by they gave birth to a baby boy who was named as Sach.
Their life had a new meaning all this and more but still isolated from the rest of the world.
Their world surrounded by house-keeper Sach and themselves.
In the mean-time Michelle also grew up and was in command of his fathers business.
Mach who thought it was the right time to break the jinx told his son abouth Sarath/Shelly and Sach.
Michelle was delighted about the whole thing and wanted their isolation to end,which Mach agreed.
Michelle told the whole story and their back-ground to Sarath and Shelly who were also happy and thanked Mach for bringing them up and then lived together as a family.
Then another one looked quite impressive….
It so happened that a film production company "X" unit members and deciding authorities were in a session listening to a script writer to finalise a script for their next production,and the theme of this script was "BLACK-IS-BEAUTIFUL"and the message "why have biased over colour".
It went like this ,it starts with a indian who is very successful business man young,smart,good educational qualification,and very much the hottest eligible bachelor in town.
He was a high-flyer and took his business seriously and saw that his venture grew,being the only son to a inter-caste married parents(father a Christian and mother-hindu).
His parents were very happy about their only son,and were very keen that they made him double at the earliest.
This led to a lot of activity and was the only topic which was getting attention for some time.
As he was successful there were lot of proposals from various communities ,ultimately,his parents zeroed down to a girl who was a good match to him in all ways,she had good educational back-ground,rich,fair,good looking,and the only daughter to parents of a reputed business house.
The process started and the time moved forward ultimately seeing them married.
A year went by,they came very close and his business also moved forward,unfortunately a shock awaited them,as his wife fell sick out of the blue,and was digonised with blood cancer,and passed away soon,living both the families in gloom,and he concluded with these words for his wife "fair is wonderful".
His parents were very much worried about his future as he was still young and a lot to live for.
It so happened that his business had some important project in Africa and it required his attention for one long year on a continuous basis.
H e agreed and left to Africa and was very much involved in his activities were his secretary a 'BLACK' came very close to him and was very much caring to him taking care of all his needs,ultimately falling in love.
He went so blind in love that the colour etc did not influence him in any way,his parents bowed to his wishes,and got the married,both lived together for a long time,having two childrens,and business flourishing.
His life had a new meaning for black "BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL".
This is how the script writer concluded his main script,which was approved by the deciding authorities as their next production.
The next one is a lengthy script which goes like this….
Oh the pink one
I scramble out of the taxi that had just driven up to the front of the railway station of my home town, looking down at my watch I could see that I had about half an hour before my train would leave for London, plenty of time I thought, oh I don't know, I might not get a decent seat so I better not hang about. I paid the driver of the taxi and headed for the London platform, I had already got for my ticket a couple of days before, so it was straight on the train and get a seat. It was early Monday morning and it looked like it was going to be a bit of a crush but to my amazement I got a seat by the window, long train journeys always had corridors and restaurants, and this was going to be a good three to four hour trip, I had packed my cases away and hadn`t been sitting there long before I heard the train building up a good head of steam so I knew it wouldn't be no time before we left the station
It was the early part of the 1960s still with steam trains and dirty old coaches to put up with, we were now into spring and half way through the month of May, I had been I on extended leave from the Merchant Navy with problems to sort with my family, with that out of the way it was now time I got the life I wanted to lead. There was no hold me now I had done the best I could for all parties concerned in the problem I had come back home for, and now I didn't want to think about any of this part of my life for a long while to come.
I made myself as comfortable as I could for the long journey ahead of me, settling down with a news paper I had picked earlier tucked down beside me I laid my head back and gazed out of the window and watched as the train pulled out of the station. It wasn't long before my thoughts went back to my last sea voyage on the Durban Castle, it was only a two month trip around the coast of Africa and then back to England, but it had seemed a age away, it had been less than a month since I signed off and taken my pay but here I was on my way back to London.
It was on board this ship where I meet and fell in love with this most unusual person, it definitely wasn't love at first sight as it took nearly a month before I realised who and what she really was, but now I was going back to join her as I promised. As I closed my eyes I could now see her standing on the platform of Liverpool Street Station, she looked so tiny in the huge empty building, and as my train pulled away I could still see her waving to me with tears in her eyes until she disappeared out of sight.
I opened my eyes for a moment or two just to see how far the train had got up the track, "hardly anywhere I thought" to myself, so I closed my eyes again and listened to the sound of the train as it passed over the lines, but now all I could hear was the promised we had made to each other before we parted. We had kept in touch with each other by telephone, I would ring her or she would ring me at least every couple of days so we both knew each others thought and dreams, but now it wouldn't be long before we would together.
Suddenly I was brought out of my day dreaming by the one of the restaurant staff shouting down the corridor that it was now open for late breakfast, "that's an idea" I said to myself, so off I went in search of the dinning carriage which to my delight wasn't to far away. "Right" I said to the waiter " Ill have a big English breakfast with coffee" I followed up with, looking around I noticed that not many people had taken advantage of the dinning car and I was almost on my own, so I just gazed out of the window until I got served.
I took as long as I dare eating my meal as I wanted to stay in the dinning car as long possible, it seem more cheerful in here as the train I still had a long way to go, but after I paid the waiter he more or less ushered me out, so I ambled back to my seat and settle down once again. I tried two or three times to read the paper by I just could not get into it, the excitement of seeing my Toni was just too much for me.
We had made arrangement for Toni to meet me at the station gates about 11am that's if the train gets there on time, as I didn't know London very well and I was staying with Toni at her aunts house this had to be the best idea. I had never met her aunt and was a very nerves about the whole thing, she had only just excepted that Toni had a proper boy friend for the first time, it had been playing on my mind for days now and I was getting very up tight.
The rest of the train journey was spent up and down and in and out of my carriage seat, but it did pass and the train slowly drew to a stop at Liverpool Station, I grabbed my cases and headed down the platform towards the gates, handing my ticket to the collector, I passed through out into the crowds of people milling about on the other side. I place my cases down on the floor and looked around for Toni, the train weren't all that late so why couldn't I see her, I was just about to pick them up again when I hear her voice saying "hello Buddy did you miss me, I'm over here".
I had to look twice because I didn't recognize her, she was wearing a skirt, blouse and jacket plus high healed shoes, she looked just any other women in the crowd, "my god Toni is that really you, I would have walked straight passed" I never got another word out before she was around my neck kissing me on the lips.
It was a while before I got my breath back and my bearings to where I was and what was happening, Toni had already picked up one of my cases "come on we will have to get the tube, I live a fair way out of town but it wont take long" Toni said as she more or less pushed me towards the station.
It was all hurly-burly and rush until we were seated on the tube train and heading along the track, there didn't seem even enough time to talk, Toni just held my hand that tightly she must have thought I was going to disappear suddenly. "Come on" she said again " we are here this is our stop, grab your case before the door close on us" Toni shouted out, we were off the train and standing on the platform before I knew what had happened.
"Up the stairs and we will get a taxi the rest of the way, we will be home in a couple of minutes" Toni sung out very excitedly, she was right we got a taxi just outside the tube station and was on our way through rows of terrace house that seemed to go on forever, I tried to ask a few questions about where we were going but I didn't get much of an answer until she said " well we are here now " think my heart missed a beat and then sunk to the floor.
It must have been the slowest exit from any car made in history, meeting her aunt was not going to be one of my greatest moments, I had been dreading this for weeks," what the hell are you playing at buddy, get here right now, there's nothing to worry about she is dying to meet you, everything will be alright just follow me" Toni said as she picked one of my cases and walked towards her front door.
The door open and out peered this little grey headed woman who looked about hundred years old, she smiled at me and said "come in my boy I have been waiting to see Toni Boy friend for ages", as I passed her Toni ushered me into the sitting room leave my cases in the hall, I didn't really know what to expect but so far things didn't look to bad. " Well sit down you two and I will put the kettle on" her aunt said as she shuffled off towards the kitchen, I told Toni it was best thing I had heard as I was dying for a cupper, she squeezed my hand and smiled.
I was about to ask Toni why she hadn't told me that her aunt was that old as I had expected someone about fifty, when her aunt came into the room carrying a tray with three cups of tea, so I got up and gave her a hand but she quickly told me to seat back down as she could manage. I was just about to take a sip of tea when Toni`s aunt spoke up" now Buddy, you can stay here with us as long as you want to, but just one condition, you do not hurt my little Toni in any way, if you do you are out. Toni is all I have got left in the world and I love him as if he was my own, well her I should say, a deal"
I had bit of a problem answering her as the lump in my throat felt the size of a football, I agreed with everything she said and promised to do my best, Toni was gripping my hand so hard now it went numb, I then trying to drink some of my tea as my tongue was so dry you could have struck a match on it.
We sat for a long while just talking which made everybody now seem to be more relaxed, Toni had taken off his jacket and was laying back on the settee, I still had a problem thinking of Toni as a he or a her and I had to correct myself very often but so did Toni`s aunt she sometime got just as confused as I did. .
It must have an hour later that I was shown to my bedroom and were I could unpack my cases, the room was next to Toni`s which I was quickly informed with a nudge in the ribs, aunty might be very broad minded but not enough for us to sleep together she told me. It didn't me long to unpack the little I had brought with me in fact I didn't own very much anyway, Toni had asked if I wanted to have a evening meal here with her aunt or should we out, I wasn't bothered as I felt tried and bit overwhelmed it had been a very long day.
We decided to stay in and have our meal with aunty, then afterwards watch her new T.V. which she was very proud of, Toni and myself were cuddled up on the settee and her aunt on her well worn big black leather fireside chair and that is where we stayed for the rest of the night. As we went up the stair bed and to our bedrooms Toni said she wanted to take me out first tomorrow morning and show around her area and meet some of her friends, I knew she couldn't wait to show me off I bet she had been telling her mates some right tall stories.
Morning came with a shake on the shoulder and a cup of tea put in my hand, "come on hurry up, you know where bathroom is its getting late" Toni said as she open the curtains to let in the daylight, where the hell am I, was the first thing to enter my head, oh yes I remember now. " Alright Toni I with you, just give me a minute and Ill be down" I replied as I struggled to get out of bed, once I was awake it didn't take me long I was washed dressed and down the stairs in no time.
I met up with everyone in the kitchen, Toni was having a bit of breakfast and her aunt ask me if I wanted anything myself, I said no I weren't hungry thank you very much, but I would have another cup of tea if there was one going. I sat down beside Toni and waited for my tea, she put arm under the table and gave my knee a big squeeze, I put my hand on top of hers give her some acknowledgement.
It couldn't have been a half hour before Toni and myself were out of the house and walking down the road, this was my chance to find out what was really going on, what she had been up to this last few weeks and how far she had got with her visit to the doctors or if any progress had been made. I never got a word out before she was asking me what had happened with my ex-girl and the baby and if it was mine or not.
I quickly informed Toni that I wouldn't take any reasonability for the baby until it was born and it was proved it was mine, as she had been out with more than just a couple of men in the past. It was my turn now to fire the questions, first answer was she had got appointment with specialises but they would takes weeks and the next was that her aunt had excepted that from on she was to be treated as a women, and she was sorry she didn't tell her aunt was very elderly, in fact she was ninety two and wasn't expected to see the end of the year out, oh dear I thought poor old soul.
There were lots of other question we asked each other over the rest of the morning, but the main thing we were together and happy for now, Toni want us to visit a little café on the corner of her street and meet some of her friends which of course I agreed but very reluctantly. I didn't know what to except as we entered the door of the café , would they all be queens similar to the bunch we meet at the pub in London dock-lands, oh god I hope not, I said to myself putting on my best smile. But when Toni introduced me to a small collection of people seated at one of the tables I got a big surprise, they were just young normal men and women well as close to normality you could get.
"Well sit down Buddy, Toni has told us all about you and your exploits on the Durban Castle and what time you both must have had around the African coast, " one of the young men sitting at the table said as pulled out a chair for me to sit on. Well I thought, if they already know most about the past couple of months the ice must be broken, "Hi there everyone" I said as I sat down, there was a long pause before the conversation started up again, I found out that most of them were old school friends who knew Toni very well so there was very little explaining to do.
The meeting went very well and I think I was excepted friend and not a foe, as the table that was full of Toni`s friend slowly drifted away we decided to make our way back to her aunts house, as we


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